남자의 자기관리 2019 Ver.  ENG)Korean Men’s Management 2019 Version.

남자의 자기관리 2019 Ver. ENG)Korean Men’s Management 2019 Version.

Getting old A lot of people have negative thoughts
and concerns about it Is it because they see wrinkles on their face? Or is it because they get tired
and make them hard to accumulate their wealth? or because of human’s desire of long-lived life? My personal reason for self-care is
to be able to pursue my passion We all have our seasons of being vibrant and energetic and I just want to have that season as long as I can Long-live life can be important Because you would have more opportunities But more important thing is ‘how’ you do
what you want to do My first self-care is for my appearance and among things what I can change is my skin Appearnce is not a fundamental thing
among my self-care list But it’s true I get motivated from my skin
that looks clean And what do you think people see you first?
your personality or your look? What I mean by ‘look’ is not whether you’re
handsome or pretty It’s about your impression when people see you first When I was mid 20s, I didn’t have to go to the dermatologist to get a skincare therapy I got prescriptions and took medications. That was it But as I turn into 30s, my skin regeneration got worsened I started to have scars and my skin got flushed It’s time to rely on medical science Scaling, waxing, scar treatment, and hydration To give you tips for dematology clinic like all the other clinics, you have to go a place
with good medical devices a place where they put a lot of investments
on medical devices Because a lot of people started to get skin care
I see many people looking younger than their age So what I think it’s important is his/her overall impression than actual age and I think skin is one the most critical thing,
that is why it is on my list It doesn’t mean that it’s more important than
2nd list item fundamental thing of beauty or self-care is
I think, this one Workout is the only thing that can manage
both inner and outer beauty at the same time It changes your mentality That mentality changes your behavior And that behavior changes your habit I usually drive my car but I sometimes walk I don’t think it’s a waste of time I consider as a warm up before workout I told myself to workout 6 times a week
but a lot of times I do 4 times a week So I have to think 7 times a week
then I can manage to work out 5-6 times I think workout is the best plastic surgery procedure you can do There are times my self-esteem gets lower
when things don’t work or because of concerns Thinking doesn’t help you much Working out is the best way to raise up
your self-esteem again That ‘I did it’ mindset would bring you a lot of positive effect, along with body positivity 3rd, it’s styling Everybody wash their face, wash their hair
and brush teeth These are just for being clean Additional part is, that you apply UV protection It delays skin aging and then you apply makeup I used to wear BB cream, but now I use
cushion foundation thesedays I can apply evenly with the puff and
it’s very easy to wear it outside I also draw eyebrows naturally My tip is to stop when you feel it’s a bit undone There’s a thing I try for the first time
on this video That is, contouring It gives you shades on your face
that makes you look sharper Everything can be awkward and cumbersome
when you try something at first But when you get used to it
it becomes your daily life I respect all women who wear
their makeup every morning as I was shooting the video
I changed the order a bit I was supposed to cut my hair first Anyways let’s cut It’ll grow anyways I’m so lazy to go to the salon and it’s too long now I normally go to hair salon once a month and I do self hair cut once a month All the things I did on this video is called
‘Beauty’ in a small spectrum, and ‘Self-care’ in a bigger one From a previous video I said
the essence of Beauty is workout and I want to say differently today What are you doing?! I cut my hair – You cut your hair?
– Yeah Ughhhh

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  1. 궁금해하시는 분들을 위해, 정보 남겨드리겠습니다.

    For those of you who are curious, I'll give you some information.

    1. 클렌징 워터, Cleansing Water) 더마리프트 마일덤, Derma Lift Milderm

    2. 피부과, Skin clinic) 오가나, OGANA

    3. 클렌저, Cleanser) 오가나셀 펩타이드 컨센트레이팅 토네이도 클렌저, OGANACELL PEPTIDE CONCENTRATING TORNADO CLEANSER

    4. 토너, Toner) MUH 디-레메딕 토너, D-REMEDIC TONER

    5. 크림, cream) 오가나셀 펩티드 리커버리 크림, OGANACELL PEPTIDE RECOVERY CREAM

    6. 아이브로우, Eye brow) 3CE 롱웨어 타투 아이브로우 마커, 3CE LONGWEAR TATTOO EYEBROW MARKER

    7. 팩트, Foundation) 브이티 프로그로스 콜라겐 팩트 21호, VT PROGLOSS COLLAGEN PACT

    8. 쉐이딩, Shading) 투쿨포스쿨 아트클래스 바이 로댕 쉐이딩, Too Cool For School ARTCLASS BY Rodin Shading
    9. 바리깡, Hair clippers) 필립스, PHILIPS HC5460

    쿠키 영상, Credit cookie scene

  2. Okay can you explain me why in korea everyone has a similar or the same hair (men) style? I was there for a week and i was surprise by it. I am going to keep asking

    Love the way you vlog

  3. It’s really important to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Now I’m 20 years old and I realized I have to start taking care about me, let’s work out!! We love you YoonSun💛💛😊😊

  4. I paused a little to give my answer to why people including me are afraid to grow old???
    It's not that we are afraid to get old… I think more afraid that we won't achieve that what we predicted at a young age.
    -Studying until 28 or older instead of 23…
    -Finding a job is hard if you get older and even harder without a good graduation paper or maybe the wrong study.( no need for those)
    -because of different culture's high pressure and expectations of you to get married and have kids before 30.
    -having home and a job that pays well. Etc

    many things that pressures us to focus on the future,stressed in the present days and regreting the past because of our choices and it this wont stop..
    So while we get older we forgot ourselves and regret not loving every single time of our freedom as single people or as just someone enjoying their way to their goals…
    We are to focused because of society, pressure , culture and jobs that maybe wont believe the job of our dreams.

    So the most sad thing when we get older is realising at the end…
    That the study or anything you worked hard for was not something worth your time. A fulltime job not being happy with it… and at a old age you can't do anything anymore, just to accept and hold it on and see how it goes.

    Following our passion is the most important, but in order to do that can you let go of the pressure that comes with society and culture mixed with (for some) religion?
    Including family?

  5. 1:25 this is a good quastion.
    Your look is a invitation, while your personality is for what you get judged at the end.

  6. }*{YoonSun..Thank you for sharing. Self-care ..Self-managing..Self-love..it has to be done. Love your skin routine. Be Healthy//Happy..You are Shining!}*{

  7. 어머. 콜라겐팩트와 쉐딩에서 감탄하고. 셀프이발에서 와. 손재주 무엇. 멋진외모의 비결이 다 나왔네용

  8. it is all about positive attitude and exercise. You are on the right track. Especially exercise. It gives you a window onto your well-being when you exercise. And the walking and biking help to strengthen the heart muscle to work more efficiently. And why go to the salon when you can cut your own hair!

  9. 와.. 안본사이에 영상퀄러티 왜케좋아졌나요

    구성,편집,음악,네레이션 전부다
    업그레이드 팍팍 됐네요.

    나중에 더더 성공하실것 같아요! 화이팅!

  10. pwahah i was waiting for u to insert the wonbin hair cutting scene lol.. anyway u cut it well~~ i tried cutting my own hair and it was a mess

  11. I like the fact that you share your thoughts and feelings with us and that's what makes your vlogs even more special, YoonSun. Your mom is a lovely lady, take care of her a lot! 😊

  12. 형도 쿠션쓰시는군요 쉐딩까지 존경ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 전 쉐딩하면 무슨 아파보인다해서 차마 도전하지 못하고있어욬ㅋㅋㅋ🤣

  13. I like your perspective of what beauty really is, your views on aging in society.
    I think it takes confidence but also the desire for improvement to wear makeup as a man. So I really respect that!
    I enjoyed this video a lot! Keep making them!

  14. Well I agree with you about totally respecting women AND men that wear make-up daily. I don't wear it daily so I'm amazed by those that do. Second.. " the essence of self management is the diligence of self improvement." I felt that statement in my soul. Thank you. That is my new motto. You are so wise and AMAZING. I love your vlog. 💖😍💖

  15. YoonSun, the red is a great color choice for you! I like to do the seated rowing and stationary bike, back press when I'm in the gym.
    Regarding age, I think its a mental vs physical. Meaning that a positive mindset and good self care will keep you looking your best. I won't say my age but I can tell you that everyone tells me I do not look it.
    You also did a very nice haircut on yourself.
    Good video!

  16. I heard that Korean beauty care is one the best in the world. It's great to see you taking such great care of yourself ❤️

  17. My face when I saw the thumbnail: 😳 And I really love your mom 🤗😂. Being a women of 44, yes, self care in every way is important (yes, I do make up every f.. morning 😂). And I was watching your video while workout. And the most important thing is self care for your soul 😊

  18. Agreed! For me , workout is essential! First thing I see this morning is your Vlog…..what a way to begin my birthday today, with Yoon Sun!!!! Keep being you…and love that you try to cut your hair, that is confidence! Great job……..

  19. Great video. It's good to see other guys taking care of themselves. A good sunblock, moisturiser, night cream and eye cream are must haves to slow down the ageing process. I've been doing this since the age of 16 and I have great skin and often told I look younger too. Invest in yourself and reap the rewards!

  20. 😍😮😍😍😮😮 you should have a ted talk of your own 🙌😃 let's nominate him!!!!!
    #tedtalk #tedtalkkorea #tedtalkseoul

  21. I loved this video so much that I was in tears! It's not because of the looks it's because of everything every word you said ❤❤🙌🙌😮😃😍😄🙌🙌 #selfcare #selfworth

  22. What is your workout routine ? Are you doing full body workout or upper lower split or are you splitting your workout for example like chest triceps , shoulder , biceps back and legs ?

  23. I love your videos! It’s very motivational and inspiring. There’s always something nice about hearing your feelings and thoughts on subjects. It’s nice to see you taking care of yourself. Self love is very important!

  24. 수고많아했어요 우리 섹시맨 형 🙂 오늘도 빛났어요 ^^ 근데 형은 언제나 빛나요 ^^ ㅎㅎ ^^ 오늘도 좋은 하루 였으면 좋겟어요 ^^ 푸쉬시고 다음 영상을 기대돼용 ^^ 형은 매력이 엄청 많아요 ^^ <3

  25. Watching this now, yoonsun will eventually have to start either working again or make his videos for kids especially with all the COPPA stuff going around. I really like his channel and I believe what he is doing is really inspiring but the way YouTube is now handling their content of their youtubers our favorite Korean youtuber won't be around for long. No matter what though I'll still follow him on whatever just to know if he's going well in life.
    Feels bad….💕💕

  26. We run at the end of the semester and things goes crazy u know lol, and in all of that I forgot to take care of myself☹️ but u really motivate me to do my best without forgetting my self thanks so much😭💙💙 ‏노력은 배신하지 않는다 and 좋은 아침🌸💙💙💙~

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