100 Year Old Cottage Renovation | Indoor | Great Home Ideas

100 Year Old Cottage Renovation | Indoor | Great Home Ideas

like plenty of older suburbs this one has lots of working-class character with their cute single-story cottages they serve their purpose once but not now just like to see what you can do with the 100 year old cottage didn't have a lot of elbow room punch a color walking through Joe love it with alive now this is very typical to the ear and style of these homes with a hallway down one side with bedrooms off it this house was much loved by a 19 year old lady up until recently look the structural bones of a good joke from the front it just needed a makeover but from the back Joe it's just a ramshackle collage of old lenses with his Hills Hoist it needed a complete rethink no natural light slides this whole home here in the hallway I have a double skylight now that's a boundary wall Joe so remember we can't put windows in that so light has to come from above and this is where the old meets the new to help with that transition some of the old floorboards have been reused and stained to match the new Jerris tear and when any small tie storage is always a massive priority we've got a European laundry hidden in here far from over here and literally storage in every single nook and cranny what was a single-story house has been cleverly turned into a multi-level home providing an almost magical increase in space from one century to another and from one city to another all of a sudden Joe we're in a New York loft apartment this is also not obviously the homeowners love New York but this feature actually serves more than one purpose obviously it's a beautiful image but because they have chosen one that actually has vertical towers it draws your eye up into this void a six and a half meters high that space update now this poster is printed on an outdoor vinyl wallpaper is it such a great sense of space there because it's flooded with natural light it makes you feel as though you're in the hundred third floor of the Rockefeller Center I wish I had a cocktail now remember this is land Nana's land whose word now it's an open kitchen and living area all set on a heated polished concrete floor so a galley-style kitchen and Pete we've mentioned that storage is so important they put a lot of thought to how many cupboards and drawers they've got here and they didn't need too much excavation on this lower level apart from in here how cool is that a back shed of the back of your kitchen now more natural light instead of a splash back just a window looking out onto this passageway ya know everyone loves a mirror ball but they love it even more what it happens to be a range hood and a lot that's perfect for you junk it's way more multifunctional in your eyes I love the fact you can actually see through the trades yeah coupled with the glass balustrade keeps the light filtering down through the levels and good visual connection for a young family it's hard relieving these tiny replace it with all the split-levels it's actually four stories and here we have an office and a nursery and great cross ventilation all throughout the house bruh how so small is yet another surprise up here either the master bedroom and ensuite but Alice the adventure continues for this little doula haha a walk-in robe built over the old rooms under the original restaurant now they lower the ceiling as our rooms just to create enough airtight this is actually unreal but who is this neat not me that Hey Joe check this out oh there's more the adventure okay it's going the story just like I told you right above the old section of the house how's that you missing at a party so Pete remember what used to be here in the outdoor room was effectively the toilet I don't imagine is it now it's a beautiful outdoor setting they've used some of the old presses the new boundary wall remember that little pop of mine was on the front door it's now the feature color on the lightweight upper story which is eco ply what's really special about this design is that they kept the charm of the old house Givaudan they've created all these fantastic big open new spaces that are absolutely filled with personal items and things that they love and that's the secret of good design combination about the head and the heart yuck

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  1. The natural character of this home was completely lost, I love the look but I prefer keeping the home true to its character

  2. Wow 100 year old cottage destruction…old character = gone. They should have put a dozer through it instead of ruining what was there….these pencil experts are a joke

  3. hi miss tara i watched ur video i like a budget frndly bathroom makeover. can u help me to make over my home pls… theres a lot to do. thank u for reading my comments.

  4. It's giving me second thoughts because it's not within a gated community. I might not want to do an upgrade of a house that is situated around a very dense neighborhood, if you noticed in the beginning how close the cottage houses are to each other

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