3 Unusual Things Professional Organizers Do

3 Unusual Things Professional Organizers Do

Professional Organizers. What do they do? We’re going to talk about that today. Hi, there. I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House
Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
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you. All right, on to today’s session, which is
about professional organizers, and it’s awesome because this question came up. What do professional organizers do? All right, before I answer that question,
I want you to think about, let’s say, you have a food love. You love food and you eat a lot of food, and
it’s comforting, and you eat it to kill emotional problems and whatever, and let’s say that
you’ve got a little bit on the heavy side, so you decided you’re going to lose the weight. You’re going to get in shape. You’re going to go to the gym, and you’re
going to turn your life around, so, instead of just reading a book on how to do that,
what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to the gym and hire a personal trainer
who is trained in nutrition and exercise and toning and consistency and habits and positive
attitude, and they’re going to help you with a total package reinvent yourself so that
you are a better version of you. Okay? The reason I bring this up is because that
is exactly what a professional organizer is, but for your home. Now, a lot of us collect things over the years. They’re gifts. They’re inherited from family and friends. They are things that may be were passed down
from our parents that maybe it’s just been in the family for a while and we ended up
with it. Some of the things we’re really emotionally
attached to and some of the stuff in our house we don’t care about at all, but yet it’s there,
and so, every time you move to a new house or a new location, you take all this stuff
with you, and we call it baggage. It’s not baggage. It’s stuff. It’s furniture. It’s trinkets. It’s knickknacks. There’s a lot of stuff, clothing, shoes, books,
papers, whatever. We have stuff that we hang on to and, sometimes,
we know why we do. Sometimes, we have very valid reasons why
we do. Sometimes, we have no clue why we have the
stuff we have. Maybe we bought it because it was on sale. I mean, who knows why we have it? A professional organizer is like that fitness
trainer that is trained in a variety of different specialties, and the professional organizer
knows things about psychology and about mementos and the reasons behind the emotional attachment
to some of our things and so, when they come in to your life, they help you work through
these different issues because, if you can understand why you have a particular behavior,
you can fix that behavior for the rest of your life. Instead of just running out to the store and
buying a whole bunch of fancy bins and saying that you’re going to get organized, what happens
is maybe what you’re buying is not the right system for you. Just because it looks fancy on Pinterest, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for you. Now, there are a few people that live in my
home, and we all have different organizational styles. I’m not a person that needs to label everything. I can see with my eyes that that’s a bin of
socks. I know it’s a bin of socks. It does not need to say, “Socks,” on it, but
my husband, for example, loves to label everything, and so it is necessary and important for him
for his bin to say, “Socks.” Okay? The reason that I bring this up is because
a professional organizer can help manage the different organizational styles inside your
home, so, while you may have an organizational style that fits you, it may not be effective
for your husband or your wife or maybe your kids or your elder parents that are living
with you. Who know? Who knows who’s living in your house, but
chances are all of your organizational styles are different. A professional organizer can help you create
a system that works for all of you so that you have a place for everything, and everything
can go back in its place. And it’s not just having three bins that say, “Donate,” “Trash,” and, “Keep.” It’s a series of behaviors that you’re going
to change. Now, it may be that you have an empty wall
and you think you’re going to hang a rack up there. What you might actually need is a shelf with
racks, and the professional organizer can guide you to the right fit for you based on
the organizational styles that fit the different members of your family before you run out
to IKEA or Home Depot or whatever and you start spending a lot of money on shelving.
So, before you spend a lot of money and buy bins and shelves and all kinds of things you
think are going to work, this is the time to hire a professional organizer and say,
“Hey, can you come in to my house and give me another opinion? Can you help me with these issues?” They’re weird issues. One of the issues I had, I grew up in a large
family, and it was easy to run out of stuff because there were lots of people using the
shampoo, for example, so, when I moved out on my own, when the shampoo would get down
to about this much in the jar, I would run out and buy another one because I didn’t want
to run out, and I would never use the bottom of the shampoo because I didn’t want to run
out, and it ended up being that I had multiple jars of shampoo with this much at the bottom. When I understood what I was doing and why
I had the scarcity mentality, then I was able to combine all the shampoos and use all of
the shampoos and only keep one spare on hand and not have multiple jars of shampoo and
use it all the way to the very end until it was gone, and then this jar goes in the garbage
can or the recycling bin. Okay? When you hire somebody to help you understand
why you’re doing what you’re doing, and it’s not saying that you’re lousy or that you’re
a lousy housekeeper or that you’re a crummy housekeeper or whatever. It’s not saying any of those things. It’s saying that we all have a series of behaviors
based on whatever. Mine went back to my youth, but when I understood
it, when I was able to put a grasp on it and say, “Oh, that’s why I’m doing that,” I was
able to stop that behavior. Is it worth the money? Absolutely. It’s worth every penny that you pay for someone
to help you reframe, reprogram and reinvent your personal space. That’s what a professional organizer does. Alrighty, and that’s it for today, and until
we meet again. Leave the world a cleaner place than when
you found it.

6 thoughts on “3 Unusual Things Professional Organizers Do”

  1. When it comes to organizing your home do you:
    A: Hire a professional organizer
    B: Do the organizing yourself
    C: Haven't but need to do the organizing
    D: Am lost and have no idea how to organize

  2. "3 Unusual Things Professional Organizers Do"

    Misleading title. Watched the whole video. Not a single thing (usual or unusual) was mentioned that professional organizers do.

  3. Well said! Starting my own Professional Organizing business this year. I am excited about the people I will be able to help AND getting paid to do something I love and feel passionately about.

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