$430K in a Single Day | Shopify Dropshipping | Facebook Ad Strategy

$430K in a Single Day | Shopify Dropshipping | Facebook Ad Strategy

How’s it going guys it’s kevin zhang Welcome to my crib as you guys know today is a magical day in the world of e-commerce called Black Friday And I’ve got something really exciting to show you guys so follow me to my office This is where I live. And also where I work as an e-commerce Entrepreneur. I’m blessed to be able to work at home. And this is the office right here where all the money-making happens So right before I give you guys the spiel just know that I started ecommerce Dropshipping a little over a year ago, and we’ve been able to do some incredible things in our first year We did 20 million dollars in sales and what I’m about to show you guys is that we’re about to do $400,000 in a single day on Black Friday. We’ve got two hours left. We’re expecting to crush that number So let’s stop the chitchat and I’ll show you guys in stats. I run multiple drop shipping sites And this is the first one I want to show you guys and hit that refresh button So you guys know I’m not full of it And you can see this is a hundred and twenty-nine thousand dollars and sale But of course this doesn’t mean anything without looking at the ad manager So, you know, I have a good return on adspend and we’ve spent thirty eight thousand dollars to generate 129 thousand dollars in sales. Obviously, there’s a lot of email marketing involved as well So we all know that stuff is very very cheesy to send out. Here’s another site that I’m running hit that refresh button We’ve got going on here it’s $85,000 in sales and the ad manager we are spending $28,000 again a really really good return can’t complain about that one. But we’ve got two more. I want to show you as well We’re not done yet This one over here. We got a hundred and forty two thousand dollars in sales, but of course I’m hitting that refresh button for all of you guys and Checking out the ad manager we’ve spent fifty five thousand dollars to hit One hundred and forty two thousand dollars in sales and we’ve got one last one. This is the baby store over here It’s the smallest one that I have and we are doing right here Fifty-five thousand dollars in sales, of course, we’re scoping out the ad manager stats We’ve spent twenty four thousand dollars generate fifty five thousand dollars. This could be a little better. Well perfections out here So why do I show you guys the stuff? It’s not to brag. It’s not the flex on you guys It’s because I’m really really tired of seeing really really good people Getting scammed out there by these girls and use make to leave experts signing these expensive courses to me I started all of this that you see here Just over a year ago with only three thousand dollars in my bank account and like you guys Ecommerce was attractive because I didn’t come from rich parents. I don’t have any investment connections I started a business and drop shipping because it was the cheapest way to go in and be an entrepreneur And if I would have been scammed by one of those girls and I first started when I had no money at all I’m gonna be Here I am today So I’m very very excited to announce that I will be dropping more free value and free ecommerce educational content that all those scammy extensive courses come Alright now that you’ve seen that crazy video, I’m gonna break down the strategy at a very high level on how I achieved over $400,000 in sales within 24 hours on Black Friday. Keep in mind this strategy is not only useful for Black Friday You can try it on an average day It’s worked for me on normal days as well But it’s especially effective on holidays or big events where large numbers of people the average consumer is really willing to So Christmas Easter st. Patrick’s Day these big holidays This is the strategy that will help you crush, but there’s a few criteria before you can implement this strategy effectively It’s not for everyone and especially It’s not something you can do right when you’re first starting off on Facebook Ads the first criteria that you will need Is that the pixel? has at least 2,500 purchases Recorded and this means that your ad manager when you go at the lifetime view reads at least 2,500 purchases recorded just because your shopify has 2,500 purchases doesn’t mean that your ad manager has recorded that many purchases The reason for this is because we’re gonna be really really really purposeful on Leveraging Facebook’s powerful algorithm and a very broad targeting approach we’re gonna feed it a big pool of people and allow the pixel to be laser focus and target the most high valued and Cost-effective customers because we’re gonna be leveraging Facebook’s machine learning so much. You have to make sure that the pixel was built Wow and what do I mean by this? It means that while you were scaling from zero purchases to 2,500 purchases that you were doing it in the right way And this is one of the biggest areas where dropshippers are making mistakes is that they’re feeling bad quality traffic way too early on in their ad account and the pixel is just not learning the right way if you want to know how to Build up the pixel the right way and how to execute proper ad strategy to get to this point You got to watch my lesson call the twenty million dollar Facebook Ads strategy. It’s free on my channel Now the third component is that you need winning creatives Okay This is going to be a big-budget approach because we want to hit high levels of profit and if at this point You still haven’t figure out which creatives you’re going to use which combination of creatives you can use you Haven’t done any testing this will not work. You’re gonna lose a lot of money and the final criteria is going to be email Collection I Don’t know what infrastructure you have set up to collect emails. I really like using wheelie Oh, maybe you’re using a newsletter You got to make sure you have a pool of emails now We’re going to be able to work with so this strategy to achieve over $400,000 in sales in a single day has four components to it and the first component is going to be broad Us a Meaning we’re gonna be targeting a very very broad audience in the United States and factor in and go for a no targeting approach I’ll explain a little bit more later and the next component is going to be for in Broad targeting okay, we’re gonna do this at the worldwide level as well. The third component is going to be a Retargeting approach, right. So retargeting and we’re gonna be targeting a custom audience made out of emails and also custom audiences made out of pixel data so you got to make sure that at this point you’ve already been collecting those emails and finally the last part about this strategy is going to be an email blast, which is actually Sending out physical emails. I’m not gonna cover this area in the video I’m only going over on the Facebook Ads strategy side of this approach. Okay, so let’s break it down So how do we actually execute at the ad manager level? well The first thing you got to determine is what your target cost per purchase is this is the cost per purchase that makes you money Or at least breaks even for me. It’s going to be $40 in the example that I’m gonna be doing for you So the cost per purchase we’re talking is $40. Now you see these blue boxes up and above this box This is basically how we’re gonna adjust our cost controls through manual bidding So what we’re gonna do is go down and intervals of two from our target cost per purchase So I’m gonna subtract two from 40, right? I’m gonna make this one 38 this one is gonna be 36 34 32 and then finally 30 and you have your own cost per purchase that you’re gonna be plugging in into this framework and we’re gonna go one step above so this is going to be Forty-two and what do these numbers mean? This is gonna be the target cost control that you’re gonna set at your ad set level which is gonna be over Here so ad the ad set level this is me really cool. We’re gonna go for no targeting at all the Broadest level the only thing that we’re gonna be adjusting by is gonna be whether it’s foreign or whether it’s USA And don’t worry. This is just a conceptual overview of it I’m gonna show you what it looks like at the ad manager level as well and The target costs that we’re gonna set through our manual bid is going to be based on these Values on the left hand side, okay So the target cost is going to be fed from these blue boxes. So our target costs are going to be 42 40 don’t forget about the initial target CPA 38 36 34 32 and 30 that’s how the ad manager is gonna be set up and then finally the budget for every single ad set here is going to be $1,000. Okay, and this is gonna sound really really crazy. You might be thinking. Wow I have no way of spending $1,000 per ad say how many assets are you gonna have? it’s gonna scare you but because the strategy leverages Facebook’s manual bidding then it’s actually a very very safe approach and I’ll explain why what we’re going to be doing is basically Duplicating a bunch of different ad sets if you don’t know What a target cost is it’s basically a manual bidding strategy that forces Facebook’s algorithm to only feed you Traffic where it thinks they can satisfy that cost per purchase. So notice here all the ones down here We would be very very happy. I only want $40 cost per purchase, right? I’d be very happy at $40 if I can get 38 36, even where even 30 I’m making a lot of money Okay, so then it’s not that risky if we could spend thousands of dollars at a cost per purchase That’s below what our target is. That’s a really really great situation, right? And what we’re going to be doing is basically and be duping this at a massive massive Level, okay We’re gonna be duping this one by 10 duping this one by 10 Duping this one by a hundred this one by a hundred This one by a hundred this one by a hundred and this one by a hundred So how many total ad sets is that there’s five hundred ad sets They’re gonna be below the target CPP ten ad sets at the target CPP and then finally ten ad sets at two dollars Above the target CPP. So how should the ad set look like at a creative level? I mentioned that you need winning creatives You also need a diverse style of creatives because we want to make sure that Facebook’s algorithm has the most leeway in Matching the right type of creative with the right type of individual and what I recommend is you have a still image creative where several still image creatives at least some slideshow creatives and then at least some Carousels and what this does is lets facebook’s pixel match each type of creative with the right individual because again we’re doing a very broad blanket cover approach to targeting and really relying on machine learning which is what Facebook’s bread-and-butter is all really about So what will the overall campaign? Look like for you to have a killer killer Black Friday Like I just did you’re gonna have two broad level campaigns one is gonna be USA, right? one is gonna be worldwide and worldwide we’re gonna exclude certain countries that are very very Fraudulent and problematic if you want to know which worldwide countries are safe and which ones are dangerous You got to join my facebook group I’ve got my foreign targeting lists in there and it’s free to join and these are gonna be the breakdown Right the number of ad sets that we’re gonna be using every single Time which we’ve already laid down conceptually the next campaign over this one over here is going to be email retargeting basically We’re turning all of our emails that we’ve collected at our business into a custom audience and retargeting all of them on Facebook and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna Our purchasers, right? We don’t want people that have bought in the past to see this Black Friday Messaging as well and Basically get angry that they didn’t get to participate and the discounts are now available in Black Friday and also if you’re drop shipping You’ve probably had some customers that weren’t super happy with the customer experience and you don’t want them to now all of a sudden get Super super annoyed or maybe someone ordered a week ago still hasn’t gotten their order and now you’re blasting them with an email with another Promotion and they’re getting very very angry because hey you’re emailing me, but I still haven’t even received my product and the final campaign We’re gonna be running is going to be a pixel retarget So it’s retargeting as well except now it’s based on custom audiences created within ad manager and the classic custom audience that’s gonna crush is going to be everyone that viewed content added to cart and Initiated checkout, but did not purchase we’re excluding purchasers again within the past Seven days and I’ve done a lot of testing on my businesses seven days definitely crutches for me So now, you know at a high level through visuals how to execute the strategy Let’s take a look at it what it looks like in my own ad manager now I’m in my own Facebook ad account. I’ve set the date to November 29th 2019 that was the date of Black Friday, you can see I’m not full of it. I actually executed this strategy So these are the campaigns I was talking about. This is going to be the retargeting campaign at the pixel level, right? Seven days. This is gonna be a retargeting of all of our emails that we’ve collected on this business from start to finish Excluding purchasers and then these are going to be the worldwide and us a broad campaigns You can see these are the only campaigns that ran forty thousand dollars in spend for 2.47 return on adspend which at this volume is really really good for us. So Click into this campaign and you can see right away. This is the strategy that I executed You can see these thousand dollar ad sets right all down here and you can see that most of them actually never even spent there’s 891 ad sets here, so I went even more crazy So most of these Adsit students spent so what’s the theory of this approach? It’s basically that when you set a very low target cost with manual bed Facebook is forced to feed very very little traffic to your website But because you have so many ad sets and that’s such an overall high budget Facebook’s algorithm is able to pick off little by little the exact audiences or the exact customers from a very broad broad targeting that is actually likely to convert at that cost per purchase and you can see there are some Adsense that did spend some even spent over a Thousand dollars, right? And again, let’s take a look at this top ad sit right over here You can see that it has a 28 dollar cost per purchase All I wanted was a 40 dollar cost per purchase and I was gonna make money 28 is way lower So it even spent more than $1,000 This means that Facebook’s algorithm was able to find that right pocket of individuals and blast budget to them And as a result, that’s why it’s getting such a good return on adspend. You can see the return on adspend. It’s 2.95 So the ad sets that actually end up spending here are going to be winning winning at sets and be super super profitable and let’s take a look at the actual targeting that was used at the ad set level daily budget of $1,000. Let’s scroll down right United States broad. No targeting at all No, LA a snow is a custom audience and also no interest all genders all age groups No detail targeting automatic placement seven days click or one day view which is the best setting in my opinion for dropshipping and then the $30 cost per purchase target costs right under the manual bids so this is what basically happened is Facebook is taking each level of target cost and then feeding traffic and if it even Spends a little bit. It’s gonna cash out. So the goal is to farm duplicate so many ad sets. That’s why in this strategy there’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of ad sets because at least if one spends it’s gonna be so so so Profitable you won’t regret it. And again, let’s take a look at the foreign. It’s going to be the same thing This one hasn’t a thousand dollar budget And I’m gonna scroll down you can see it’s worldwide targeting, right? I’ve excluded the United States because we want to cross compete with the other campaign as well as a lot of Problematic foreign countries then. I don’t have good logistics in all genders all age groups no detail targeting automatic placements conversions seven-day click or one-day view and then this one is at a $35 target cost per purchase because I’ve gone down that ladder and again you can see in this campaign. There’s 812 ad sets using the same exact strategy So there it is. That’s the ad strategy that got me over $400,000 in sales on Black Friday again. I did the same thing. This was just one of my stores I have five drop shipping stores that collectively did over $400,000 in sales So use this and the next time you experience a holiday and you’re sure to crush your competition and make a lot of money Thank you guys so much for taking the time to watch this video. I hope you enjoyed it A lot of people think I’m crazy for putting this content out there for free. So make sure you press like and subscribe Share it with your friends. I’m on a mission to transform ecommerce education, and I can’t do it without you you can follow my journey at Kevin Zhuang official on Instagram DM me and I promise I’ll respond to every single DM and join the discussion and my private Facebook group Generation-e, I promise that no question will go unanswered. See you in the next video

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