2. Hi, my name is Patrick please DM me on Instagram @chefhousegh or @modern_lifeline .Am open for new opportunities (Food business ). Thank you

  3. I watched your interview encounter with our África American Last time and infact I was really inspired and have decided vehimently tô partner with you mr man

  4. Please iam Ghanaian living in South America, Brazil iam coming home tô investimento on ghana and I have decided to Channel the course into farming. Iam coming in next 3 months só please send né your whatsapp number . I wanna partner with you

  5. Just done a PayPal to Ghana , got RIP off 400 dollars , have proof if you would like to , Be careful who you call out ,

  6. 1) Farming
    2) Food service
    3) Car Parts
    4) E-Commerce
    5) Child Care
    6) Provision/Grocery Store
    7) Clothing and Ware

  7. Ghana has had more money thrown at it for hundreds of years , always ends. With corruption, people suffering, you cant even send a money gram to Ghana now. Because of the scammers.

  8. As a moroccan I have BAD experience in Ghana brothers and systers.
    Morocco and Ghana are both hard to invest in a serious business.
    CORRUPTION IS ENEMY NR1 OF AFRICA. God bless Africa always

  9. You are just like these wicked heathens in America tell me why you want African Americans to return to Ghana and invest in Ghana Ghanas leaders are free masons children of the devil tell me why the duck is Ghanas people fleeing Ghana don't want to live in there camunitys or country who are you trying to rip off african americans we know how corrupt Africa is tell me why these African molisha militant kidnapped them little girls from there school just to fuck and marry a child did the president send the military after the children hell no he did nothing but you asking African Americans to move our familys there who in the hell is going to protect us from the filthy demonic murdering homosexual pedifiles living all over Africa look mf who the hell you think your talking to we know Ghana don't give a dame about African Americans you filthy mf sold us know where in history have I ever heard your leaders appolagizing or say anything in our behalf for the violence against us fuck you your a undercover pedifile just like the rest of them wicked ungodly murdering Africans we are going back to Africa but we're waiting on our god he will deliver us from our enimys and he will lead the way y'all wicked men just want us to move there just to get hold of our little girls you basterds think we ant got the internet we see what's going on in America so hold your breath mf we ant coming

  10. Can a truck driving business work in Ghana? Can we move freely to your neighboring countries. In the U.S we move products from State to state. Can I make money in the trucking industry?

  11. Hello sir I really appreciate your videos you seem to have the right answers to my questions my name is Shawn Phelps and I plan on getting a business started in Ghana can I please have your email so I can learn more

  12. I am interested in poultry farming and hatchery on a large scale.I reside in Canada but wouldn't mind relocating to Buriful Ghana for this.Looking for investors or partners.

  13. 400 years of slavery in the USA. I finally own homes and a pension. The ONLY WAY Judah can make anything happen in another foreign country is to pattern after the white man. The residents live on meager, if any, accommodations. We would have to put resources together and invest in a resort, hotel…anything that attracts outside money and employ the residents. We are not Ghanaian citizens…their country is different from ours. You CANNOT just build there. Otherwise, Judah…stay your behinds here where you've already paid the spiritual price. Abroad is paying for selling the apple of our Savior's eye. Yes…the last IS first. In the name of our ancestors who bore the worst of this transition…dont walk away from your freedoms. Get a passport and learn to ENJOY the freedoms our ancestors have afforded us. Visit…go back to what is now home.

  14. COME to the point please. To much talking. Sorry Can,t watch the video till the end,maybe your next video.

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