A Guide to Printing in Paint 3D

A Guide to Printing in Paint 3D

Under the menu, you will find options for
printing. Paint 3D supports both 2D and 3D printing. If you choose to 2D print, you will be taken to
the standard Windows print dialogue panel where you can select options such as Orientation,
Paper Size and Colour mode. The image being printed is taken from the 2D
viewing angle. If you choose to 3D print, you will be taken to
the 3D Print Dialogue panel which will guide you
through the 3D print process. Here you will be able to adjust the size and
layout, fix any issues the model might have, choose from available material types, and preview any required support structures. 3D printing will include all the 3D content in
your scene but will not include the canvas or any
flat 2D images. If you don’t own a 3D printer, you have the
option to order the prints online. Watch the next video to learn more about Paint 3D.

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  1. One question is there a Special 3D Printer you can recommend in order to 3D copy difficult models like a Tulip or do you have a Special online 3D Printer where I can send the model to you?

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