agile42 Enterprise Transition Framework

agile42 Enterprise Transition Framework

the enterprise train Chinn framework by agile 42 becoming agile is the way to continuous improvement for any organization it enables you to deliver better products produced by happy employees to achieve a faster time to market and to attain higher customer satisfaction it's the continuous cycle of assessment strategic alignment and experimental pilot projects that makes your company better by establishing a mindset of continuous improvement any company business model can internally be represented by a balance between the following four dimensions vision and strategy organization and structure people and skills and products and technology these four dimensions are kept in connection by well-performing management processes if any imbalance occurs problems may arise that will hinder your organization from reaching its goals becoming agile redresses this balance through an empirically controlled process it permeates the whole of an organization and affects every element within it including culture as a result of this approach you cannot buy at Chow it's an individual journey that each organization and each team within this organization needs to go through it encourages the empowerment of individuals and teams self-organization shared responsibility and focus an agile organization constantly tries to reorganize itself through subsequent adaptations in order to achieve better results the same way in a July performs it will start a continuous and measurable improvement process at shall 42 is created the enterprise transition framework that leads and supports an organization through the process of becoming more agile the springboard to agile is an initial assessment of the organization this happens through workshops with groups of representatives of the highest possible diversity in terms of roles and responsibilities it helps to determine the status quo of the organization from a top-down and bottom-up perspective the assessment will provide both a business and cultural fit analysis aiming and understanding the best way to introduce a child in an organization once the state of the organization has been analyzed from diverse perspectives the leadership team needs to determine the best strategy for change in workshop the leadership team defines current business goals learns about a child and draws a first version of the agile strategy map the agile strategy map will start from the summary of the findings and definitions of the next possible improvements in short mid and long term perspectives it brings together the insights of the assessments and the business goals the leadership team defines these goals for different departments roles or teams it determines various experiments also called pilot projects which results in case of success can be projected to other teams and departments in a roll out face pilot projects are designed as safe to fail experiments they allow incremental structural changes by enabling to test new business processes on a small but significant scale for example at a team level instead of having to take the risk to restructure the organization as a whole this allows people not to fear failure and enables the organization to learn from whatever outcome will be achieved once the pilot projects have been defined the conditions for success and for failure need to be determined the goal of a pilot project is to verify the hypothesis set by the leadership team at the lowest possible cost in case of uncertain outcomes everything between the define success conditions and failure conditions the pilot phase will be repeated with different setup refocusing in order to constantly improve the result this incremental and empirical process will be repeated until the result of a pilot satisfies the predefined conditions for success or the leadership team will decide that it isn't worth to continue the leadership team decides when to continue to pilot and when it is time to roll out the results of one of the pilots to the rest of the organization once the rollout decision has been taken there is the need to plan it across the organization and to evaluate the impact of the changes across the whole system the agile strategy map will support you in this process by allowing to identify all the necessary conditions which are required in order to make the rollout successful this improvement cycle will be constantly repeated in various areas of the organization during the whole process a team of internal coaches will be trained by agile 42 to support the transition process and to encourage the mindset change throughout the whole organization a wide set of operational tools and agile training modules are on hand to pursue the transition process the enterprise transition framework by agile 42 will help you to bring out the best of your organization no matter whether you are a local business or a multinational corporation it will work for every organization agile 42 the agile coaching company we make your agile transition succeed

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  1. agile42 has created the Enterprise Transition Framework or #ETF that leads and support an organisation through the process of becoming more #Agile . This 5-minute video explains the key concepts, for more information please check

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