Business Monitoring – Customer Review

we started as a cheese shop but have
since grown to four locations each with a full-service restaurant and a cheese
and wine shop incorporated we have grown to 160 employees now each of our
locations has anywhere from 30 to 40 employees smart business security has
not just helped me operate my business better it has completely revolutionized
the way I oversee all of our locations security access video surveillance
thermostats being able to control it all with one app one dashboard was huge you
can’t be in two places at once let alone four but I can open my alarm calm for
business dashboard and see what’s happening across each of our locations
in a single view I can see that every the location opened on time I can see that
every thermostat we own is within its right range and I can see right away if
something isn’t right without having to switch between four different accounts
being able to see four stores at once with the video cameras is really really
cool because one of the things you’re always curious about is well this store
is doing this right now I wonder how the other store looks right now and not
having to switch back and forth between those views having them all next to each
other is a really really powerful and something that would not have even
occurred to me before a cheese TKE we have multiple layers of people we have a
director of operations for instance who needs to have oversight over all of the
stores I need to have oversight over all of the stores but even down to for
instance the kitchen supervisor level that’s someone who needs to be able to
unlock the doors in the morning lock the doors at night gain access to particular
parts of the building only but maybe not other parts and being able to customize
that is really awesome it doesn’t matter which location the employee is at or
even if they’re working across multiple locations I can manage it all from a
single screen if there’s an unauthorized access attempt like someone trying to
keypad over and over the outdoor video camera can automatically send a clip
what’s going on the level of control that we have over our systems is really
really powerful it allows us to in a sense be in every place at every time
I’m Jill uber and I am an alarm calm for business user make sure to subscribe to
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