Baja Designs S2 vs Rigid Industries SR-Q

Baja Designs S2 vs Rigid Industries SR-Q

hey what's going on guys I'm Brad and this is trail recon and on this episode I'm going to show you two very nice compact LED off-road lights then we're going to take a close-up look of how well-built they are we're going to take a look at some of their specifications and then I'm going to take you out on the trail and we're going to light it up and see how well they perform let me show you what lights we've got this is the Baja designs s2 Pro and this is the rigid industries SRQ these are both 20 watt lights they're both a flood pattern and they're both compact and I know there's a lot of differences but there's a lot of similarities and the reason I'm choosing these lights is because I'm really looking for something to mount on my roof rack something small like this so I wanted to compare these and I figured you know I'd share it with you now full disclaimer here guys this is not a sponsored video this is just my opinion let's get started and talk about some of the specifications now both Baja designs and rigid industries are pretty well known companies and they're both American based and they both make really good products at least from all the reviews now I've been using rigid industries for a while so I have some experience with them but I don't have any experience with the Baja designs just from what I've heard from friends but I will tell you just at first glance these are very well made guys they have a nice housing it's an aluminum housing that's powder-coated their lenses are very nice and solid there is something with the Baja designs where they have what's called a u-verse where you can actually take off the cover and take the lens and you can swap out that lens and turn it into a spotlight or a driving light if you don't like the floodlight option which is a very nice feature so you can swap those out the rigid industries you're kind of stuck if you want a different pattern of light you're going to have to buy a different light now both these lights are very compact let me just kind of show you how small they are the Baja designs one measures 2.9 3 by 1 point 7 6 by 1 point 6 8 inches and the region industries one measures 4 point 9 3 by 2 point 2 5 by 1.8 1 inches now rigid industries does make a smaller version of this light it's called their SRM model but it's only puts out 10 watts versus the 20 that this one does and I didn't think that would be a very comparison and I really want to get as much light as I can out of pack light so that's why we're looking at these ones and just a quick look at the wiring you know they're both good wiring they're nice and thick they've got nice connectors they're well sealed where they enter the lights but the rigid industries one actually came with a full wire loom whereas the Baja designs one just came with a connector that's a little bit disappointing for how much we paid for that and speaking of how much we paid for them let's talk about the price for a second because there is a significant difference the Baja designs is a hundred and fifty seven dollars for a single light or three hundred and five dollars for a pair and the rigid industries is a hundred and four dollars for a single light or one hundred and ninety dollars for a pair that's a pretty significant difference they are both as I mentioned 20 watts but the Baja designs has 210 watt LEDs whereas the rigid industries has four five watt LEDs so I'll be interested to see just how different the light output is if there's really significant difference the Baja designs pulls 1.66 amps and the rigid industries poles 1.45 amps so the Baja designs is pulling a little more juice now lumens they measure according to their specs the Baja designs measures two thousand four hundred fifty and the rigid industries measures 1568 so that's significant we'll see if I actually translate out on the trail now I did mention that they're both floodlights but their degree pattern is very significant the Baja designs is a sixty degree pattern and the rigid industries is a twenty degree pattern and we'll take a closer look when we get out on the trail all right let me go why are these up and let me get them mounted and let's go take them out on the trail and see just how well they perform okay guys I'm outside in front of my garage and I've got the lights mounted about ten feet from the front of the garage and there is the rigid industries light you can see it's got a nice focused beam and we're only ten feet away so it's going to seem a little narrow but here is the Baja designs one and yeah that's a different coloration altogether but man it just lights up the entire front of the house to turn off the ridges you can see the difference so you get you can see that this is a little more yellow so it's a 5000k bulb is what they say it is it's supposed to be less eye fatigue whereas the rigid industries is more of that I think it's a 6,000 K or some bright light so definitely a focus of light is different but man those ba designs really throw that light around let's go I hit the trail okay guys we're out here on the trail and you turn on the rigids first you can see that's a nice white light throws it right down the trail Rohan AHA designs on right next to it definitely lights everything up kind of diffusely really more than a floodlight but yeah it lights everything up and only shut the ridges off one more time there's a rigid there's the baja designs and there's balsa definitely a different color of life and a different pattern of light but both good output on the right is the rigid industries and on the left is the Baja design this gives you a good indication of the color temperature of each of the lights okay I've got the lux meter out and for the rigid industry lights at 25 feet away three and right around 32 now I expect this one to have a higher reading just because that cone of light is so much stronger but we'll take a look and see what the badas eyes ones with really look alright so with the Baja design – 25 feet away see we're right about 16 now it's what I expected though you know it's a different color temperature and the cone of Lights not is focused so I think that's why I was such a lower reading it really is a lot of light I gotta say guys both lights perform very well outside you know there's some differences but they're both made very well and they put out a lot of light and I'm going to leave a link in the description below so if you want to go check out more information about these lights or you want to pick yourself up a set I'll leave links down below but now here's the million dollar question right what lights am I going to use to put on my rack well I think I'm going to go with the rigid industries and the reason being comes down to price I don't see the justification for spending that much extra money for the Baja designs now if I had an application where I just don't I could only fit it in that tiny little spot then maybe I would consider the Baja but for general purpose and just needing something this low-profile and puts out good quality light I'm going with the rigid industry lights guys so there you have it there's my opinion I'd like to hear from you what you think leave a comment down below and tell me which light you're using or which light you would consider for your use on off road and hey if you're visiting the channel for the first time make sure you hit that subscribe button we'd love to have you as a member of the Trail recon team and if you haven't been over to our website make sure you go check it out at wwl recon net and until next time we'll see out on the trail

20 thoughts on “Baja Designs S2 vs Rigid Industries SR-Q”

  1. After seeing Baja Designs lights perform at KOH, I have been switching out all my light bars for them. My 30” ONX6 High Output should be in soon. I never thought I’d spend $1,000 on a light bar, but if you want to drive 60mph + at night accross the desert, you want to have a good light.

  2. I had a rigid backup light crap out on me after less than two years. Fortunately, Rigid has a lifetime warranty and they are replacing both backup lights with their latest model. That's something I appreciate and it makes me want to stick with Rigid despite the problem with the one light. I don't know if Baja has the same lifetime warranty but if they do I would definitely consider trying some of their lights.

  3. Great comparison, I have 2 of the rigid cube style lights in the grille of my truck and work great for nice flood lighting.

  4. It really boils down to what your lighting needs are. The rigid throws light further but not as wide. The Baja is more of a work/scene light so it’s meant to surround you with light rather than lighting up distances. I will say though that I really love the coloring with the Baja lights definitely a more natural light color.

  5. I can't understand why so many companies use 6000K LED lights. That color is terrible for snow, fog, and rain, and honestly doesn't seem to throw as far as a 5200K or so.

  6. Not a fan of blue lights. Didn't compare the right products. This is Baja close work scene light for on emergency vehicles/trucks, not a driving light as shown.

  7. I'd like to see some HID spot or flood light comparisons… LED lights are no good for winter time as the lenses will get covered in snow/ice and won't melt and greatly reduce light output.

  8. I chose to run Baja Designs Squadron Pros over the Rigid E2 Series and I'm glad I did. In this comparison though…… those Rigids definitely have better throw. You also say in the description that these are flood style beams but the lenses look to be the spot versions…… which would explain the focused light pattern of those Rigids.

  9. Wattage has NOTHING to do with light output. Wattage is how much power the fixture uses. Lumens is how much light is output. So, a very efficient light fixture will put out more Lumens per watt than an inefficient light fixture. You are old enough to remember the old style incandescent lamps where efficiency never applied and wattage was directly proportional to the output. Not the same today with LED's

  10. I have the srq2’s in driving pattern mounted as ditch lights and they are great! I also have a squadron pro on the back of my truck as a work light and it’s super bright! Too bright for a work light lol

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