Chatuchak Night Market Singapore 2020 Food Guide | Eatbook Vlogs | EP 70

Chatuchak Night Market Singapore 2020 Food Guide | Eatbook Vlogs | EP 70

Eh Mandon, Do you like to go to Chatuchak in Thailand? Uh huh! You know why? Why? Tonight, we are going to Singapore’s Chatuchak Night Market and it is right behind us. Let’s go! Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs, I’m Chiara. And I am Mandon. Today, we are at a market that was previously more than 2 hours away from Singapore. This is the Chatuchak Night Market Singapore and we’re located at the Grandstand right now. It’s just 3 mins away from Sixth Avenue MRT so this is the West and WOOO! East side best side. Errr no, East side backside. So today, we are going to try out the food here and we are going to find out what’s good and what’s not. So Chiara… I know what you’re going to ask let’s go! You gan cheong! (impatient) Okay, this is from Shrimp & Prawn Seafood. They only sell this dish called Goong Ob Woon Sen. Aka Claypot Prawn Vermicelli. So, they only come in 2 sizes, original and jumbo. You must make sure you get a bit of the zhap (sauce) at the bottom because that’s where all the flavours are Oh my gosh, if y’all can hear the pitter patter it’s because the rain is getting heavier and heavier. Personally, my choice of noodles right is actually Tang Hoon / Vermicelli. It’s very QQ. It absorbs all the sauces of the prawn, it absorbs all the sauces from the lard, you get the taste of the spices. You get the coriander, you get the spring onion. and the prawn essence gets absorbed into the vermicelli so I think that is very nice. Shall we get down and dirty with the prawn Ooo, it’s going to explode. You know what I want to try I’m just going to do this… Imagine prawn noodle soup, you condense everything down into a packet that is so small and you drink up everything, that’s as prawny as it gets. It’s so fresh and succulent. Can I just say that I can taste the flavour of the sea, I know I know it’s cringey but dude, it’s that fresh! Actually, I have never had a dish quite like this in Singapore. This is my first time having vermicelli with prawns and cooked in a very thin steel claypot like this. And right now, we have a whole variety of food in front of us. You know I’ve been to enough food festivals in Singapore, let me tell you what’s so special about this one. They have that really Thai Thai aspect to this, because the food in front of us is represented by people who are coming up with the best food in Thailand based on village, district and province. So this is basically the best of the best is it? Then we wait for what? Yaaa, let’s dig in! Can we start with Pad Thai? Okay, we start with Pad Thai first. I like that it has that bit of bounce to the noodles. So originally, the noodles are white. When noodles get coated until they’re this colour, you know that the flavour is right there. Wow! It’s sweet and savoury at the same time. It’s a bit too sweet for my liking, I would like it to have a little bit more kick, a little bit more spice. I feel like people who like sweet stuff, like myself, would like Pad Thai. Chiara I will eat the [banana blossom], and then you eat the cong (spring onion). Eh so bad!! It’s very interesting. This feels like a very thick stem of a vegetable. But at the same time it’s crispy, it tastes like cucumber, so it actually cuts away that sweetness from the Pad Thai. So next up, we have two dishes from Disjarus Thai Noodle. The first one is the Spicy Tom Yum Seafood, and the second one is Hot and Sour Pork Noodles. Woo! Which one should we start with first? Of course the Tom Yum! Tom Yum is quintessentially Thai. You know what’s the cool thing about this? Everything inside this bowl is huge! They have the giant squid, they have a huge prawn, This is massive… this mussel is massive. Rarely do I see huge seafood at a food festival like this. usually they’re a bit more budget so they will want to go smaller, but, wow! So this Tom Yum Goong version is not the super clear one. It’s a bit cloudy from, I think, coconut milk. It’s a very nicely balanced Tom Yum Goong. it’s not super spicy until you’ll sweat. But it’s just, the chilli kicks in quite fast, the tanginess will stay on your tongue but the chilli kicks in fast, and it disappears fast also. I think the noodles glide down your mouth very easily, it’s very smooth, it’s very soft, something that I really appreciate about this dish. So this is, the Hot and Sour Pork Noodles. At first glance, it looks like Bak Chor Mee. I think this thin noodles is the signature style. It’s called Hot and Sour Pork Noodles right, but we found a Cherry Blossom Prawn inside. Sakura Prawns. It gives that crunch, it gives that freshness. Mm! It really is like Bak Chor Mee! Yeah, but with softer noodles and a tinge of tanginess. They’re really really generous with the ingredients. That mouthful that I just had, was peppered with minced meat, was peppered with the Sakura Prawns, I think the more I eat it, the more I want to eat more. I want to drink, but I’m lactose intolerant. Then how, one sip ah? I drink. For you guys. I love it leh. It’s super milky, and super tea-y? It’s different from the Pasar Malam kind. Because this one is times two in flavour. And then, there’s always that theatrics at the stall, the uncle will do it like teh tarik, VROOM! He will do a bit by bit, bit by bit, then he will do a 360 turn, ZOOM!! Then everything will pour out nicely again. Yeah, I’ve never seen him miss eh! I’ve never seen this in any other food festival before. Okay! Check this out. The producers just piled on a bunch of food on our table, so let’s start off with the most special thing that we’ve seen tonight! It’s this seafood bucket. Let’s pour it out! It’s from Crazy Seafood — Ooh ooh ooohh, oh my god, I think we need this! AHH! HELP! What do we do now?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ~ Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?! ~ So, don’t be like us just now. When you order the seafood bucket right, rememember to fold up a square on your brown coloured paper, okay. So back to normal programming, Chiara are you ready to try the Seafood Bucket? Yeah I’m ready, so you’re going to use chopsticks right, I’m going to be smarter, I’m gonna use gloves. Okay, so Chiara I’m going to have the mussels, and I’m going to try the squid. Really chewy, nothing about it being overcooked, It’s not rubbery at all. And it’s fresh. How about yours? Mine tastes really fresh. There’s a very good bite to it, there’s no — you know that kind of sandy feeling that you have inside mussels? Initially when I saw it, I thought it would be laksa. Laksa? Yeah. But there’s a bunch of herby flavours instead, so, they threw me a curve ball right there. I thought this would be like Tom Yum, you just look at the colour right, I thought it would be like the coconut milk, with Tom Yum, and it would be spicy, it would be sour, but no eh! To be honest, I wouldn’t buy this here, because when I’m at Chatuchak Night market, I want a more Thai flavour, not a very Western flavour. So the next dish that we’re trying, is another Thai classic, it is from Easy Chatuchak Beef Noodles. And like the stall’s name, what we’re going to eat is beef noodles. So what we have now is a Classic, Classic means all the beef parts are put into it, but of course if you don’t eat all the beef parts you can have solely beef slices, or else meatballs. They have this very braised daikon inside it. So this is what I’m excited to try actually. Because you like Japanese food, right? Feels a bit like Japanese feels. The base of the soup is definitely beef stock, and what it does to the daikon right, is that the daikon absorbs every bit of the beef stock. And it becomes a very flavourful pouch of beef-yness. Just now when the lady came down, she was saying that this chilli is very potent. And me being me, I’m just going to try it! NO!! You said you cannot eat spice!! I can eat spice! Once again, the noodles that they use are the very thin kind. Oh! The spice is kicking in! Your ear turned red leh. It’s actually quite spicy. The beef-yness of the stock, I think it reminds me very vaguely of what I had in Bangkok before. And when I remember that taste, it’s very similar to what I’m having now. It is definitely something that I would recommend. And the chilli really kicks it up a notch. Okay! Let’s try the next one. So this is Golden Mushrooms, aka deep fried enoki mushrooms that is doused with chilli powder and I think some sweet teriyaki sauce. I’m not sure, so let me try. This is really easy to eat, it reminds me of vegetable tempura. Great with beer, which is a must when you’re in Chatuchak. I recommend people to start off with this when you come here. Oh my goodness, another tip I can give. If you find the queues are too long for the mains, get the small stuff, finger food like this one! Then you munch while you queue, good idea right? So right now, we have two dishes from Crying Tiger, the first one is the Sirloin Steak, and the second one are the Lazy Wings. I don’t know why it’s called Lazy, but I think it’s for Chiara. HEY! You calling me lazy?! The cool thing is that I’ve never had sirloin steak with chilli before. So I think this is something new I’m going to try! Maybe Thai style? It is very lightly seasoned, I can taste a bit of pepper, a bit of salt, to be honest, the chilli didn’t bring much to the table. I think because there’s a bit of cucumber in it, and it’s very lightly spiced only. So I would recommend just eating this on its own. I like my steak plain. I don’t need sauces on my steak, I just like the beefy-ness of the steak itself. Okay now I’m going to try the Lazy Wings. It’s really coated with something. Like a seasoning that I’ve never seen before. A lot of fiber, if I’m not wrong like old ginger. Okay let me try. Wah! It’s super savoury, almost like a titbit. You know? Like a snack! And then it ends with a very tangy note, I’ve never tasted this kind of marinade before leh. Yeah, but it’s nice. Overall, it is not a must-buy, because I’ve never seen sirloin steak being sold at Chatuchak market (Thailand). So this is not really quintessentially Thai, if you want to put it that way. I highly recommend the Lazy Wings. It’s something I’ve never tried before, pretty interesting, I don’t think it’s really Thai either, but I think it’s nice, so you can try! If the queue gets long and you want to have a quick bite. So it’s not like you have to sit down and have a meal or anything. You can just walk around, go to the retail sides. Oh my god. Why is this happening? So right now, the rain is getting a bit too heavy, so we’re just going to go for a commercial break. BEEEEEP! AAAAAAAH!!!! Just now, because of the rain, we have shifted location. And right now, we are just going to move on to our deserts! So, producers, desserts! For the first one, we have a roti prata, Thai style, and it’s encased with raisins. On top, they pour a huge dose of condensed milk. I like roti prata, but I HATE raisins, so you’re having it! Ew! I like condensed milk, I like prata, but I don’t like raisins also!!! (exclaimations and the sound of a missed high five) Producer: Then how?! Who review?! Okay! Let’s welcome an episode of MAVERICK TRIES! Come Maverick, ahh!!! Okay, what do you think about the food, Maverick? (muffled camera-shy noises) So right now there are flies flying around, and obviously Chiara is very uncomfortable right now. Can I just say that this is the messiest, noisiest, wettest, and most confusing shoot we’ve ever gone to? You know what that sounds like? It sounds like Chatuchak Market, in Bangkok. Noisy, messy, but everything is still good. Yeah, I guess the food makes up for the flies! (distressed scared-of-flies noises) So after getting attacked by insects just now, and enduring the rain, we are back in studio, with our DESSERTS! This is a safe space, I can enjoy the desserts now. This is the prata stall that we were talking about just now, I think what’s so special about this stall, is that they have more than just normal prata, or raisin prata. They even have this special thing where they use egg yolk to be like a sweet topping that I think Chiara would like, right? because you like sweet stuff. Yeah, I like sweet stuff. I think it’s egg yolk and sugar, because it’s very sweet. Cheers! Ding! It tastes like egg prata. And at the start, I liked the feeling where I was trying to eat it like a noodle then I (slurping sounds) the egg yolk strands lah. I don’t even taste egg yolk, it’s like a chewy, sweet, shred. So since it’s sweet right, Chiara, do you like it? Uh, I think it’s a bit on the gimmicky side… So sorry, this is not for me. So when we bought the mango sticky rice, we also saw that the stall was selling some… Moo Ping! So if you don’t know what Moo Ping is, it’s basically meat on a stick. It’s like a satay but giant, upsized, that kind. Yeah, this is the prime example of a good snack. Okay, let’s just take a bite. AAArrghh!! You said my mouth small right? You try eating that! You try, you try! Oh my god, oh my god!!! Okay I’m going to prove to you all that my mouth is not small. When we tabao (brought back) the meat, until now, we took the cab, through the rain, through the aircon, and we just left it here for a while already. The meat is still very soft, it’s not those very tough kind of meat that you would expect after you put it inside the fridge. This is a brilliant snack to buy, when you’re queueing up for your Tom Yum noodles, when you’re queueing up for the Claypot Vermicelli, or any of the mains. Chiara are you done eating? This is like super meaty bak kwa. Yes! It’s like three layer bak kwa! Honestly right, the mango sticky rice is the most important dessert in any Thai meal. Nah! Peeeeewww! woooooo So in all honesty, there is more than one stall that’s selling mango sticky rice. But then, the fact is that you can never go wrong with mango sticky rice as your dessert, correct Chiara? (Whispers) I know right. (Whispers) Why are you whispering? (Whispers) Because it’s so good. It is so good. For every sentence that I’m saying, Chiara is taking one bite. So for every sentence that I’m saying, I’m missing out on two bites already. And she’s going for a third bite right now. So the drinks here are from Thammaros Bee Farm, the first one that we got is the butterfly pea drink, the second one is the passion fruit drink and the last one is honey lemon. So after you eat all the heaty food, then you drink some cooling drinks. Everything is farm to table. They farm their own passionfruit, they farm their own butterfly pea, and they farm their own honey and the bees. Serious? Everything is a bit sour, and that’s quite funky. I’ve never tasted this kind of sourness before. I like the flavours. You like it ah? Yeah, I like it I like it. It doesn’t taste so much of butterfly pea, but it tastes like— And if you’re not a fan of healthy drinks like, I’m a fan of healthy drinks!!! There’s always the teh tarik stall, there’s always the Thai milk tea with the performance like at Chatuchak, they spin the 360 degrees around their head, and bzzoom bzoom. I think that’s more up your alley, right? Yeah, actually I would recommend drinking that instead. Okay so today we have tried a lot of different food, right Chiara? So what is your top favourite food over here? Okay wait you think ah, then we’ll say it together. One, two, three. Claypot Prawn Vermicelli! Jinx! I think it’s very telling, that we both chose it. And also because we both raved about how we liked pork lard. But that’s not the star of the show. The star of the show is everything. The noodles, the prawns, how big it is, the noodles, how flavourful it was, and the immense amount of aromatics they put into that pot. Second dish! Okay. I think this time it’ll be different. For sure. Three, two, one. Moo Ping! Stop it!!! Stop it! You copied me! Oh my god. The only reason why I chose Moo Ping, is because, number one, it’s so delicious. And number two, of how easy it is to bring around when you want to queue for food. I’m just angry that my taste buds are so common. I liked the Moo Ping also, because it’s sweet on the outside, and the meat itself is so savoury, and there’s a bit of meat, a bit of fat, and then with those grilled marks, it adds a bit of smokiness, and then it tastes like… So if you want, you go to a Moo Ping stall, buy the Moo Ping, and then you slowly eat, and queue up at the Claypot Prawn Vermicelli stall. And then when you come together already, if you’re thirsty, you can go and buy from Thammaros Bee Farm I think you should go and buy from the teh tarik Thai milk tea place. All our opinions are really honest. I told you what I liked, I told you what I didn’t like, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to try it, or not to try it when you’re there yourself. I think the whole experience over there today, taught me a couple of pro tips to share with you all. Number one, always bring cash. Most of the owners there are Thai, they are legit from Thailand, so they don’t have PayNow, PayLah, pay whatever pay you want. So, bring cash! And number two, Check the weather forecast. We experienced it today, it was pouring the entire day that we were there. So either check the weather forecast, if it’s going to rain, you really need an umbrella there because there are very limited sheltered seats. If you’re looking to go to Chatuchak Night Market Singapore, you need to check it out at The Grandstand from 4:30 to 10pm every day. Every day?! Not every day. It’s not every day, okay! So don’t go on Mondays because they’re closed on Mondays. They’re only open from Tuesdays all the way to Sundays. So it makes for a perfect weekend plan. Just a side note, the stalls are all on a rotational basis, so don’t be alarmed if you go down there and see some stalls that we recommend missing. Why are you laughing? Yeah, I imagine how it would be if they cannot find that claypot vermicelli. Oh yeah, that’s true. So if you liked any of the stalls that we recommended, go down ASAP! And also, for Muslim friends out there, you can look out for 20 new Halal stalls that are coming out next month. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Vlogs! If you liked this video you can watch more of our videos over there! And don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. Bye bye!!!!

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