Chicken Schnitzel: Meals in Minutes | Masterchef: The Professionals – BBC

Chicken Schnitzel: Meals in Minutes | Masterchef: The Professionals – BBC

Chicken schnitzel.
Breaded chicken, right? That’s right.
What’s the Holstein? It’s a nice fried egg, and the anchovy and caper butter
that goes on top. Fine, right. 20 minutes. Schnitzel and Holstein. Shall we? Yeah. So the first thing, butcher the chicken down completely. All they need to use
is just one breast. Very straightforward.
It’s like any other bird – two legs, two wings, two breasts, Nice.
So… OK, and now I’m going to
take the breasts off. So what I’ve done with this chicken
breast, I just removed the skin, which we don’t need. I don’t
want this breaded like this. It needs to be nice and thin,
and then we’re going to pane it. Otherwise, the breast is fatter at
one end and thin at the other. That won’t work, will it?
No. So just gently bat it out. Mm. Now look. Mm. Nice and thin. So, the pane,
always in this order. Seasoned flour, egg wash,
and then your breadcrumbs and then onto your tray. Got it.
Got it? Flour makes the egg stick to it, and the egg makes the breadcrumbs
stick to it. That’s right. And there you go.
Very good. So what we need to do now is
to get the chicken into the pan. What our chefs need to be
really careful about is that this chicken’s cooked
all the way through. They need to just get a little bit
of colour onto the breadcrumbs, then turn it over,
colour the second side, then what I’m going to do is
put some butter into the pan, onto a buttered paper,
and into the oven. Now, that’s a beautiful sight. The sauce is a brown butter sauce. And this is the Holstein.
That’s the one. So butter sauce, as Marcus is making
here, is a beautiful thing, but it’s all about the controlling
of the butter, cos it can burn. You start to see the nutty colour
coming out of the bottom. Is that a beurre noisette?
Yes. Nut, brown butter. Capers are in there. Drop in some little chopped
anchovies to the sauce. Lovely.
Chopped parsley. Now to our egg. What we’re going to do is
we’re going to pan-fry a duck egg. Yes. And as soon as this egg is cooked,
we can bring the dish together. That schnitzel looks fantastic. Fried egg. Hmm-hmm! So there we have it. Chicken
schnitzel with Holstein garnish. That’s a lovely dish.

7 thoughts on “Chicken Schnitzel: Meals in Minutes | Masterchef: The Professionals – BBC”

  1. I watch videos like these to look at the food. I have no skill in cooking so I just imagine what it'd be like to cook nice food.

  2. imho, the breadcrumbs he used were much too coarse – the finer the better

    you can also add a bit of cornmeal to the breadcrumb/flour/spices mixture, and dip several times into egg & mixture to get a thicker schnitzel crust

    lastly, for those eco-conscious like me, you don't need to put it into a single use plastic bag and bang on it with a meat hammer. You can just use a meat hammer to tenderise, but I find simply slicing thin fillets from the breast will give you the best results, the least mess, and the lease waste

    one of my favourite foods

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