Custom Lego Friends Backyard with Pool - Sophie & Henry House Renovations Continue DIY

Custom Lego Friends Backyard with Pool – Sophie & Henry House Renovations Continue DIY

okay we are back here at Sophie and Henry's house the modifications are ongoing here the renovations never stop we did the bottom floor last time now it is time to work on the backyard and first up we need a whole heap of green because I just like to have lots of green grass but do you know what I noticed once I started thinking about this it just looks weird having the backyard going like right up against the inside of the house sorry before we start the backyard we're going to need to do a little bit more modifying on the bottom level so welcome to Le V toys we are going to start off this renovation by putting a back wall on the bottom level so first up they're gonna need a way to get out into the backyard so we can do a sliding door cuz sliding dogs are still my favorite thing and I saw remember how excited I got the very first time I built one in a LEGO Friends field I think was one of the girls houses I think with Emma's house and door with open toe and shut it's still cool so cool sliding door here to get out into the backyard and we're going to want to step down a bit so we're gonna build up and I'm gonna need a doormat to wipe our feet on so we don't drag all the mud back through the house otherwise so it's gonna be so cranky oh let's see okay I'm kind of making this up as I go along we're going to need some columns so that the door doesn't slide all the way out and this is a good starting point so we're going to have that right here in the middle over here I want another window and another window over in the kitchen so that it's still nice and bright inside and we're going to hinge this this was actually inspired by a fan build and LED toys fan she and her dad put a whole hinge back on Stephanie's house I showed you some of it on one of my videos previously and mine isn't gonna be quite as fantastic as theirs was because I'm only gonna be doing the bottom level but it was a brilliant idea and I'm going to use it here to help make this look a little bit less weird when we put a backyard on so we want a big window over here so they look lots and lots of light into the living area and the idea is just to have one big long flat line with windows on it like a wall along the back so nice big window and I think I'd like more light than that I'm gonna put some big glass panels next to the our window there we go and another one on the other side and then I think that will do for that side we can just fill the rest in with this beige filling in with beige and I like to have greenery everywhere so we're going to have some climbing vines on either side of the window just making it really look friendly and homey and I put put another column over here that matches up in the middle beautiful and another vine over here and around there we go that sits a little bit better that's cute now I want some little mounds of green out of the window here and I'm not gonna Center it on this side how is your OCD going cuz I just wanted a bit off balance and with some planter pots in the window with some beautiful flowers you can see them from inside and a few more flowers down here because it's just so pretty lots of different colors and staying out here right next to the door I want a little pine tree there okay so that's that side over here we don't need quite as much window but will match up with the other side but we won't use the glass panels so let's see that goes all the way to the end good let's tie them together here good looking good and now we're just gonna use some beige panels off we've got our white pillar on the end cuz that all matches up nicely beige pillars with some more little studs outward-facing because of course I want some more vines growing on this side because we can never have too many vines and I want it to match up with the other side kind of and this side I'm going to Center my little green grassy mounds does that make you feel a bit better you notice that both sides aren't symmetrical but I don't want it symmetrical I want it to look lived in so another plan to put over here with slightly different plants in them at the same color scheme except they're not sitting quite nicely no come on you will both fit there together if you cooperate there that one goes there now they're cooperating sometimes you just have to put them on in a different order so now we have got a hinged wall love let's continue up I'm gonna make the awning on top of the sliding door covered in plants if I can get them to stay up here and they're actually gonna be dripping down a little bit ah there we go it really does look so homey and lived in and I just love a lot of plant life because it makes it so pretty alright maybe some awnings over the windows is that too much I wish I could make stripy ones but I don't have enough strapping pieces maybe I need to build it up a little bit first there we are that's a little bit further out from the window that works a lot better now we got overhangs all the way along that wall and will match all the way along and now we just have to tie in with the other colors so we need a line of pink here to match in with the other walls on the other side and a line of line of orange it's kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle at this stage where we're just doing the one color and it has to fit all the way along now up here we're going to need knocked my flowers off poor things we're going to need another hinge up here to make sure we're just a bit secure and now we can smooth it over and we have tunnel a back wall with lots of pretty greenery and a sliding door and we can see inside down below but now it's quite dark and it does look a little weird now put the next level on but I'm just working on the bottom level at the moment now I've already put in a pebble path to give me a bit of an idea where I want things to go lots and lots of backyard here to work with guys so where are we gonna start okay well we're gonna start maybe we'll start on the sides let's start back here on this side so plants we're going to need some nice big trees in this backyard it's a huge backyard we're gonna use this tree that actually came from one of the city firefighters fence and it used to have flames sticking up out of it and I've taken the flames off and I've put some flowers on it the good part about this is I can actually push the branches to the side so that when I snug it right up against the house after I get it on here I will be able to have kind of a flat side of foliage I think maybe maybe if everything to plan kind of I need to move one of these off so I'll take that off and I'll push up this little branch over here and we'll have an empty branch there but no one will know cuz it's right up against the house look at that that's going to be a fun tree for the triplets to climb should we don't give them any ideas now speaking of climbing let's make them a climbing frame let's make them the monkey bars and I'm gonna use the monkey bars to actually attach this part of the backyard to the house I'm feeling reasonably clever here let's see so monkey bars also another tricky way to climb up into the house into violets bedroom at the moment put some more foliage up here just some tie it all in with the rest of my foliage and now we can add the next square of green and when we need to open up the house we just detach it here nice and easy and easy to put back on again which makes the backyard and the house two separate entities that you can put together to play with or play with them separately now on the other side of the house we are going to put a nut climbing implement we're going to put a climbing wall on the wall tada so that the triplets can get some more of their boundless energy out and this one actually goes up the wall into the boys bedroom so alex is just trying that out for you nice handy way to get up to the bedroom without actually having to use the door and now we can extend out this side of course of course I'm going to need another big tree and this tree is actually what is left of the adventure camp treehouse I've kept the tree from the top and we're going to use this on little detachable studs so that we can easily take it on and off because we might want to put it somewhere else this is just kind of a trial so that's nice it's also holding my two green base plates there together and we're gonna turn it into a tree house just by putting a ladder in it it's pretty simple one but it's all ready to go and like that nice big tree house and a climbing wall now we can put some more of our green base plants in and let's see what else looking Offutt foliage what else we gonna do we're gonna put some more play equipment in but I I just think that might be a little too far back no see that's too close to the climbing wall so I'm gonna have to take these off and I'll try again maybe and I want these little base plates here this lime green built up kind of area to hold together my other green base plates and on there I think that looks good there's enough room there to get into the climbing wall on here we're going to have a little bit of kind of just a slide not a jungle gym as such but a slide so we need a stairs and a slide it's so cute the toddlers can have so much fun on this yup they go in down they go and maybe a nice soft landing with some mossy green down here some more flowers because I like to have lots of flowers everywhere it's just pretty this way we don't have to mow so much to put flowers all over the place just pretend it's all ground cover and maybe a few more plants over here just to make the side look just a little bit less like we've just fallen off the edge playground good okay a slide we've got monkey bars we've got a climbing wall we've got a tree house now we need something to go with this rubber duckie yes you guys asked for it of course Sophie and Henry's house is going to have a pool so let's do that we'll make it nice and simple so that we can fill it with water real water we'll see how we go with that I've done it before with the bigger pool we're gonna do it with a little pool the idea is still the same and we just hope it doesn't leak everywhere so lots and lots of see-through pieces because I just like to use them for a pool and these rounded bits are going to hold our plastic wrap on so let's get that in here and nearly I really need to find a slightly thicker plastic wrap because there's cling wrap stuff sticks to my fingers rather than down where I want it to be but I'll try and get enough of it in so we can hold some water so we want to put our little curved edges on here because I like to put curved edges on the wall even though we don't have any curved see three pieces that I can use yet for the sides but the illusion is there we can kind of think that it's an oval-shaped pool and if we snip it carefully around the edges we don't want to snip too close otherwise you will end up with water leaking out of the pool so we do need a little bit of a fairy edge maybe not that much of a fairy edge let me take that away and trim that off a bit more and that looks pretty good so let me see if we're gonna put water in this let's put this one on jumper studs too so that we can easily take the pool in and out of the backyard to empty it out when we're not playing with it so move over rubber Ducky's let's install the pool easiest pool install ever and if we want to take it out we can just take it off you I might put a nice smooth piece just for a bit more support in the middle and the pool are you excited triplets the pearls ready we're not filling with water yet oh it's not actually I said it was ready it really isn't ready yeah it's fine you can sit in there there's no water in it yet just sit in there and wait along the front we are going to put a garden bed for Henry to cultivate his favorite flowers marigolds we're gonna make it a marigold garden bed so lots of beautiful yellow flowers not certain that's what marigold foliage looks like but it will do the marigold garden for Henry he's gonna love it and along the side we are going to build some decking up a decking walkway so a step up from the house and a step down on the front too and if I had enough of these little decking planks I would make this go all the way around the pool I would think I think that would look really good but I don't have enough so this is gonna have to do just on one side decking on one side of the pool it looks good though looks really good now what else we gonna need we're going to need an umbrella for a bit of shade and just because it's pretty pretty and colorful and a lounge chair at a deck chair for next to the pool nice and simple then we can just put that up here on the decking and we'll install the ah I just collapsed everything okay good okay everything's good now umbrellas in we're gonna put a really tasty drink up here ready for when the pool is open oh here comes Sophie she can't wait oh she's already sleeping in the Sun next to the pool okay well should we fill this pool with water then we haven't quite finished the backyard in fact we've got a lot left to do I'll come unless it's fill it up let's do it everybody's waiting we're waiting to see if it's gonna leak it's holding at the moment the triplets don't actually have swimsuits might have to make them some swimsuits think we're gonna need that if they're gonna have a pool in their backyard hold always hurry oh here's Harry he wouldn't miss out on a pool party and yes I know there's so untidy those triplets Henry where's Henry going maybe he's going inside to get some snacks ah no he's not being very responsible and jumping from the second floor of their house into the pool sort of an example are you showing for your children you know that we're gonna do that anyway they were totally going to do that and Henry just got in first well pool is cool Alex don't do it I know what you're thinking does everyone know what he's thinking oh poor Sophie she was just trying to sleep in the Sun all that Alex well that's right she's gonna come in for a dip now to it the big splash oh look at this oh I knew Henry would love his marigold garden we'll put a hat on if he's gonna be out here in the Sun gardening and the rest of them are covered in sunscreen because I don't think we're gonna be able to get them out of the pool now the pool is installed in fact Harry's already on his roller skates we've got a lot of backyard still to fill here and I've got lots of ideas and I bet you do too so we're gonna leave it here for today and I want you to tell me in the comments what else you think Sophie and Henry in the Triplett's backyard still needs and we will see if we can include them in the second part of the build so make sure you subscribe make sure you have clicked that notification bell so that you you know when the video goes up and I will start working on it right now see you soon

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  1. this is not an apartament anymore…. ITS A TRIPLET HOUSE ! and sohipe and henry's house too ! (ik i'm late with the com)

  2. You can make them swimsuits by painting and pets -violet needs a rabbit or bunny-Alex needs a cat and Henry a dog!! Love ya elliev

  3. Maybe you can keep some pets for the kids and maybe put a back wall on the 2nd and 3rd floor? That will look good. And maybe make a front yard too?

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