CUSTOM Parent's Room for Stephanie's House Lego Friends Renovation Build DIY Craft - Kids Toys

CUSTOM Parent's Room for Stephanie's House Lego Friends Renovation Build DIY Craft – Kids Toys

hello welcome to La Vie toys as you can hear my voice is almost broken today but I was so excited by one field but I couldn't wait to share it with you so we have here Stephanie's house she lives at number 72 such a lovely house here is Stephanie and here is her dad James and her mum Alicia oh they are such a lovely family now there is a problem with this house it's a lovely house but Stephanie if you would like to go inside and you can show us here is Stephanie's bedroom she has a lovely bed lovely bedroom all herself and here's the rest of the house there is no bed for her mom or her dad no bedroom nothing so where thing asleep maybe they could bunk in here with Stephanie ah that looks not comfortable at all so we might take them out of there or they could at least you could sleep in the shower and James could sleep in this very uncomfortable looking chair here in front of the laptop okay we'll take them out of there or Alicia could sleep on the downstairs couch and James can sleep on the doormat nope it's still not going to cut it I think take them out of there maybe we've got these lovely stairs we don't use them at night time so at least she can sleep on the top and James can sleep down here and they look really really uncomfortable so maybe not on the stairs either maybe out on the front porch swing this is where they could sleep so James is gonna sleep here and Alicia is gonna sleep here and they're gonna get bitten by mosquitos all night no none of this is gonna work so I have decided that I am going to build a parents bedroom for Stephanies mum and dad they look so sad we must have told them yet we're gonna build your parents bedroom oh yeah look they're so happy oh I don't know my voice is gonna last long enough to fill this bedroom but we'll build it nonetheless okay we're gonna stick to the plan and the design of the rest of the house now I've got another one of these windows from one of Stephanie's other little sets for baking set so I can actually use this so that it's all going to tie in with the rest for house so we're gonna need white walls – the house was white and we're going to use this climbing Rose theme to go on either side of the beautiful window so we're going to need some pieces here with holes in them so we can build our climbing rose vine there we go – climbing rose votes we'll put them on either side of the window lovely stick them in with some carrot stalks okay the rest of the walls there are some pillars at the front of each of the other rooms as well so we're going to match that design as well and it looks pretty good when when we put those sides on we're going to put some big windowed big floor-to-ceiling windows in but just done this wrong so that'll be better there I'm gonna put some little little single columns there I can't get this in that's Italy there we go there we go that's better the Front's all good now we can put our big picture windows in on the side and a matching one on the other side it's gonna be so much light in their parents room they're gonna love it they're gonna love it think it'll live having somewhere to sleep so they don't have to sleep on the stairs anymore now along the top as you can see here there is actually a line of pink that fuchsia pink so we're going to replicate that line of pink all the way along the top of this white but I have to get the right lengths to make sure it all ties in and it doesn't fall apart too and we've got that aqua colored awning over the top of the window that's great we're gonna put white along the top top the top top yeah this isn't even the very top that's nice but I need one more pink to go here underneath the Aqua awning so you'll put that on there wonderful I hope you can still hear me my voice is so broken okay on the top here we're going to put all of these smooth pieces like we have any other rooms in the house and a couple of ones with little stunts so that we can attach things up if we want to move this modular house around so that's the outside done now on the inside obviously we're gonna need a bit but what else we gonna put in there I think we're put in a dressing table so that James and Alicia I've got somewhere to brush the hair and check the faces out in the morning put some drawers in it so they can store some things in those and a mirror so they can actually see themselves sensible and oh great idea okay so this could be a perfume bottle but I'm actually gonna use it as a necklace stand so Alicia can stack her necklaces here on the dresser and on the front we're going to put her wedding ring look at that the dressing table is complete now they're gonna need something to sit so we're gonna make a really really fancy stool for the dressing table perfect Alicia would you like to come in and try this out I think you would perfect it looks fantastic all right they've got a dressing table probably gonna need a bed now yes they're definitely gonna need a bed they need somewhere to sleep poor Stephanie's parents so we're building a bed we're gonna make it a big fancy one because they have missed out for so long so let's do that lovely it's looking great now here on the back of the bed we're going to put a couple of they look kind of spiky but they're lovely matching pillows they look really good and we're gonna put some more of the aqua and a nice piece of lime green because there's lime green throughout the rest of the house too and right on the top a bit more of purple and that's their bed this is gonna be so great let's put it in we'll install it in the parents bedroom I think that's yes that's exactly what its gonna be so we can push it down there that's fantastic okay we've got this little empty corner over here so we might fill it with something let's make a little table nice simple table and we could put maybe we could put a lamp on it so we'll build a lamp there so we can put a lamp on it or I'm undecided we could pull it I want to match in with the rest of the house so we could actually put a matching vials of flowers like this one at the bottom of the stairs so I'll make another one of these and when we install our table we'll decide or I can actually I can actually mix and match so some days I could put the lamp in and some days I could put the flowers in so that would be lovely we can mix it up so let's put our table in now we've got flowers we've got a lamp and we cut it table so the lamp looks good there what about the flowers the flowers look lovely too what do you prefer do you prefer the lamp or the flowers I want you to tell me in the comments now we're not quite done before we go on I'm going to pinch this picture from Stephanie's room and we're gonna take this top roof piece and we're going to put these in the new parents bedroom so we're going to put the roof piece on the top cos gonna be right at the apex of the house right at the top and we're going to pour it Stephanie's picture above her parents bed on the wall what do you think the parents finally have a bedroom let's in stall them in their bedroom let's see how comfy and cozy it is for them Alicia's trying out the bed and James has come in with his new comic magazine he's gonna film the bed too and have a bit of a read before they all have to go to bed there I love it it's bright it's colorful it matches the rest of the house so we'll take it up we'll install it right on the tippy top there we go a parents bedroom finally you have been telling me all along in the comments that these LEGO Friends houses need bedrooms for the parents so here they are looks pretty good up here on the top too it's now a three storey house so we go all the way to the top and the colors match and the design matches and I am so thrilled with this and I'm also really thrilled that poor James and Alicia's Stephanie's parents they don't have to sleep on the uncomfortable stairs anymore now what do you think do I need to build parents bedrooms for Olivia's house and Emma's house as well I think I probably do make sure you leave a comment and let me know whether you think so as well and make sure you subscribe and like and check out my other videos and I'll be back with a voice again soon I hope I will be feeling better very soon and of course with a new video see you later

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