EJ Investments reacts to GT Board press release

EJ Investments reacts to GT Board press release

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what is land from hence it is really important to refute and put this company side of the story to the Gambian people and prove here any diaspora to know the real truth and hopefully will succeed in revealing the real truth so people make up their own minds as to the entire circumstance relating to that press released by the GP board so at this stage if you've got any questions we're willing to answer those questions according to the GT board according to the act in relation to a deed he bought any land that falls within 800 meters from the high-water mark it's considered to be within the vicinity of the Gambia Tourism Board of tourists the PDA tourism development area even admittance from the high-water mark from the sea effectively we want to make it absolutely clear that the Sonia CD estate is not within the TDA in fact okay and will make it absolutely clear that the sciencv estate is located some 1,400 meters from the high-water mark so it's at least three to four hundred meters away from the demolition line so the claim by DT board that the sciencv estate is within the TVA is completely false and unfounded is completely incorrect and to purchase from that point approval for lands in relation to the Sun and severe estate physical planning ok Department lands and so physical plan of actually issued clearance and approval in relation to this on your CV estate this was applied for and obviously the procedural mechanism this was applied for and it was legally issued by the department is responsible for issuing approvals in relation to talung that was done because because the saliency view is not within the TDA so that claim in the press release by the dt board is completely follows the sun and sea view estate was purchased from the people of Salem different families came together to accumulate that land and it was purchased from them the prominent traveller in Sangin that it investments purchased the land from is the number below Kabila Kunda one of the biggest travelers in The Gambia if not in income but in the entire country the tabular issued one mr. caramel Gordon with a path attorney to act upon their behalf okay and this happened over a period of time the entire transactions in the acquisition of those lands were fair and transparent and you will ever find out that the people of Salem are hundred percent behind in the investments because he treated them with complete and foremost respect throughout the transaction so the people of San Lang I just was completely baffled and disappointed and declared by d-t board because that doesn't fall within the within the DD board and like I said there's clearance okay actually the customers have actually been issued the rough document title deeds because the entire process has been completed in relation to their title deeds we will show you okay the evidence I don't think anything more could be more authentic than the designs body declarants issued by the physical planning and by doing the investments of actually issued the clients who purchased land in the salon civil state their title deeds okay and the transfer so after this brief in India investments would show you the documents issued by the physical planning to refute so this was saw you in black and white that bit claim by DT board is false an unfounded very good question and that's why we're here today there's no doubt but consumers always at all times while confidence in institutions that they deal with so if there's a lack of confidence it has a serious consequence when the business operations or the company that they deal with edia investments is a very reputable company and its foremost currency I the core values of this company is his reputation and the way it deals with its customers there is no doubt but over the last week since the publication by the did he bought this companies received numerous inquiries and inquiries in relation to the press release okay and one of the the consequences of that is the lowering of the public's confidence or people that deal with the company and the reason why we heard in this press briefing and the reason why a press release was issued today in the Stalin newspaper and probably other media outlets and the reason why in the investment will also show you proof especially in relation to this onion Civil estate documents issued by the different of physical planet after legally applying for unbel to show you two so under restore the confidence that if Klim by dt what is false but in the investments is engaging in business in seinem roughly and with the sense of credibility and business integrity and i hope when all is said and done when those documents are so to the media that declaring people off in this country in abroad would make a conscious decision at the end of it all but the reputation of this company although the intention perhaps of DT but was too damaged but but people are matured and sensible enough to know that easy investments is a reputable company at the moment I wouldn't want to go too far into perhaps the financial impact but needless to say but since the publication there's been a serious impact on the business in relation to potential buyers but as well as people who are the first SEC purchased land in the southern civil estate but I would really be specifics in terms of numbers but but but but but it is putting the investments of this company millions of dollars is that or dollars that we invested in the state's ended projects that we embarked on that kind of seriously is impact and and that's really taken lightly this is a company as a public body releasing the statement rather irresponsibly without actually thinking about the consequences of their actions on the company that we decided to to put her in a bad light in the media firstly contrary to what is stated in the press release the investment you not have any estates in 10g butter cuckoo or cattle that's completely false okay it manifest another false claim by the duty board that's one secondly in relation to how long into the air and sea-based it was acquired this was acquired from the people of sonia people after hearing the indigenous people land policy in this country it's either formal or informal formal in terms of release or property or customary tenure and customer probably ninety percent across the land in The Gambia is three whole is customary the people of together the people the different families and the Capulets world land woefully – idiot investments are the people that have found on this lands for for four decades people whose grandparents toiled in those lands okay and recognize an ownership of land through custom it is recognized in the Gambian collision – more specific section 7e of the Garmin conserve recognizes customary ownership of land again like salmon the whore transactions were fair and transparent okay the people once saw change and that is why they are happy with the way duty board trying to change the narrative about what this whole land into dairy and Sonia there was a columns well in relation to those the big purchase of those lands sold by the people who have who are the customary custodians and preserve that land currently we've been engaging with the GD Board and other government institutions to allow because obviously land like in any other transaction there are processes to follow and investments in the process of acquiring the required documents to allow development on the land and that is where we are now in relation to the people of after yelling they are aggrieved clearly you can see they are upset and angry at GD border because the message in the press release last week is false and the content seems to give the impression that the people of the during selling land that doesn't belong to them that that's false again I emphasize that these people the grandparents have been farming on this land it is their land it's their customary land the whole transaction was witnessed by the alcohol and those documents issued another important is a point make it was along this lines that there was serious chaos that resulted in loss of life in in forever last year what happened at when you were ending not long ago its along similar lines GT board is a public body is a creation of started by Parliament okay exercising public functions they have a duty and the moral responsibility to make sure that if he publishes anything that it is truthful honest I think it is my opinion that they acted in bad faith what they do now is to try and replace the reputation of the invest but as well as the people who only run people whose only a landfill decade before the before duty board ever came in debating so by saying that the press release although the directed at eg investments but indirectly perhaps even directly affects most of the people of together so it is important for you to realize that there's certain on very dangerous waters okay and they have a duty the people at the day at the the occupant of the decision-making the people at the hierarchy of gettable ought to realize that there are civil servants and they have a duty we can take them to account according to the laws of this country and the release the release in relation to together and the people is follows it's a very important question but I think that is too pre-emptive it's too friendly and I perhaps with no one to do kadai so I wouldn't I already went I think that's very very very unlikely okay we've engaged I don't want to go into details of what we've done so far but I can I can but I can tell you that that the investments that money spent by individuals of qilin into getting would not be disadvantaged either investments want to make it absolutely clear to anyone who's purchased land in together that the investments are safe and secure I wouldn't want to since we still in the process of trying to acquire document they will allow the commitment development on the land I wouldn't want to either preempt the outcome or the job right and going to the substance of those efforts and so you can appreciate that my family and myself very disappointed by these baseless allegations and then this obscure scare away the Gambians especially the politicians always and the government institutions always encourage us to invest in The Gambia especially as young Gambia so this will scare away a young Gambians to invest in the gang you know it's a very disappointing allocation and the baseless and disappointed allocation [Applause] I'm glad you asked you to get me ready and some yes we decide and clearly we can see lots of properties even closer to receive with developments on them that is remove reason why we believe that the actions keep he bought selectively deliberately to target in the investments to damage its good name and reputation clearly you can see we want we do the walk along the along the lines and also properties and we can so proof but those properties have been issued documentation by DT board that is still making those claims hundred what's contained in the in the press release last week clearly this was so but but but I think it was about to ask yourselves well why would GT border single out either investments and a couple of other stages were mentioned when along the entire length and the breadth and stretch of the coastal line into getting properties even closer to the sea you've seen them build structures this one has been deleted and millions and millions in spent just just to level the ground and then for a public body to deliberately for whatever over them in my opinion to damage the reputation and that in itself Sue's you of the the bias and the selective nature of their accidents why would they even release that press publication last week we could have been engaged the investments could have been engaged directly but that didn't happen so decide to go to the media what was their intention overdone in my opinion to scare potential investors or potential buyers dealing with investments and nothing that's a very serious you know matter to be taken by a government body and I can also make it clear to you but apart from residential homes there are potential investors invested investors and if the investments actually intense produce part of that land for purposes that are consistent with tourism development ok high-end luxury apartments for tourism purposes so enough with redistributable what what in the investments intend to research leak in the landscape what intensity is actually to improve the face of that freedom in terms of tourism development and if you not going to allow a young gunman investor to do that and who else are you gonna give an opportunityto should it be the case that we will we will only say that ok these are prime locations and is fully going to be the Europeans who gonna be given some bit of advantage to acquire those lands it's unfair this is our land this is our country there's a lot invested in absolutely purchased we spent millions of dollars not even ballasts and these developments of these and the people are standing and children are both excited to see the kind of developments we are about so and it's not like a promise focus on going you could see the difference within months if you were into Jenner consignor and have been there recently you see the changes we have done and big changes we've done there are very very significant and we're hoping to do keyboard again it's a it's a public as private enterprise a public body in light of everything that's happened I think the responsible thing would be for GD board to issue another statement and retract and refrain from the statements that they made okay I think that would be the most appropriate course of action or concern or the circumstances of this world affair so we actually need investments actually demanded GT board issued a public apology and the destruction from the from last week's press statement so that think max really curtains down I think the next the next thing now would be to visit the actual lung in into getting undecided and speaker yeah on yeah and speak to the people okay so now you've heard from in the investments speak to the homeowners here at the outside of the story make up your own minds here dependent people the truth you have a duty as journalists to afford the principles of justice and fairness is this justice you know this this back with syndrome okay young champions Penniston indices because they want to better their lives here's a young Gambian who is investing employed will employ lots of Gambians will paid mom flip in his taxes because I deal with the registration of the complete documents and stuff like the actions of TT but what does it send to young Gambon's who want to invest in in The Gambia because if we allow this to happen when people say well there's no point to discuss because bureaucracy and government actions will stop you from achieving your potential so you need to challenge the keyboard task that is your job it is not a public body it is not a private body it's a funny we pay their salaries it's a creation of of national assembly of our representatives so they have the duty to answer to through our queries so if they act in a manner that is unprofessional and irresponsible we need to ask them those tough questions and if you're not satisfied implicate them even harder in the more in terms of work but ask them you need to be a little bit well I'm not gonna tell your job what the point I'm trying to make is that this is very discouraging what we the investments are trying to do is to the economy's trying to try and in their own way contribute to this is a current development of this country and what what GT was should have done at all times to welcome people like me the investments with open arms rather than to castigate and the media good name dreaming of owning a property in a prime location with great proximity and fantastic neighborhood these investments signing CV estate is the best choice you have been waiting for our son Hank Seaview estate is approximately 15 minutes drive away from the busy hopper Bruce will be run about and into the heart of nature where you can have a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle with your family you can buy a finished four-bedroom story with five via flexible payment plan or a service plot with two-year payment plan option with over 300 ohms you'll enjoy victor roads with covered drainage modern electrification with solar streetlights gated entrance with security pools and a breath caching experience of a beautiful sea view and lake view you can own a home today at our Sun and see real estate call us today on four four six four eight three eight four three two five nine two two zero visit our website on AJ investments dotnet each investments first in property you

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  1. We owned land we have purchased over 16 years in Sanyang sold to us by the Bojangs, and we recently find in 2018 EJ Investment publicity board on our Land. I hope this is not being encroached?

  2. they should be taken to court, how unproffessional is Gta by trying to bring your company reputation down fools

  3. You’re right my Gambian brother,Gambia belongs to us 🇬🇲✊🏾We can’t be the victims all the times ?

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