Enigmatica 2 #3 - Construct's Armor and New Tools (Modded Minecraft 1.12.2)

Enigmatica 2 #3 – Construct's Armor and New Tools (Modded Minecraft 1.12.2)

you so Himmler is and welcome back to Anam mad at you as I mentioned before I would collect some terra cotta and that's all I'm doing right now and at the same time I'm collecting a lot of experience it's not Lots but there it's it's actually a decent amount considering how little work I do and I'm doing that because I used copper for my hammer and that will give me experience more importantly I'm gathering material to build myself a better base the larger base better looking or at least a colored base instead of just dealing with cobblestone as I could have done this is purely decorative yeah I don't think there's any reason to build with terracotta instead of cobblestone that looks better and I've had this small idea of having the base in in different colors for different purposes or perhaps different mobs or we'll see and we'll see for how long I can do this because there are only that number many colors and I'm not sure if this will last for a long time in in my ABS I was a so let's go back and go over some details back at home straight north and by the way thank you for the information I needed regarding the water with disappearing water I had to seal it off because the animals probably the one who said Moo we'll go here and drink the water and it will be well it will be yeah it'll be gone for the for my farm so this will keep everything hydrated and growing I will not put much time into this right now by the way nice if you can climb cobblestone walls so at least that mystery is solved thanks yeah and this is how it looks right and now I have this is orange terracotta lyric and red no I didn't forgot that I was I needed red so this is how I will divide the base as of now of course this is also temporary most of these bases are temporary until you build the large and final base so say so here I have one room and back this one room everything is color-coded so you can keep track of it pairen if that helps it looks like a different to what i've done before so let's let's try it now see how it looks I just need to go through some tedious work on moving everything each time I move everything from here to the proper rooms in here only this military so far and well we'll see we are moved bit of space in here I will not make that room right now and answer and I I was about to move the dragon egg that I had here but of course I couldn't touch it actually teleported away but with the piston classic minecraft trick from Manila it it was possible to move it again it's now I can place it somewhere else also with the dragon heads and I probably have my bedroom behind this wall we can have bed the Android dragon head and the egg and other stuff all right so what habitat well the armor I'm not try it before so I just made the very very basic stone version so that will be quickly can i damage it with i doing i meant to jump into onto land will it be damaged by full damage doesn't look like it but for mobs it will and the only positive thing is that i can repair it where the stone the the downside with repairing it with stone is that it's made from stone so durability and armor is really really but you can upgrade them part by part going into the armor station i tried it already yeah it's like this going in here removed or repair it just as you do with normal tinker's things and but you can go in here and upgrade it yeah i think you do it here anyway so stone helmet and then you place your how are they called the armor plate and the and the other thing and the core i don't know if you can upgrade the core i think you can so upgrading with with these trims and plates and then the core ii has a freedom whenever having new materials and lots of it right now the only thing I haven't got some is copper so that's why I used copper for the elamite stone copper hammer and with one piece of stone I can actually repair this with stone so just going into this one can we all right so I can repair to the stone it will have its downside durability and speed and so on is slightly lower but now in the beginning this is actually quite decent so this is made from elamite which also means that I can my cobalt so I can go through the nether and like in mind as far as I know everything this is the highest minor level but in a mod pack like this I'm not sure I use the same one for the pickaxe and I don't remember what I used for it I think those stone and what's this stone let's see no no stone right writeable I used paper and wood for this so this can be upgraded in a few steps it has five modifiers this one has also five I will not upgrade them right now but I guess pretty soon and I will exchange all the other tools as well step by step l my broadsword ecological it will auto repair very very slowly and it's cheap but I can repair it with the stone so let me put these on because it's nighttime and I will sleep and I will move everything so I have some work here to do hopefully in the next or not hopeful but in the next episode everything will be finished up so it will look decent and I shouldn't have to be ashamed of the base anymore this is a lost episode of shame I guess alright if you have any questions how I built these things I try to cover most of it and it's not very deep into the mod upgrades make it more interesting later and I have done I have done tutorials on this a long time ago so but perhaps they are quite old but it still works pretty much the same right great that's it for now and I hope I see you in the next one take care and bye bye you

5 thoughts on “Enigmatica 2 #3 – Construct's Armor and New Tools (Modded Minecraft 1.12.2)”

  1. Brings back memories of in modpacks before they took alumite out, being able to go straight from flint to it for hammers and picks was somewhat interesting and fun.

  2. Is there a reason, you don't use Ore Excavate?
    If you need a more challenging pack, try the expert version of this pack, it's the best pack I played so far!

    And thanks for your AE-Tutorials, I finally understand P2P-Tunnels šŸ™‚

  3. Enigmatica 2 #3 – More and upgraded Tinker's Construct tools as well as a similar way to make armor with Construct's Armory. Also building on a new and colorful base…

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