Ep 9 Fake Love | Top Management

Ep 9 Fake Love | Top Management

I think I have feelings for you. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. How sad. To see such brave words, now lost in the wind. Brother! Sorry I took so long.
The toilets were so crowded. You know what though?
I’m really happy today to be with my dearest lover and my brother together. It sucks that
you’re about to join the army. You’ll come back as a lame old man. Our friends won’t hang out with you,
so I’ll have to play with them alone. All you’ll ever talk about
will be the army and soccer, which I don’t even like, and, of course, the girl groups. You’re not gonna like me as much, but I’ll still have to hang out with you
because you’ll be a loner. My friends hate guys who return to school
because they talk funny… For Christ’s sake. What’s wrong? I was enjoying it. So you’re so proud of having an affair? Did you forget that we were a couple
from the beginning? You and I went out for so many years! You two were dating? How did I not know that? Oh, we’re talking about fan-fiction. Romantic stories about us,
written by our fans. Lately, many have been
shipping you and me, and this guy’s jealous. We have to do something. Let’s take a selfie. We haven’t been close lately. Right? For those wishing to ship
Teo and Yunwoo, one, two– Three! The fans are rooting for us,
so I’d rather take one with you. You unfaithful bastard. I don’t get it. Do we have to do this
just because our fans want it? We do. Is it wrong to give them what they want? Now smile. One, two– -Don’t take it.
-Three. -One more. One, two, three!
-You cheeky little… One, rest. Next set is after one minute. Does that mean I like you? Thank God you were not raised in Korea. A person like you wouldn’t make it
with passive learning. I threw some definitions,
and you already got confused? Confused? I’ll give you five more minutes. There is more than one reason
for a stomachache. What I’m saying is… I think my explanation
was a bit too vague. Let’s just drop it today. Come on. On with the planks. We need that jawline nice and sharp. Hello, this guy’s ready!
I’m off to pick up Yunwoo. Here, take your position. What the hell? Did he say that he’s into me? No way. So that’s how you thought of me,
brother-in-law. This is unexpected. No one in this world can think of you any differently. Is that why… If I can’t have you, I’d rather destroy you! So being nice to someone has its downside. How can he say that he likes me
in the middle of that conversation? Is Sooyong weird or simple? I was only trying to encourage him
to write some lyrics. Or maybe, because he’s here without his family, he’s become dependent, and I’m the only one caring for him. And quite frankly, I am… Pretty. Even as you die, you’re so pretty. Why? Oh, why? Brother-in-law. No! Cut! Brilliant. He’s good at dying, too. -You did so well.
-Yunwoo, you finally died. Eunsung, your wish came true. Yes, Mr. Bang. Eunsung, no need to show me your ear. It’s a video call. Video call. Oh, yes. I’m done with the editing,
so you should go through it. Okay. It’s not good. Mr. Hyun, don’t you know what love is? Have you never been in love? We’ve tried everything,
but they’re not hitting it off. What do you think? Well, at the moment,
they do seem a bit boring. But if you Photoshop it
and add subtitles like, “Love is in the air,” it might just work. I tried but failed.
That’s why I’m talking to you. What about the lyrics? You don’t need to worry about them. I’m checking them, and pro lyricists
are consulting on Sooyong’s song. If they have the least bit of chemistry,
any words will give out a lovely vibe. But look at them. What are we gonna do? Mr. Bang here is actually quite skilled
when it comes to creating chemistry, but he struggled
with the teaser yesterday. So here’s the deal. I really hate to say this, but… Eunsung, what if… What if we take Sooyong
off the show smoothly? What? Take him off? Ms. Gong, I understand you,
but taking him off the show– Could we swap him with Yunwoo? They’re in the same group,
so it won’t cause much trouble. No, as you already know, he is busy with– I have ears, too. He is to die off on the show, soon. Yes, but he could come back to life. Eunsung, you’re better than that! But Sooyong is the best
when it comes to songwriting. He is a little awkward right now,
but if you wait– Then we’ll have to talk to Haena instead. Although she’s more popular,
she’ll have to drop her ego and approach Sooyong first.
I’ll tell her that. No, no, no. I apologize.
Please don’t do that. Does Sooyong
have a girlfriend, by any chance? What? A girlfriend? Absolutely not! -That’s not possible!
-You might not know everything. I heard 70% of the idols
are in a relationship. If he’s not dating anyone
and acting like that in front of Haena, he must be into someone else. -That’s it. There’s someone.
-No way. There is no one. Hell, he might even be into you. What are you talking about! -What’s wrong with her?
-She’s panicking. THE NEXT DAYll Gosh, I’m overreacting. Sooyong, how’s your practice– Eunsung. Oh, my God. How’d he know I like hydrangeas? Oh, do you like these? Sooyong. Please listen carefully. -Okay.
-Sooyong. The reason I’ve been so nice to you is solely because I am your manager. I get paid to be nice to you. That’s the reason why. Was that the reason? Of course. Why would I drive you to places
and pick you up, otherwise? I even had to lower myself just now
because of your performance on the show. You lowered yourself because of me? Yes, but I don’t mind. This is my job. But what you’re doing now– Wow, Sooyong, you’re so kind! You brought a flower
for Yunwoo getting off the show? I’ll get these delivered to Yunwoo. Look at him, supporting his members
all the way. Sooyong. Aren’t those our flowers? Eunsung. I’ll bring Yunwoo’s flowers -next time.
-She’s coming! Oh, this is– This is for our dance instructor. Get ready. CONGRATS ON YOUR PREGNANCY Congratulations! Wow, a baby already? CHEONGDAM, SAME TIME Good news for Starlight, right? It’s great to work together. -That’s right. I’m excited.
-Me, too. -Thank you.
-You’re so pretty. Thank you. Lean in, all of you. What’s up? What the hell is this? What happened to our concept? I am meant to be a strong, pretty girl
who doesn’t have to buy you brunch. But this is just a girl
playing nice for a boy. Talk to me, Hyunjo. Yeah, what happened?
I wanna know, too, Pyo. Yes, we’ve thought about that. Seunglee’s new album
has this Latino bad boy theme, sort of like a good-looking gangster
in a drug gang, like Narcos. But Kevin guaranteed he’d make a good song
as soon as we choose the style. So, “Tsundere” is all you came up with? Do you expect me to be Candy? You’re expecting us to travel
back in time to the ’90s? I’m so disappointed
to see you like this, Hyein. This is all for your own good. What? It’s about time you made a change. When are you gonna stop being involved
with bullying and school violence? Those are rumors. I know they’re lies. I know. But do people know? That’s the thing. You keep acting like a strong girl,
tagging “#feminism” on Instagram, and they’ll turn their backs. Isn’t that right, Mr. Kim? Actually, her fans
mostly consist of girls, so… In this day and age, what you’ve just spouted off
is a load of crap. To be honest, LJ made a risky choice when he decided to partner up with you. Hyein, don’t take it wrong. We’re doing this for our good. Look. In this kind of show,
it’s not debatable that one’s image is affected by the partner.
It’s a joint responsibility. Don’t give me that bull. Anyway, by choosing this concept, Hailey stands to benefit
much more than us. Of course, girl fans are vital.
But what about boy fans? This is the way to get the boy fans. It’s good for us as well
because it takes away some risk. What’s more,
JTBS viewers are mostly middle-aged. Not a lot of your fans are gonna watch it. JONGNO Welcome. Have you arrived? I can’t eat chueo-tang. Why are we here? Just sit. What’s with the get-up
when no one recognizes you? Hello. -Hi, Teo.
-What do you want? Since I can’t eat chueo-tang, -bangye-tang seems–
-Just have chueo-tang! Can we have a small chueo-tang, fried weatherfish, and a bottle of soju? An idol drinking soju in the daytime? Did you see Hailey’s new Instagram post? Why would I do that? You should. Wow, look at these guys. “An unnatural brunch on the weekend”? Their concept is so lame. You won’t believe how many articles
were written about this brunch. We should talk about our strategy. Should we take a selfie, too? But this place… We can take a photo after I put on makeup. So that’s why the stylists are here. Hi. Teo. This show might decide where our careers
will go for the next 20 years. Why are you so calm? What’s your goal! Well, for now, I want our album to sell. A timid goal for a timid person. Your goal hasn’t changed since your debut? Excuse me. A bottle of soju will be perfect. Thank you. Hot, hot! -Put some chives in.
-This? Are you playing with tweezers?
Grab a bunch! -Okay.
-Anyway, how’s our song? I’m working on it. -Eat while you talk.
-Yep. Go on. Eat it! All right. Look at you, eating like an infant. What’s wrong with– Fill your spoon up! Open your mouth wide. That’s right. Isn’t it good? I like this one better.
It sounds more like a love song. Does it? It’s just a few simple chords. I should work on this one, then. Wow, you’re flowing from one chord
to another. It’s so amazing. I’d say you’re a genius. Do you have something to tell me? Sorry? You said you lowered yourself
in front of the producer. To be honest, he commented that you and Haena lack chemistry on set. I really don’t get it. Why are you the one to lower yourself when Haena and I
are not sexually attracted to each other? “Sexually”? “Chemistry” doesn’t necessarily mean
it’s sexual in Korea. It’s still insulting. You don’t have to feel… It just refers to a bond for the show. So a good song is not enough? It’s a song-writing show. You’re right. This is all
just to make people listen to the song. Do you remember my analogy
about the tteokbokki place? Although it was badly done. People love stories.
They want stories in songs, too. And stories are created by emotions. If you and Haena are able
to show some kind of bond, that’s when the viewers feel satisfied. If a story is created that way,
they react more to the song, too, because it helps them imagine. I’m sure a good song is coming its way. I don’t want to miss it. So good chemistry is a must for good music. How do you make it, then? THIRD SHOOT Sooyong, you remember
what I said yesterday? Laugh a lot, big reactions.
Big eyes like Teo. Offer her tissues, and– Think thrice before talking. Think thrice before talking. Got it. -You can do it. Let’s go.
-Let’s go. Mr. Bang, we’re here. Heading up now. Starting afternoon shoot! Sooyong, Haena, let’s go. Slate! Hurry off! Cue! I want something interesting
for the afternoon. Yes, it’s too boring. He doesn’t know anything
about these shows. We’ll have to tell him
what to do, quickly. Shin, get the sketchbook. Yes, I’ll write it down. Nice weather. Yes, it is really nice. Yep. These look tasty. Don’t you think? I’ll grab one and… I thought he was going to feed it to her. Yeah. Maybe he’s hungry. He told me he’d work hard, not eat hard. This is like the extinction of chemistry. I’m full after two pieces. This time… So he’s eating it all by himself. Did he come here to eat alone? I don’t know what he’s up to. Why’s he doing that? He’s not doing anything today. I should do something. -Have some sandwiches, too.
-That’s it. -Sandwiches are good.
-You’re only eating gimbap. Haena’s trying something. What… -What are you…
-Don’t use your hand. Why’s he doing that? This guy is killing me!
He’s eating it, too! Was that on purpose? Why doesn’t he feed her a gimbap,
at least? I’ll write it. “Gimbap.” Gimbap! Feed her a gimbap! Gimbap! Give her one! Eunsung, shush! We’re filming. Eunsung, don’t make a sound. Gimbap! Okay, she wants me to feed her. Can I offer you a gimbap? Really? Yes! He’s feeding her! Yes, that’s it! The best piece there is. I’ll give you the tip. Here. Sooyong, I’ll have it myself. That’s okay. Here. Sooyong, I said I’ll have it myself. That piece is too big.
Shouldn’t we stop him? Why did he choose the piece on the end? Should we stop? -No, this might get fun.
-It’s too big! Too big! Oh, so open her mouth big. He’s not giving up. It’s okay. Just open your mouth wide. At least, it’s funny. But it looks too forced. Is she gonna eat it? I don’t think so. I think Sooyong lacks common sense. -Look…
-Yes. It is something, though. -That’s true.
-Yes, it’s funny. -She ate it.
-It’ll be fine. What else can we do? Like our chemistry? -What’s wrong?
-Wait. Is she choking? She can’t breathe! Are you okay? Drink some water. Oh, my God! Everyone, get in! -Haena!
-Stop filming! Where’s her manager? You should get up. -Check her throat!
-This is the Heimlich maneuver! One, two, three! One, two, three! One, two, three! -What’s he doing?
-One, two, three! -I apologize.
-What the hell is this? Haena, I’m sorry. Are you okay? Are you kidding me? You’re gonna kill someone
on a show, someday. I’m sorry. But from where I was looking,
Haena’s bravery stood out and– Are you serious? I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. Sorry. I’m sorry! Your skin’s getting burned. -I’ll hold–
-It’s my job. I made you lower yourself again. Sorry. I’m okay. The company insurance will cover me
if I get a herniated disc. Don’t think too much
about what I said earlier. Chemistry is not something
you can easily create, right? When you like someone,
you don’t even have to try. So I think liking and caring for someone
on purpose is wrong. Like you being nice to me because it’s your job? What? Well, that’s something different. Eunsung! Yes, I’m coming! Hold this. The UV index is high today. I think Hyun Sooyong is crazy.
How could he do such a thing? -Can I rest for a second?
-Yes, sure. I thought she was resting. I’m sorry about before. I was only giving you the tip,
because it’s the best piece. You must be very upset. No. This is my first entertainment show,
and I was trying my best. No first-timer is good. Just because you like music
doesn’t mean you like these shows. Then how did you become so good at it? It’s a job. Oh, so that’s why. Just think about what you’re getting
in return for this show. I know it’s old-fashioned.
But is the penalty ready? Yes, salted sand eel sauce. Did you mix it up with Coke? Let’s move to the next set. We’re moving now. We’re going back in! Once, I thought I became
one of Pavlov’s dogs. I used to smile as soon
as the cameras started rolling. But one day, I decided to imagine
the sound of coins dropping. Every time I smile on a show,
my bank account gets bigger. And when the shoot ends,
I can buy whatever I want… Everyone, hold! Roll the cameras. Does that help? It made my job easier on days
I didn’t feel like working. What are they talking about? I don’t know, but they’re getting along
better than before. I’ll call you back soon. Yes. You should think about it, too. What to buy after this. I’ll choose a new guitar. You’ll have to laugh a lot today, then. And new headphones. How about laughing first? Like this. And new headphones. Yes, they look good right now. Was it your advice, Shin? Nope, I didn’t do anything. Haena rarely laughs outside of filming. I need a soft throw pillow for my couch
in the recording studio. This is turning out
to be more like Music and Lyrics. I’ll say. They look perfect right now. The sun’s in the clouds. Where did this chemistry come from? Now, I can see
that they look good with each other. Sooyong, you’re funny
when you’re not funny. What? I’m saying that you’re a funny guy. You should listen. They’re cute. Did you have something
you wanted to show me? Oh, the demo track’s finished.
Would you like to hear it? What is going on? It’s going to start like this. Then, onto the bridge. I like it. -Is it okay?
-Yes. Wait, those two.
They’re caught by a paparazzo? That’s not the chemistry we wanted! Can I text you at night? The two of you dating right now
means trouble for me. Why are you surprised? Anything I shouldn’t know about? One might think she’s watching us. “Gofer”? Thank you for always being our gofer. What did you say? Eunsung! I wanted to ask you. Eunsung, are you– It’s nothing like that. It looks as if Eunsung has feelings
for Sooyong. I want to be left alone sometimes.

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