High School Engineering Project – Student Partnership w/ Brenton Engineering

High School Engineering Project – Student Partnership w/ Brenton Engineering

Welcome back to my channel invent simple. I’m Matthew Carlsen and this video is all about my high school engineering project That I did my senior year at Alexandria area high school. Be sure to stick around! Alright so first I want to give you some basic background information about this project and then later I will play a video of the presentation that talks about the project from start to finish. first off I just want to say thank you for supporting my channel and clicking on this video For those of you who don’t know, my channel is all about promoting creativity and also inspiring you to make your project ideas a reality If you guys are not subscribed already and are watching this video be sure to hit that red subscribe button and also the like button Just to show me that you’re interested in my projects and my channel Also, if you guys could that’d be great If you gave me some feedback in the comments Just like what you think of the projects or some different project ideas and stuff like that After watching this video if you guys enjoy it Please hit that like button as it really helps me grow my channel and also helps me know that you’re interested in my content alright, so jumping into the project my high school engineering project was done in a class called CAPS, which was Designed for engineering students to get real-world opportunities in the community with businesses. For my project I partnered with a company called Brenton Engineering which is located in Carlos, Minnesota this company focuses on designing, fabricating, and testing large-scale packaging machines for the project my business partner with Kelly Hawkinson who was a director of marketing at Brenton and he tasked me to the project to build a racking system that would house this part as seen on the screen. For the rack, later in the presentation You’ll basically learn the description of the rack and what it all entails. But here is a picture of the finished product Alright, so you guys should have a pretty good grasp of the project as a whole and so I’m going to go ahead and run the presentation which was given to a number of board members of both the high school and of Brenton.

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  1. I see you bro, back at it again with another video! Thats pretty cool that you're getting experience like that in high school. We definitely didn't have anything like that at mine

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