HOMEBUILDER'S METHOD TO BUILD A VAN | camper van renovation

HOMEBUILDER'S METHOD TO BUILD A VAN | camper van renovation

what's up guys today we are working continuing on our journey putting the ceiling up that's the plan you guys can see we have reflected everywhere I did not show that just because it was real boring so anyways we're going to put the ceiling up we meaning not me and Christian but me and Christian's dad this is Ken hello everyone so Christian is still still in Mexico and so ken is being a gem and helping me out ken was a home builder so he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve we're gonna see how Ken does we're gonna put a piece of plywood up on the ceiling and we have to it's gonna be a little tricky because we need to cut out holes for yep cut out holes for all of our lights this is where our wiring is coming down for our light with eight of those inside we're gonna show it's 55 inches from from here to here always use these nursing pins to mean something different so that's 55 inches from inside to inside alright alright guys so we have our measurement and this is a Ken special yeah sorry I'm not an artist let me explain yeah okay let me explain what we've done here I use the old faithful nursing pens the reason I used these when I was building homes is all the colors means something different so we use that on this so the outside we use the black to cover the the ceiling measurements so we took a measurement in black of the full distances then I use the red pen for the boards I want I would encourage this so you can separate between the different colors meaning different things so the red is are the full boards alright let's get cutting let's just do the 18th you know what 15 short well my hands cracking himself up over here I am my jokes are not very funny but there are old man jokes so can uh he found out a garage sale today for us an evaporative cooler we have a name for it would you like to do the honors telling them Ken Luke for Cool Hand Luke old man movie Cool Hand Luke I've never seen it before him and I feel like I need to you do it really do it goes by Luke Morrison's gonna ask him Luke if you're Caleb says he's his best friend oh sorry oh I gotta learn how to dry Oh so if you're wondering why we're in the car and driving again I'm gonna blame it on Christian it could have been Mark you know but we'll give it will give mark the benefit of the doubt it definitely wasn't me obviously but the the drill that we're using that actually has enough power to like thrill the the holes for the lights it has this little piece called a Chuck that you need in order to like change the drill bits and so that Chuck is probably back at Christian's grandparents house knocked up it's just I think I might buy like four of them because I know this will happen again I'm getting around a couple of these we're all chucked I'm ready to go got these two and I want to want to return this drill was a long time it goes about eight years ago what's up doing up let's do it do it okay so this is a comedy of errors this thing it's too big so it's not working all right kind of like that's one of science that's right found a drill I had to beg please yeah oh it's not ready for that number one is done first piece of plywood is up and running all right our Heath is done we go let's go – ready to go – kind of like your fun facts – you know what I mean I have so many but I don't know which ones to say the European some of them like in China's yeah like that you didn't believe the first explores that crocodiles are real that's thought they thought that is made up since in my test turn Park or something like that yeah it was either in Europe or China or wherever it was those like very advanced for that time they did not believe the explorers who went to the west yeah but there was actual crocodiles there since technically that would actually be a dragon if you think about it so yeah hold on okay we hit wires no but we might have just hit oh good good oh man guys that looks like we did less than we did but I'm really happy with it so basically all we did was these two main pieces we still have a little bit over here on the side you can see we're gonna need to do those later but we did cut them so they're ready to go so next step is actually I'm not gonna tell you the next step because that's gonna be the theme of our next video and you guys need to watch to find out I'm super super stoked about how we're doing our ceiling and not only is it going to be really cool-looking but it's also gonna be super great for the environment and I'm really excited to tell you guys all about it so that's our next video stay tuned for that but before I go a lot of you guys have been asking why is Christian Mexico he just wanted to go hang out with his friend they haven't gone on a trip in a while and now seems like a great time to go I guess so that's why they're in Mexico but I wanted to hand it over to Christian cuz he's hanging out with somebody really fun today you guys might remember him from our hello Mexico vlogs I won't tell you anything more on to you babe what's up from Mexico everybody I'm chilling out with these two cool cats what's up Sergio you got anything to say to everybody so I want to tell you guys two important things one everything that is happening right now with the van is entirely operating the electrical everything else that's fully Aubrey she is crushing it and I am just really grateful for the work she's doing I am off at a little siesta in Mexico City for the weekend the other thing I wanted to tell you why is that we are again working with Skillshare and the last three times have gone so so well Skillshare decided that instead of paying $2 for two months this time they were actually going to give it out for free so now you have no excuse to go improve your skill sets click on the link below if you want to take practical classes online that will teach you real life business skills totally for free for two months let me know what you take I'm still finishing up my Adobe Illustrator course I'll let you know but um let me know how it goes what was that Sergio alright guys see you catch the next video on you

43 thoughts on “HOMEBUILDER'S METHOD TO BUILD A VAN | camper van renovation”

  1. Umm…. why would you leave your fiancรฉ/wife to do all the work with your Dad? Really hoping to see you put in some work with them ๐Ÿ˜”

  2. I don't understand why everyone is commenting saying he ditched her he obviously didn't she's perfectly fine with doing the work by herself watch the video before this and then comment

  3. Hiya Minimal Millennials! Been enjoying your channel the past few months and I just signed up for the two free months of skillshare after watching this video last night while binging on your whole van build series! So thanks for that! Looking forward to learning some new stuff on skillshare! I'm planning on leaving Austin TX and embarking on my own vanlife in a couple months and need to build up my side hustle skills so skillshare will hopefully help ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. WAY TOO MUCH HATE TOWARDS CHRISTIAN. Love you both and nobody should be giving them relationship advice ๐Ÿ˜‚ cmon fam! More love !!

  5. Everyone's so negative about Christian being in Mexico? Like it's not like he just suddenly packed his bags and left, I'm sure he and Aubrey talked about this and she was fine with him leaving for a trip??

  6. Home builder my arse. This guy has no clue. 4th time a charm how about no. All my carpenter friends once and done not cut 4 times and measure once. This is shotty. And who uses that ancient crap get real and get some real tools i mean your already spending all this money not to mention not minimalist at all at this point geez get real

  7. I looked into it more for anyone who wants to know the fine print.
    ..it's 2 months free when you purchase a $99.00 package deal which lasts a year. I love you guys but I'll just continue to educate myself on random things through Youtube. HAHA I haven't even taken the plunge for Youtube Red yet ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. I think it's super unfair that Christian decided that it would be a good time to go on a vacation in Mexico with his buddies meanwhile leaving his wife at home to build a van by herself.

  9. Christians messed up for going to mexico without her. Like leave her to do all the work on the van while hes sitting at a beach drinking beers. Better let her have her own girl trip while hes doing work

  10. Ya know, I'm a nice guy, but I gotta say this much: don't leave your woman in the middle of a project like that less there's somethung else going on we don't know about, some urgent unspoken reason that you had to leave your girl like that in the middle of a huge project.

  11. Christian has lost cool points. You get them all. I must be missing something. Thanks to his Dad for being your partner. You rule girl.

  12. I agree it doesn't look good that Christian is in Mexico weren't you just there ? Even the most understanding person would be pissed off

  13. It looks like you didnโ€™t use the foiled tape? The purpose of wrapping the entire inside is to create a moisture barrier, but not using the foiled tape has allowed breathing room for moisture to go behind it. Curious as to why you skipped that?

  14. Would yโ€™all be judging Aubrey harshly if she was the one who went to Mexico? Aubrey obviously wanted to take on this challenge and she is killing it!!

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