How I Use Instagram to Sell My Online Courses | INSTAGRAM MARKETING

How I Use Instagram to Sell My Online Courses | INSTAGRAM MARKETING

So how do I use Instagram to sell my online
courses? In this video, I’m going to be sharing with
you how I use IG to sell more online courses. Welcome back. If you have an online course and you’d like
to make more sales using Instagram, then you’re going to love this video. I’m going to be breaking down exactly what
I do to sell my courses on Instagram. The first thing that I do is I make sure that
my course will actually sell on any platform. And what I do is I essentially I pre sell,
so I’ve talked about this a little bit before where I talk about how to create and sell
your first online course, but it’s important to understand that you can’t just create a
course and then try to find someone to buy it. Essentially, the best thing that you can have
is a crowd that already wants your course. I know that there is a saying that says, if
I’m a sales person what’s the best asset you can have as a sales person? And it really is a hungry crowd, a starving
crowd. So if you’re selling hamburgers, it doesn’t
really matter if you have the best burger, what you really want is a crowd that’s hungry
and they’ll eat whatever hamburger you have to offer them. Right? So it Kinda is the same thing when you’re
getting ready to sell your online course instead of just trying to force, you know, this thing
that you created onto people, why not ask them, hey, how would you like your hamburger? Would you like, you know, pickles on it? Do you want to catch up and mustard? And you know, do you want a Vegan Burger or
whatever it is, and you gotta get from them the thing that they actually want. That’s when you can turn around and say, Hey,
I’ve created it, it’s ready, and now you can come and purchase it. So the number one thing and the first thing
that you’ve got to do and start with is making sure that your course is actually going to
sell. And that’s my preselling. What I do when I pre sell is I usually start
with a survey. There are five basic questions that I ask
and those questions really helped me get the content that I need. They give me the answers that I need in order
to craft not only the sales page for the course, but to actually create the course as well. Then I’ll open the doors and I basically say,
hey, it’s ready. It’s for sale. You can come and get it. And when I make those first sales, that’s
how I know my idea is validated. That’s what lets me know that people actually
want to purchase the course and that’s when I know that I can move into the next step,
which is actually creating the course and content. Okay, so now that I’ve actually created and
made the content and all that, now I’m ready to start making sales on social media. I really, really like using Instagram in order
to make course sales. My first favorite platform is YouTube. And by the way, if you haven’t already, you
should subscribe because I’ll be making more videos on how to create a true introvert lifestyle
for yourself where you’re able to sell courses and make money no matter what you choose to
do with your day. I really like Youtube as my number one platform
for helping me sell more courses. I can batch record and create lots of videos
just like this one where I’m creating and giving a lot of great content, answering questions
that you guys have and you know, really connecting with my audience. And when I do that, it’s that much easier
for me to make an offer and say, “hey, by the way, I’ve got this course that will really
help you out.” For example, I recently launched a YouTube
strategies masterclass where I’m talking more about my process for like getting a YouTube
subscribers, how I create videos, how I batch record five to seven videos at once and how
I actually pick those topics, how I make sure my video ends up on the first page of YouTube
or Google and how I repurpose those videos for IGTV. All of those topics I included in the masterclass. And if you’d like to get that masterclass,
I’ll leave the link in the description box or I’ll also create a special link for you. You can go to and that’ll make
it really easy for you to just grab that link and then you can get the youtube strategies
masterclass. So that’s an example of a way that I would
create a piece of content and then talk about a course that I’ve created. I have done it several times with my Package
and Profit training. I have several videos that talk about high
ticket coaching and how to get coaching clients, and that’s a course that I sell and people
find that video and they go on to purchase the Package and Profit training. The videos I create are really, really helpful. So you’ve got to make sure that you’re actually
creating content that your audience is interested in and those videos that are helpful. Now my second favorite platform is Instagram,
and that’s what this video is all about, is helping you to sell your courses on Instagram. So what I do in order to sell my courses on
Instagram is I include Instagram as part of my content blitz. So I’ve talked about this a little bit before
where I talked about creating a content blitz and really just talking about your topic,
whatever it is on a constant basis. The other thing that I do is I use IG stories
and inside of the stories I’m talking about my topic, I’m talking about the content, but
I’m also sharing like random stuff. For example, I actually did $5k in sales in
nine days for a training on how to create and fill a coaching program. And a lot of people came into that program
after seeing IG stories that I was creating on cooking food. I was actually on a mission to like make macarons
or something like that. And I was telling people about it, I was like,
“Hey, I’m about to make some macarons.” And so people were sharing that and when they
watched the, those clips, I was also talking about the training that was coming up. And I was like, Hey, by the way, you can still
get in on it. This is how you get in on it, this is how
you purchase it. And you know, people were signing up just
from me talking about it in IG stories. I also need some more confectioner’s sugar
because I don’t know that I had enough. I’m not ready to get started. Okay. So I think I’m ready to go. So here’s the thing with macarons. People have told me that they are notoriously
hard to make because it involves room temperature, egg whites, and all this other stuff. But I’m determined to make this work. Yum. That’s actually pretty good. I think I’m gonna give myself a pat on the
back. The other thing that I do is I’ll create little
graphics that I can use. I’ve gotten a little bit more advanced where
I’ve been using some Photoshop style graphics lately and I’ll try to put a couple of them
on the screen so you can see. But I use some graphics inside of my IG Stories
and those graphics are just telling people about the course and about the program. If there’s a sales page, I will put a lot
of that sales page content in there and then I make sure I use hashtags in my stories. Like there’s a lot of different things that
I do in order to actually make sales using IG stories. As far as the feed, what I do in the feed
is making sure that I’m using the right hashtags, telling people about my content, and then
the link in my bio is not just one link that I change out over and over again. I’ve created a special landing page that has
a couple of different buttons and those buttons will take people to the things that I’m talking
about either in my stories or in my feed. I am not yet at 10,000 Instagram followers,
so I don’t have the swipe up function, but it has not stopped me from making money on
Instagram and it shouldn’t stop you either if you’d like more help with this. I also have an Instagram bundle called making
IG sales and I think that was what I was planning to talk about when I started talking about
this video. But if you’d like more help with Instagram
and you want to start making sales on Instagram of your courses, definitely go grab that bundle. I’ve got some special pricing. If you click the link that’s in the description
box, I’m not going to say the link because if you go to it, it’s going to have the higher
price. But if you click the link that’s in the description
box, it will take you directly to there. And I’ve got a coupon that’s already on there
attached to it that will give you a special pricing just because you’re special and you’re
here on Youtube. So don’t forget to smash that like button
and subscribe. And if you have more questions or anything
else that you’d like me to cover as far as creating content or recording YouTube, Instagram,
anything about helping you to grow your business and get more sales of your coaching, your
courses and consulting, just leave that in the comment box and I’ll see guys the next
one. Okay. Bye.

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