How to Become a Youtube Partner

How to Become a Youtube Partner

Nowadays anyone with Internet Access can really
upload a video to YouTube. However, if you really want to make money off of your video
content you might want to consider becoming a YouTube partner. Now the YouTube partner
program is designed where YouTube selects YouTubers to share revenue with them. With
all those ads that are placed everywhere, the pre-roll ads, ads on the side. Well, in
this video I’m going to show you actually how to become a YouTube partner and how to
monetize your YouTube channel and also videos. Now you really need to stick around and watch
the full video, you need to watch ’till the end because I have some really important information
before you go through the application process that you need to know. Now YouTube has made
some major policy changes to their partner program so you don’t want to miss this. And
I will also discuss when it’s actually going to be better to consider another partner program
outside of YouTube. Let’s take a look! Alright, you ready to become a YouTube partner
and to monetize your YouTube channel? Well to do this, first you need to come up to the
top, click on this arrow and mouse down to video manager. Now, when you click here you’re
going to see all these options here on the left what you want to do is click “channel
settings”. So let’s go ahead and select that. And the next thing is you need to make sure
that your YouTube account is verified, that you’re channel is verified. They do it through
SMS or a voicemail going to a phone or cell phone. Check out my video on that also you
need to make sure that you are in good standing, that you have no copyright strikes against
you. If so you won’t be able to actually monetize and make money on your YouTube channel. And
basically the third step is to make sure that your account is more than 30 days old. Once
that’s done you can actually click this “Enable” button where it says monetization or to become
a YouTube partner. So let’s go ahead and do that. And basically it says that it’s not
enabled yet. What we’ll want to do is enable your account and you need to make sure that
you actually have videos that are uploaded or they won’t let you monetize this. But let’s
go ahead and hit this blue button here. And it’s basically going to go through the terms
of service that you’re going into to work with YouTube and also AdSense. You need to
make sure that you’ve read the agreement and take time to read it. Now you don’t want to
lose any money or to be banned by YouTube that would be very bad. So make sure you read
the terms of service and you need to agree and also opt-in for their content, ok and
you need to make sure that you are older than 18 or you have a parent or guardian that’s
doing this. And once you’re good you click this blue button down here that says “I accept”.
And once that’s done basically you just need to monetize all your videos, you can choose
the ad formats, and hit “Monetize”. Then it basically give you success that you basically
monetized all your videos, I only have one video on this channel, go ahead and hit “got
it”. Ok, now it takes you back to the video managers for your uploads and you’ll see that
my only video that I have on this channel is now monetized and you can tell by this
little green icon that has the dollar signs in it, says it’s monetized. Now to basically
change the monetization I’d recommend coming over to the edit button, click here, and you’re
going to now notice that you’re actually going to have another tab here. So it’s going to
be basic information, monetization, and also advanced settings. What we’ll want to do is
click on monetization and you can say “hey you know what this video actually has a paid
product placement”, you can click this as well. Or you can say “you know what, I only
want TrueView or overlaid ads” or “I don’t want any ads at all” and hit save. Once that’s
saved you can go back to the video manager and able to see that it does not have a green
thing, it says it’s not monetized. So you can either choose to use monetization or not
based off of the videos that you’re actually producing. Ok right now some of you are watching this
video from different countries around the world. And you might not be available to apply
for the YouTube partnership program. I know, it can get disappointing. Now also if you
see the message that your monetization tab has been disabled this actually means that
your account is ineligible for monetization and you may not be in good standing. So check
out to see if you’re in good standing. Also remember that you have to be 18 years old
or have a parent or a guardian to actually get that money back from Google and YouTube.
Now for you that are really serious about making money off of your video content you
really need to see my special training that I put all together, it’s right here, just
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out there for you. There’s a lot of good information on multi-channel networks with some really
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me, ok!

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  3. Good video, but now somewhat out of date. YouTube changed the rules so a channel now needs at least 10k views before monetization can be enabled. If you can't monetize your channel, that may be why.

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