How to Create a Facebook Cover Slideshow  [3:25] Tutorial

How to Create a Facebook Cover Slideshow [3:25] Tutorial

– [Lori Ballen] Today we’re
just gonna take a quick look at the options for your
Facebook business page covers. These are getting more and more important as the world gets noisier and
crazier we need to stand out. And we need to work on our
branding and make sure that we are constantly putting
out the message of our, of our brand on all of our channels. Social channels, websites,
everything, okay? So, what we have here,
obviously on our business pages we have the option to upload our pictures, we can do a video profiles now on a lot of our social media channels. But up here we’re gonna look
at our options for the cover. Now you have to keep in mind that things look different often times
on desktop and mobile so whatever you do here
on desktop make sure that it looks good on mobile. Especially with text
because the wrong size image depending on how, where
your text is will cut off often times on a mobile. Now what I’ve got here on mine
is actually the slideshow. So the user can actually click through, and take a look at I believe
it’s five different photos on the slideshow, okay? Now you’ll notice I’ve got
in, kind of letting ’em know what, where they’re
at and what they’re doing. I’ve got my domain name,
I’ve got my little logo here. Added to the lamp. This image I uploaded to
cover my broker regulations because I’ve been notified
in the past by our local division here in
Nevada that we need to have our broker logo prominently displayed even on our Facebook business
pages because we’re doing advertising and this is a
great place for me to put it. So that’s the main reason that is there. And then we have, whoops I
exited out of the slideshow. There we go. Then we have a picture, front
of our beautiful front office, and our conference room. Just kinda showing people where we are and I like this too because
this is what we’re doing with our Google my
business local pack so it’s reinforcing that brand and
those images of professionalism. For real estate, and then
of course at the end here I have our phone number and
another kinda call to action with our domain name. Now all I have to do to
create that slideshow is I go up here to change cover. Now here, choose from photos,
I can just choose one image. Choose from videos, I can
upload a video to feature if I like on my business page. Upload it, so here I’m gonna
choose from an existing photo, choose from existing video
or upload a photo or video. And then here I can edit the slideshow. So click edit slideshow. And all you have to do is
where these little pencils are, where there’s a blank, you
can just browse for images, you can upload images,
you can choose existing. But be careful, you’re
gonna want that kind of, that horizontal landscape kind of photo. The wider and skinnier. I had on here the exact dimensions and I need to look that up again. But you’re not just gonna want
your standard little square photo or it’s going to look, it’s gonna stretch it out
and look really funny. And so, play with your photos there, and this is how you create your slideshow. And how you customize that cover on your Facebook business page.

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  1. Do you know if there's any talk of the slideshow playing – moving from one still to the next automatically for a set number of seconds?

  2. Doesnt seem to create a slide show at all, just several images you can click between which is basically a gallery. Slideshow would play al the pics as – well a slideshow!"

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