How to download 360° images from Street View

How to download 360° images from Street View

Jak stahovat 360° obrázky ze Street View Otevřeme a vybereme panorama. Klikneme na Download 360° a zkopírujeme ID panoramatu. Označíme a zkopírujeme. Klikneme na Download. Otevřeme aplikaci a vložíme zkopírované ID. Vybereme umístění na uložení obrázku a rozlišení. Poté klikneme na Download. Vložíme ID. Vybereme umístění na uložení. Vybereme rozlišení obrázku. Stáhneme obrázek. Stahování bylo dokončeno. Díky za zhlédnutí.

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  1. Street View Download 360 is now available for Mac OS

    You can download it here:
    • Mac OS:
    • Windows:

  2. New website for Street View Download 360: — download the app here — get the Panorama ID here

  3. You can still use the website on the new domain

  4. Software looks useful, I like that… but why do people keep using that annoying, overused cookie cutter "faux happy" styled corporate soundtrack? It sucks.

  5. anyone pls help me…in finnal stage i cant able to save the location in street view Download why????? its showing file not found

  6. Where to paste Panaroma ID..!? Could you please help me through sharing your mobile number or any other social media..? Where I can also help you to detect the error through screenshot!

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