How To Make Money With Industries  | Cities Skylines

How To Make Money With Industries | Cities Skylines

what's up everyone Sambo here welcome back to semi boss stock today we're going to be doing more of a let's play for once because a lot of the time I'm just doing like speed builds and expanding the city but let's actually manage it and like actually play the game a little bit so as you can tell by the title we're going to be doing some industrial stuff so this is one of the areas the farmland area I've got some stuff in here but I want to get more things constructed so I want more oil and now we'll just go through and look at all the supply change and like see how much money we can make and what we can make and things like that so so truthfully I think this area here is um hang on a second what's this doing here excuse me okay so put that there out of the way now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by this little guy so this is the tree the forest trees so if we look here and I usually don't go too far into it like and all I've done is place down the stuff the buildings and I'm like great done but I've never actually really looked at like constructing the unique factories and then actually making money that's what I want to do today so okay we've got the trees which is these ones here we've got alder we've got this one we got fields that's a green house and then over here we've got the wood cheap wood chip storage we've got two biomass biomass pellet plants that's making paper what is this one making oh that's just storage it's fine and then this one is making paper so these two making paper what's this one the storage facility that is for the work is and that is the main building what is this that's making the planted timber so let's go here so that's paper and planted as I planted timber okay so then we need the unique building which will give us what I say and produced by a unique factory is a luxury product and can be sold in commercial zones cannot be imported has to be produced locally can be exported for money that's what we want can be stored in warehouses oh and then also what's this that's just a smaller sawdust okay um do I have this engineered wood plant that's making more planks sir actually it's not gonna fit engineered wood plant and then what's this the pulp mill let me just place it down Jesus that's big okay we definitely don't have that because of so that's also making paper but I don't think we need that because this one's making paper and this one's making paper so technically we don't need that and it's probably just going to be an overload we don't really need that much paper product or maybe we do can export it and then what was the other thing the engineering what are these it's all your yard the engineering do I have this where's this that makes planned timber as well so which one was making himself sorry guys this is like probably annoying it's it's a lot to know like there's just so much stuff you got all these different suppliers and things sorry we can have that but I think we have this duty so we have that their plan timber sawmill okay and also just quickly I know that some of the places don't have enough buyers before I started recording it was like someone sometimes they had enough buyers sometimes they didn't so it kind of goes up and down and same with all the other areas as well and that looks horrible let me let them Danny out of it there we go or let's pretend we didn't see that okay so the saying that doesn't have resources but I'm guessing the trucks will come and add stuff in I might just allow them to do a u-turn here because otherwise they have to go down here and around somewhere so that I do do a u-turn and then also now it's for here and here and do it there and maybe they even ever get needed there but also put it there anyway okay now the next thing that so after this is so we have these so next we need to find one that makes diamonds so the diamond door so I'm guessing it is down here no that's where houses unique factories okay Furniture Factory actually we could do this one or do I have that over here I have some stuff over here hang on hang on guys what do I have over here so that's a warehouse that is a food factory and that's the bakery clothing factory so what do we need for this that one actually needs quite a lot of stuff to do and that what each dish excuse me what are you from time to time what are you we don't know okay it must be nothing important okay these guys need water by the way the ich are you guys so we can do this one the Furniture Factory what vision is a furniture manufacturer known for its innovative design and distinctive style fantastic the question is where am i coming to put it can i I think I can put it in here I think I can it's just there so it's not too far I don't want it to be you don't want all the stuff to be too far apart I feel like that might just be a bit annoying can it fit oh can it yeah think so it's not a bit of an angle I'll put you down a bit so it's flat and put you down as well do we go okay good weird huh okay that's exciting exciting let me just fill in this little gap oh it's annoying me there we go so it's saying there's no supply but land timber let's just put that down a bit for now because we don't want to use up all of our supply okay we'll put it down to 50 so 50 is this point here great not operating but we'll come back to that so what else do we have that we can build I put down this one to the bakery and also the industrial okay so we're not really there yet this one no that is not for us what is that I don't know what the third one is I thought me as the mouse because it would disappear this one the third option I'm not sure what else what else what does this one clothing factory petroleum refinery Joey's lost that's holy moly of much of the house factory the shipyard okay okay for some reason I thought there's just gonna be some kind of diamond thing but Oh eighty-four percent that's good okay let's go check out the to do the farm land we'll come back to the forestry stuff so the farming hi are how are you so we have this this and this we have different fields fields fields fields now flour mill actually let's go and have a look right right right right that's a little warehouse will touch their barn okay so do we not have a flour mill well have to definitely go on in just put it there I suppose actually you know what we'll do we'll move this over like what just drag it up yes it demolished that fence but that's fine and we'll just put it there so it's near the main road but it's not actually directly on that road I can't believe I don't have this already I probably have it somewhere let's be honest but it's like does a hanging in a second because we have these ones but like obviously these are not going to create flour because all we need is flour this one we need to change to wheat because wheat is flour right so it's not producing any flour yet I guess because we just put it down it's not producing any animal products because we don't actually have any but it is still producing an output which is good I'm waiting for them to come and deliver it but like why are you not delivering why why you know what I actually might change these ones because having flour is more important than having apples for example believe it's this one the large crop and their nose the other one that one no that was too big this one must mean that one was okay that should create a lot Lotto just drag that into place a little bit don't go it's still a little bit little might just overlap it a little bit yeah there we go and then just to like make it not look so obvious we'll just put some random trees there we go so we've got all of this wheat we've got some fruit over here really not much of farmland and then over here we're going to do another one and probably not the best location but I will this it's just an easy open area it's a little bit chilly for my life than so let's just actually flatten it out I mean I mean when I'm using this space anyway so why not put that right back there like that and then we'll blend it to disguise the steepness there we go okay good so over this side I'm just going to do maybe some more weight and then also some animal products so I'll do some cows and stuff like that yeah we'll just make it on one thing so what I do I'd like that don't I I'm just drawing it out like a lounge yeah good good good good let's get back into here it was this one which is a large crops large crop large crop would do a little road up the middle I might do another large crop as well just do some more oh that's too steep okay that's alright do it like that swell excuse me Jesus what is that what's silly can I put it oh yeah okay that does not look good at least these crops they they changed to the actual by saying the the cross are just like a flat acid they move depending on the the shape of the terrain so that looks good and then we'll also or hi in a second what were the other things we need we need a cattle shed that is for sure I might just shove you up here in the corner now we need a milking parlor of course because we're gonna have cows and a slaughterhouse over oh my god Jesus that's really big okay we might have to do another road over here maybe maybe we'll do it like that means Mittal and what else we have the small silo grain yeah that's right well chuck in a couple of you guys and there's bigger ones right yes you guys there oh no he's unhappy oh well that's what you get living in the country that's what you get now we also have some bombs do you need bombs what's this what's here can i play something down there art department alright that's fine okay we'll put in some some haters the cows that one's too big I'd like to do this one is this the only s the only one okay um is there anything else that we needed for over here so we put in the flour mill which is their cattle shed which was but on yeah I'm sure we put it all in okay let's put in some actual cattle you you you and then just for fun let's put in a cup of crops actually we'll do the small ones there we go yes yes yes can one fit in there maybe that fit it did not okay we shall make it fit there we go now so obviously a milking parlor so we'll need cows here or do cows cows what's this one pigs and then the smaller one can be some sheep right press play I don't like how there's a weed gap between it all does not look right sorry what might have to wait until those resources come in I cheated a little bit and I put down more fertile land here underneath let's do it again come on Kim one you can do it come on you can do it okay I'll get there eventually now there might be too much traffic coming through here we just have to wait and see about that but so we have slaughterhouse we have cattle shed milking parlor some silos we have the flour mill is this working yet what's going on is this actually properly in the district 22 got that law hmm okay just let that run for a little while so what are some things that we can build in here no toy factory yeah printing press we're looking for something with you know what's that one is that us I don't know what what the symbols mean but so that is petroleum and plastic something coming from oil so we are looking for crops and meat and I think we'll have a space for the car factory it's too big wasn't the bakery one bakeries probably so they need yeah so the bakery should be starting to function properly soon that's over here somewhere where are you so animal product good whoops let's go here zoom in a bit more okay so we hope animal product coming in looks like it's full yeah 14-ton crops good and we have some flour down a 50% – that's fine making pastries oh we're making profit yes thank you and what's that everything else just need plastics for the food factory so it's not running yet this big guy metals is metals or is that also this is or let's have a look at or or excuse me there we go I get medals right what do we have so I already have a lot over here actually so we have the housing barracks we have the fiberglass plant so that's good it's making all let's got the all which goes to class so we have class good that's storage what is this this is also making glass great this big boy making metal so a glass and metal is this one over here right that's what it so all is you guys digging away whatever you're doing you're up here doing your thing what is this I'm the ground storage facility okay right let's look at the district thingy Elm mine oh yeah have all that one as well so we are making metals great class great are we making a profit up keep two thousand nine hundred profit 2125 not the best actually and I have all this up higher so I do have a lot of Mines I have one two three four five or four miss this one so five that's not one okay can I be sleeping just a tiny little one down here or mine does this just another little one just that some nice little one that can slip in there they can do their thing did these ones even move I don't think they do it's a small or and all extraction site with basic equipment all right oops why are you on the road honestly though this big thing here that's intimidating like Jesus Jesus squishy but I mean so for here in particular since we're we're at the end of like the whole city there's honestly no traffic over here technically this is a way out so if we go over here and if I go into first person and zoom over you can't really see it's too far but over there it actually does have an outside connection but zero cars use this up there's actually one down there that's the surprising but yeah generally none of them use it so we can get away with having all of this heavy industry right on the road and Sam at the farming as well like if obviously if this was like over here somewhere I'm not gonna put everything on the main roads because that is just no it's no we don't want that now what else do what else can we build down here was this one up here functioning are you functioning full profit profit profit profit can we see the overall amount we're making twelve thousand so I can't we need to do oil so the forestry is not making any profit farming this is oh wait yes it is sorry this is the profit here okay good income expense so nine hundred fourteen hundred nineteen hundred overall thirteen oh yes you know what you guys now I feel like making just one city that is really focused on industry and like how much industry money can I make and just like zero in so many houses and just like keep pumping out all of these factories and oil and all and stuff I actually might do that with camera just for fun but that's good so let's set up oil so this map naturally doesn't really have much oil so I placed it down myself but just to show you guys what is it yeah so there's some oil like up here obviously I'm not gonna build up here like this isn't City fix come on guys I know if this was city fix you guys would be like oh yeah we're gonna build up here yeah it's so cool great view but no I'm not doing that sorry I actually placed down a little bit over here so this area is pretty much empty we're close to the highway anyway so we have good access we can literally just continue this road on over to here I don't know if you guys remember but originally there was a road that continued on over in through here and I left it there for ages but then I don't deleted it because I didn't think I'd ever build anything up here but you know what here we are so just so we can see a bit better let's remove these trees and I've also lowered the terrain down just a little bit so it's not going to be up as high because this was like a huge big mountain up here sorry we don't want it to look really gross well maybe you do want it to look gross I don't know let's just bring this down actually we can probably just do a small road like this looks a little bit funny how it goes front life a large road down to small but I'm just like that and then we'll put you back onto the ground so really if you're wondering like what's the best way to layout your roads for all of your industrial stuff basically if it's on a main road or a nearer main road just set it back a little bit from the main road give it its own little road connection don't put everything right on the main road because obviously then everything's going to continuously disrupt the flow of the traffic but if it's a really small street and there's really not much traffic then of course you can put it on the main roads like I've done with the ore and the farming area so I think that was one of the questions on the community tab like how do you set it up properly okay so it's so ugly like the ground color is just live sorry but we have lots of I just used the industrial right so we have this one here the oil drilling rigs the small ones and the large ones we also have all that we need some power water but you have the large oils and we have a crude oil storage Kevin we have a petrochemical plant what it was this one waste oil refinery and then we have the main building and the maintenance building the barracks we have the crude oil tank farm storage and what's this the NAFTA cracker plant now I know there's another huge one down here somewhere might be yeah Jesus that is huge like ah yeah I don't have space to put that in unfortunately which is which makes me like really want to do the whole huge industrial town just to see how much money I can really make like do everything really hardcore but yeah I don't know who knows if I'll actually do that now we need some power as well so we'll just pop that down why is it still saying there's not enough raw material like this literally so much what is you doing it's probably not the best location though are you driving cars you drive past like see that it's like yuck what about if we're way down here I suppose if you down here you don't really see it too much what about if you over in the downtown like up high now you don't really see it either it's not it's not really that obvious because I've hidden it with lots of trees and stuff so I'm just gonna let it run for a while and then we'll see how much money we'll have much more money we make so currently making the third did this change but we're making like 13,000 okay well we'll come back in see how that's going in a few minutes I also just I also just plopped down this as well look at that oh my god I wasn't planning on putting this but oh well here is the offshore oil drilling rig full platform I wish I was out further this seems a bit too close for me it's swaying coming George I suppose it does sway how does it look there fold actually it doesn't look too bad I'd like it I like that this whole area it's it's starting to look really like really like a big city like there's a lot going on so yeah anyway I'm gonna just let it run and we'll come back and see how much extra money we are making okay guys um yeah I don't uh it's it's not really working I know what the issue is so obviously it's – $8,000 or sim money and now I'm like what second and now I'm like thinking when I looked at it before was it also in – like I only just mined it I only just realized there's a little minus sign there so when I was looking at it earlier if it was on on – and I was like oh it's profit yeah it's ignore that and weird but the issue is that we need more commercial we need more buyers so you'll see not enough buyers for products now about that's a that's a pretty huge job to do so I'm not gonna do that all in this episode is there anything I can really see in here not really I don't think no okay so maybe in the next episode we'll have to do a whole lot of commercial area we don't have any demand though so I guess we'll have to also do residential so it's going to be a lot of expanding because to do birth that's all right that is all right we're still making a lot of profit I remember like for so long you guys were like oh we shouldn't trust him he's not making any money but that was because I literally had every policy on like had so much on like the city didn't have any taxes or the Texas were as low as they could go and now I've kind of adjusted everything to make it more realistic so yeah and also I have the real-time mod on so I'm like is that part of the reason why suddenly when I'm making money whereas before we were maybe if I put the production rate up higher I don't know see now some of them have customers like a lot of this stuff just disappeared so these ones down here also disappearing maybe if I got this that's doing some things improved improved logistics improved work safety supervision advanced automation is that helping oh maybe maybe that's what we've got to do over here I think it's already on improved work safety supervision all right doing it need more garbage garbage truck needs to calm ups oh god where's that and over here we'll also do a 20 on although this area is quite far so I assume this area would be the last choice of jobs I'd rather go somewhere else a little oh my god all right I think what we might do is just add in a little bridge across here well actually disconnect the road we'll put that back for you guys there and then we shall move excuse me excuse me and then we'll and then we'll move these oh my god come on Jesus these over here okay so then at least if it's all congested they can be congested through the farm area okay so you guys I'm gonna wrap up wrap up the episode here we'll see how it is in the next episode if I remember oh now we're making 10,000 or 12,000 profit so I guess it really goes up and down fluctuates probably because of the real-time mod different times so maybe I know if they're not working then it's not making any money when they're working makes more money I know could be could be like that someone might let me know so to see that in comments there you go so anyway thank you guys for watching and yeah I had fun actually it was nice to just play through and not do a serious build with serious music and stuff like that so yeah thanks for watching and I'll see you guys next time

43 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Industries | Cities Skylines”

  1. You might need to improve the connections between the industrial districts and the buildings that produce the luxury goods. Those luxury goods buildings are the primary customer for the industrial districts, at least if you want to maximize profit. Also the Real Time mod does affect the industries. When people are working you make profit, when they go home you lose money.

  2. I noticed you don’t have enough workers in each of the industry buildings, I think you need to install more worker barracks.

  3. I see you struggling to keep up with what you have build. I found it easier to understand the supply chain and to know what buildings to plant, by using the those green, yellow and grey sorting buttons. Then you can see only certain types of buildings. First place the green gear buildings (Resource extractor) to produce raw resources. Then yellow gear buildings (Refinery) to turn raw resources to materials. After that don't forget to place those Resource dropof points(grey button) to balance the use of raw resource. Common mistake is to have enough of them.

    In my city, I had lot's of raw resources, but for example, flour mill complaining not getting enough crops. Adding some silos helped alot.

  4. A good idea is to balance your raw materials with your processing buildings. Make sure you don’t have too much of either one, otherwise you’ll either be wasting excess raw materials or your processing buildings won’t be at full capacity. Since the processing buildings all have a fixed expense, you’re just wasting money if you don’t have them operating at full capacity.

  5. If there's not enough buyers when you have all the factories you want. You need to set some storage and where houses to empty to they will export the excess.

  6. The profit just goes up and down all the time even without the realtime mod.
    I'm always having trouble figuring out if I'm actually making money or losing money. Pretty annoying stuff. Would like something like a quarterly report on industry , that would be nice.

  7. Love your videos. Cant wait till you do an actual play through. As far as the farming industry, the fields will contour around the landscape, however, if you change the appearance of the field to greenhouse, it will flatten the land. I am interested in seeing your industrial city because I am having trouble on where to place things like warehouses and how to properly connect them to the highways. I usually end up scrapping the city. I am still working on getting a city over 10k population without it going to hell in a hand basket. Anyway, keep up the good work and cant wait to see that city. Happy Building!

  8. I am also using the Real Time mod with a city with a non-trivial focus on industry, and I can still manage to make a profit. Sure, it's not my main source of income for that city (ticket price customizer is an amazing mod), but it's not irrelevant.
    I think the biggest problem is that you don't stop to read what you're putting down or what district policies you're activating. The little diamond icon is just a symbol for the final product, which can be either sold to your own comercial zoning or exported. The only difference between unique factories is what resources they consume and the price of the final product. Same goes for all other buildings. For example, the type of crop in a field is purely cosmetic; they all produce the base item "crops", which can be either exported or processed either by the flour mill or all the varying animal products processors, which in turn can be exported or sent to the unique factories for further processing.The name of the building or what they look like doesn't matter, only the icons they produce and/or consume.
    All of those items can also be imported, which is why your bakery was functioning properly even before you had put down the flour mill and pastures. The only items that cannot be imported are the unique factory products (although it would be nice to have to compete with imported goods for your city's market).

    And industry area buildings do sometimes complain about not enough buyers of resources, but that's normally nothing to worry about, it usually just means that they have reached full storage and have consumed all of their on-site raw materials and are waiting for the next delivery or export. Way that you can change how often a building reaches a storage limit, be it output or [not enough] input wise, is by changing the production rate of the unique factories. For example, if both your extraction building and primary processing buildings are constantly complaining about full output storage, increase the budget to burn through those resources a bit faster so the buildings don't get full, and vice versa.

    Of course, I am just one person and am not the most experienced player, but I do believe/hope most of what I said is correct. At least that's how I play it, and it seems to be working for me.

  9. Planed is pronounced like the word lane. Planned is having a plan in place. Planed is creating a flat plane on a surface. Sorry to point it out

  10. I’d love to see a realistic City Skylines.
    Where widening a road takes a few weeks.
    And destroying a house takes a year of legal proceedings!

  11. "Not enough buyers" I've found is that each facility has its own storage that fills up. I put storage next to it and set to "Fill" in order to move the stuff out of the processing facilities. Then next to the unique factories I'll have warehouses for each resource they need

  12. I have a city with a similar population, similar tax rate, mostly highest level on the residential buildings, but half the income from residential that Sam briefly shows at around the 19:50 mark in the video. My commercial, industry and office bring in about the same as Sam's. What can i do about that? Is there some policy I'm missing or something?

  13. For everyone whos annoyed by the amounts of trucks, that these industries are producing, there's a mod rebalancing the amount of trucks to a sensible level:

  14. Thank you 🙂 Cool video. But One thing, usualy forestry area are so far from city and prosessing of forest is difrend location maybe More near City. If you also Make them difrend locations it would bee More realistic. Same for ore and farming . Mining is usualy One place and prosessing can bee up to 100km away

  15. Please try to build all factories and make them work at 150%. I wonder how to place industries so trucks don't queue in 5km traffic to export goods when factories don't have any resources to produce from…

  16. Industries only make monry when they export goods, which is a cyclic system. If you make more Unique Factories, they'll have more places to move their stuff and you'll have more overall production in return… When they export, of course

  17. The farming area would do better without the trees underneath the fields. It’s like how you want trees under the forestry growing buildings, except for farming it is the opposite since trees make land less fertile for farms. Even though you painted more fertile land it won’t work well unless you remove all the trees, including under the farms.

    I know you weren’t trying to maximize the area, but from watching this people could think leaving trees under farms is an okay thing to do. I only know this from watching T4rget’s old videos where he tested this stuff.

    I like the more let’s play format! I like your regular videos too. I learn a lot from watching you. 🙂

  18. Love that you're playing more realistically and working with city finances. One suggestion, consider focusing on one industry at a time per video. It'll be a bit clearer when working on one supply chain at a time.

  19. You should go trough your unique factories and up the production rate to 100% to fix most of the issues (while you build the big commercial center/district).

    I don't use the industries DLC but i'm making my industries to get to level 3.😂 The main problem is fire coverage (even when the road is green the buildings aren't fully blue). But they also suck a lot of my highly educated workers (to make things worse, there are only 3.2k out of 11.9k eligible going to the 3 universities that i built to match the possible demand).

  20. Hey Sam Bur, I downloaded your assests but when its downloading the map I get a lot of “(failed)” things. Is it because I don’t have all the DLC’s. Can someone explain?

  21. I think you need to put in the oil refinery so there are buyers for you crude. The naphtha plant and the waste oil plant probably do not use crude as an input.

  22. 28:45 road is disconnected Sam. I would really like a video showing us step by step on how to run industries DLC correctly!

  23. Industries is probably the best DLC in the game, but isn't too much based on realism since it actually doesn't matter which crop you grow in the fields, you can still produce anything that needs any crop(make flour out of apples etc etc.) and it works like that with all the rescources. Also, the unique factories will be better supplied if there are some warehouses of the stuff they need nearby.

    EDIT: Also, "not enough raw materials in a processing building just means "not enough supply", and you can also get buyers for products by exporting.

  24. Its not a mod that fluctuates your industry profit. Its a game mechanic that in the vanilla game it'll go up and down regularly. I believe as you build more factories it'll even off and you'll make a steady profit.

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