Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Today we’ll talk about influencer marketing. and it’s been used a lot nowadays. What is influencer marketing? If you are an influencer then what can you do and if you are company then how can you use it? To grow your business. and If you are not an influencer then how can you become. and what do we mean by influencer? Okay? today we will clear all these points. First of all let’s understand influencer marketing. It is a type of marketing where we use influencers for marketing. Who is influencer? Influencer is a person or a group of people who motivate people to take an action. Suppose i fought with someone Then i influence my friends to help me beat that person. and my friends went to beat that person without thinking about the consequences of that fight. This is influencer marketing. We think that influencers are celebrities, Youtubers and they can do influencer marketing. Before using this, person need to be an influencer ( someone who can motivate people to do something) Let me share some cases of influencer marketing. You may have seen that celebraties are promoting their movies through youtube channels. Now here do they get money? Normally we say that we get paid for influencing. Now will shahrukh khan take money for promotion? No right because Here they both have win-win situation. If shahrukh khan comes on a channel then his fans are influenced too. Maybe will subscribe their channel. Or subscriber of that channel will listen to shahrukh and may take actions based on that. So influencer marketing is sometimes free. and sometimes paid too. Suppose if you ask me to promote your product. and i am asking money , this is paid promotion. Now paid promotion does not mean Doesn’t mean i am lying. Here i am just influencing my audience to buy a certain product. and i am sharing pros and cons of it. and influencer marketing is never about selling a product also. Sometimes we use this marketing for brand awareness. and sometimes to sell a product. and sometimes for traffic on your website. sometimes for registration process. So influencer marketing can be done in many ways. Now sometimes on youtube channel You see unboxing videos. Product hasn’t been launched yet. but influencers already received the product. Company deliberately gave them product For promotion Win-Win situation for both of them. audience, influencer and for the company And create hype before the launch of a product. Product hasn’t even launched but It has created a hype in the market. Earlier before the launch of samsung M series , it already had the vibe in the market . Youtubers had the sample product before the launch. Now along with the unboxing , they review as well. But some people feel obliged after getting money. That they have to give positive reviews. This was the reason i never promoted any product. Till now actually. Till today you’ll see there are no promoted videos. Because of paid promotion, i may not be able to give genuine reviews of that product. But now I receive around 10 mails regarding this. They want me to create a case study on them. I haven’t approached them yet. But i am thinking of approaching them Tell me in the poll section . Should i approach them or not? According to you But thing is, i’ll put honest reviews along with the pros and cons. and how can they grow their business. and their business needed any business strategies Basically you can call it business consultation. Now that will be beneficial for them or not I don’t know. If your brand is faulty Then don’t come to me. Now in influencer marketing , try to understand one thing as an influencer. and as a businessman. If a business wants to be promoted on youtube channel Then they’ll check their brand equity first. If a youtube channel is collaborating with intellectual indies. along with brand equity of intellectual indies and that product Both of their brand equity will combine and that will help in selling the product. Okayy If my image is bad and a big brand collabes with me This will affect whom? Big brand it won’t affect me. And if my brand equity is better than the product Ultimately this will affect my market too. So as a influencer, we should always do a proper research . Before collaborating with a brand. Sometimes what happened, if we do the required research of the brand But at the end we face unusual problems and you can not do anything about it. As a sponsor, you can inform your audience that this video is sponsored. That’s it. In case of any blunder , you can clear things as it was a sponsored video. and you have mentioned pros and cons of it. Try to be honest on your end. Now what we can do? If we are influencer or want to be We need to work on our brand equity. Will big brands collaborate with me? You may have seen channels with million subscribers and views But their brand equity is low. Big brands won’t consider them. Same is for small channels Who has brand equity even with less subscribers. So big companies may consider them . This is power of influencer marketing. How this will help brands? Try to understand it logically. I have one lakh for promotion. for my website or for my business idea. So what did i do? I run ads via adwords. or facebook ads. Possible results will come. Or i went to a youtuber Let’s say normally they get 1 lakh views. i gave him 1 lakh rupees. asked for a sponsored video. a normal video about my brand ,and pros,cons of it. So that people get to know about us. So for 1 lakh views , i gave him 1 lakh Just suppose. Means i rs per video. If i use adwords. Maybe in that case i could have spent 2.5 lakh. For one lakh views. But their audience will be defined. If i want i can show the ad to only boys if i wanted the ad to an audience specially in delhi. i could do that too. Although adwords would have costly to me. But Overall it could have been cheap. So when will a brand use influencer marketing. When they want to use shotgun marketing. I’ve made a video on this too, you can check Here we don’t know much about our target audience. Or our target audience is very broad . Like coca cola They don’t have a specific audience. What did we do? If we have a product which can be bought by any audience. Their we can use influencer marketing. Here you need to be logical here. If i am coming with a product which will be beneficial for business Then it’ll be better if it’s on business channels. Not on vlogs. If i show ad of business related product on a tech channel It may be possible that people who watches tech videos may not like business related videos. And people who watch business channel may not like tech videos. Here i can show business related products on a business channel. and tech related videos on tech channel. For a mobile phone promotion , i can approach tech channel. And logically Many brands launch their phones on tech channels. OnePlus Who recently used shotgun marketing. They used amitabh bachchan and every category of youtubers. Comedy channels. Tech channels, series So this is a good example of shotgun marketing. combined with influencer marketing. Now is it good or bad? and should you use it or not Logically think. Good for brand awareness. And don’t think that your brand equity will touch the sky. No Irrelevant expectations Until Unless your product is not good Otherwise zero benefit. Now what is marketing means creating awareness You asked me to promote a product and i explained the pros and cons of it Now after watching the sponsored video Whether they get influenced or not They may see your website and if they examine your website and after some research , decision will be theirs. Let’s say people who blindly trust They bought it. and if that product didn’t turn out to be good. So product is the most important thing here. If you want to use influencer marketing as a brand or as an influencer if you promote on your channel and testing of that product is very important. Do ask for reviews. Be prepared for this For both promoter and the influencer Here we need to understand our goals. Some may have a goal of just selling their product or conversions. some have different goals. We need to inform our influencer about our goals. Whether their goal is conversion or Brand awareness. Whether they can do it or not. If someone comes to me for promotion I think i’ll include it in my case study. How they started, their pros and cons. Because i think this is the way i work. and is better for my channel too. There can be products who may work directly on sale. Marketing vlogs. If they directly sponsor a product so chances are high that they may buy it. Suppose big youtubers. Like bhuvan bam He has countless fans. Who blindly trust him Whether the product is good or not. But they may try atleast once. This can be successful too If we are thinking of this, we can approach people like bhuvan bam. As a marketer As a company we need to think through this. About the benefits from different channel. Brand building or sales. Will it helpful or not If you want to be an influencer Now i am repeating again To be an Influencer, you don’t need much audience. If i do have big audience I’ll be able to influence large audience. mean more sales. More the sales More the revenue. If i have a small audience and money according to that. If there’s a student of lapaas He liked our course. and he recommended to his friends too. And our of those 10, 5 were converted. This is influencing too Audience was small This is the game. I hope you liked this video. Everything must be clear. and must be motivated to become an influencer. If you want to be an influencer Doesn’t mean only youtube channel will work. You can do youtube acting or singer or can promote offline. All the politicians , they’re influencers You can use instagram also Also on twitter. Here you have opportunites everywhere. If you are making a video on youtube. and you can get money for posting a picture. and you get money for a tweet. For offline influencer They can get paid for speaking at an event. Analyse motivational speaker If they are giving something for free. There’s something behind that free stuff. I am not talking about everyone But you’ll see this. There’s a hidden agenda behind their speech. Think about it. I hope you liked this video. Like share and do tell me in the comments below Do share And do press the bell icon. Some people watch my video without subscribing my channel. Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Gooafternoon Whenever you are watching this video.

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