Kitchen organization in Tamil/ kitchen tour/ kitchen countertop organization/ Tamil kitchen

Kitchen organization in Tamil/ kitchen tour/ kitchen countertop organization/ Tamil kitchen

hello all welcome back to my channel just like that so in a given day I know the kitchen countertop organizational comic a perhaps so full kitchen organization come share the berry video or go so first countertop AP openings but it can't come here and other capreit cupboards our next video loca Migra so in 2000 then your kitchen or an overall view in the kitchen man denial of the VA kitchen and work pal a kitchen compared upon mother obviously pity kitchen now but in an urban area cupboards along and they're like ugh this soap a thing of enamel and the coffee cups along and then already give it just came display love you know because nary a coffee cup silicon allah the you spawned rajala so mala could City care and partying and I mean given the kitchen island or can occur so I'm guessing Gorka so pretty spacious and pathing no lack of shelf small tuna and Van Alen the first pop off so in the coffee cups parthenium Deena Mallory R K and even like on over corner line or a refrigerator Rica refrigerator organization separate video Pandora and like upon a motor side of kitchen line and air can pack a fridge or aside la welcome all and not a magnetic tin Sirica you know Roomba handy on the magnetic tensor can define it easy are gonna keep me know and Sela kilometer contra here a sports a long enough like in grocery and Raquel drinker and oversee departing happy now under the wire shelf which it can ever love and I never cheat K now or we could shrink it to the level and order cooker wait salon Petrucci care so Alan Cory America the kaga and a tequila like the masala box Korea but true magari Papa Spanish for box long they know the masalas loss to open Iike like biryani no more than my whole spices hispano naya a day and tea light hold on with silica and the key leavened a node a blender and the copper iron order smoothie maker a cup of spice Chara up from on the day in order cook TVs I could be infinity Erica and oil cans on our chicken in the recycle bin a little I touch she much in a dust lump over the class so either thumb and then an oversight of kitchen and also parting of dinner kitchen countertop Ernie room or very brownish finish learn they're in the granite and kaliesha villain on the white cholestacare rotate care and also in the cupboard soon they make brown hoodie cars and allen rivo this change pollen path and white color painting but if upon modi again so at the LA later project and stove Milaap Athena as usual black space because can do is from the various glass shower coupon about their the transparent black splash would you care it actually in agriculture transparent or canola the pinna Dirac on the white or Tulum there either and as usual passing akan jadi greatest of stove mala at the cup from under the low salt and pepper the regardless salt and pepper learn you know only a mustard Putra cane only salt pudica like omelette laburnum other theoretical and inner side I've rewritten for thing every now a day my uncle just ecological board mala and TL Abdera converting every not yellow utensil holder widget cap Allen area when the bamboo spatulas it allows you to click on superior prior things the logic and pulley they cry they cut Tagalog should cap and other to the patina pakka clear and acutely cups learned it daily you sponge essential items a larger cap like coffee filter the car on the scraper peeler other luxury gas and provocative on the patina could be chopping board with three care and other cuprum parting every now and the give each another pocket lay a stand Mario and they were chilling care so well a spicy Somali easy accessible are covered still can be not even their salt rock salt op9 own salt once it again and the food colors allowing silicon a llama gives you access for know being a bath in a countertop place and then a chilly care so that number keys you're going to cut cap and kill a parting arena like my shrink up switch it care my shearing cups when they're using a group alicia florrick up sir you know the kitchen for thing abdullah now the turquoise color i allow its you're gonna be in this set bunny came but or olive could collect when you can talk voice things here added to the birthing arena I'd leave my shooting cups full I'll I'm a shrink up someone's a chica ela Kalama shrink of two lurker so habla de in the kitchen oversee in decide lurker you know because full of and the kitchen countertop la víctima de the collateral America in the Murray organization it there and edited by dinner and a butterfly cool club and this could teach he's correct a row from a stirring spoon and then the chili ket a couple of my note a channel name sign paper habla very clear so it is a man in the kitchen countertop water setup an AB departing abena kitchen island kitchen island was in our room Berkeley naruto-kun wait maybe a Cavanaugh B now LM even the flood clean when you chill cat in a more amun-re adequate you know not what tried home at least in the aisle and ugly old male American over father and they do my Vic EULA or could be succulent plant Erica products washing liquid or red ring holder Dom particle moving car difficult for being holder I'm bringing on the bathroom color Eureka which should care it so pretty much in the side birthing of you know silicalia darker so I look cute on a could be sexy land planted or I kind of coffee mugs logic here and ring holder in the pakora Moo planter a promo hand lotion bath uncle Vita may not support Kirk a row how this washing liquid which it can habla de in the Packer curve in the Pokemon the paper roller a pro in who denied singing I'm a chopping bunt on a line that line nice allow individual care so the panini in the shopping area on the clutter dilemma or coleus own a logarithmic killer so pretty much of Malaga in the island lava no no case organization illa rahmatan plus RK and in the pantry pantry organizations are critical Micra as a couple uncle thing of you know cooked even the rolling cut dryer whirring on which is canceiied love the lavender like fruits the cup grow and a easier deck of India Chile's accessible items on our large city onions and Amar'e mala in the magazine holder it should care the color country bread the Jews and every sell items was to open you should care so in the storage when the extra storage can define a useful America so all other friends in the video clip it on the kitchen countertop our musician Britain is now in the video collect pointing is sharpening an order channel just like that because subscribe funny yeah you know in order to augment weed along like a meat hunter and thank you bye-bye

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  1. Watch my new kitchen organization guys. I didn’t organize anything fancy. Just made it functional n simple. Thanks for watching 😊

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