Lego Friends Custom Girls Room Renovation for Toddler / Child Build for Triplets DIY Craft

Lego Friends Custom Girls Room Renovation for Toddler / Child Build for Triplets DIY Craft

here we go we are at Sophie and Henry's house and we are gonna renovate again the babies have aged up and they are now about five or six years old and they do not fit into these cribs by any stretch of the imagination look at that Alex looks so uncomfortable welcome to Le V toys today is renovation day we're going to turn the baby's room and the playroom into small kids rooms so perfect perfect size for their needs now and we're also going to look at this we are going to fix the hole in the floor here because the kids have been falling into the house it's been terrible so we'll definitely fix the floor there okay we have well we've ostensibly got two rooms here which interconnect with each other so I've decided that violet as the only girl is going to get her own room and the boys are gonna share but they'll be okay with that because they don't take up much room at all and they love sharing it moment they share all their toys in fact we're going to keep some of these things that we're taking out we don't want to get rid of their treasured toys they're still kids in fact they might want to keep them until they're adults like the butterflies and the Teddy's they're gonna be very very precious to them so we're going to work them back into their new rooms too boy definitely getting rid of these crypts and we're going to need some bigger beds that are just right for five or six year olds so first up let's fix this floor cuz it was quite dangerous put the kids in the crib and they just fell straight through onto the owl's and the tree straight below so now the floor is perfectly safe and we can start so this is gonna be violets room violet is wearing her new LED toys t-shirt I made her her own tea she looks really let's start at the top here I've actually decided that I would like these rooms to just be a little bit taller so we're gonna have a bit more space to fit stuff in they're gonna have a bit more Headroom so just a little bit taller and now we can put all of the smooth pieces back on again and we'll do this to the other room as well but we'll just check that it's still gonna stack beautifully it's not gonna be a problem that it's gonna be a little bit taller okay good we've got a nice blank canvas oh I forgot so you actually made new toddler legs for violet because this comment here made me think that there was a better way to do it so if we cut off directly underneath the skirt you don't see the seams so much as when we cut off down around her ankles it actually makes a much tighter join there's a bigger surface area so these are the original ones here I've actually had to redo this a couple of times cause it's hard to get the glue to stay that it's actually a much weaker join point so cutting them off underneath the skirt has worked really well though I do like the tapering in at the legs when you cut it at the ankle so it's kind of it's time for Lego to make some toddler dolls I think but on to the bed she's going to need a bed and she is going to get the cutest bed imaginable we're going to make her a bed that we can actually tuck her into or I hope so we'll see how it turns out so we kind of start like a box so we've got white sheets in there and the Pink's gonna keep her in on the side and here's her pillow it's all looking very comfortable so far now she just needs a blanket to go over the top and a way to get in now obviously so we are creating a hinge down the bottom unfortunately only got these hinge pieces in the black but and I have made blankets patterns a special blanket just for her out of some stickers that I had and that looks really pretty and sweet and if we tuck her in look hold on her hair is in the way so I think we're gonna have to put a hair up in pigtails for when she goes to bed that's better there we go now it doesn't get in the way of making the blanket actually shut down so she is gonna be all snug and cozy in there we'll tuck this in the corner but because I want to be able to get it in and out easily we're gonna put it on these little white jumper pieces here so I need another one for the bottom and then we can tuck the bed in here it's far away from the door that's gonna lead into her brother's room as possible so she can get a really good night's sleep and she could be tucked in with a teddy her precious precious teddy okay what else does her room need lots of things cuz she's a kid it needs lots of things she a dresser so right next to her bed we're going to put we're going to put a little dresser and in this top drawer she's been out collecting bugs so she loves collecting bugs and interesting things and she's found an ammonite she found a fossil so this might be some future interests of her she's very interested in nature and the world around her but she's also interested in lots of pink and violet things cuz that's her name and I've made a little kind of a box on the top it's gonna hold something which you'll see in a moment it's looking really great now up here we're going to make a lamp and to make that lamp we're actually going to use the butterfly so she's gonna have a butterfly lamp how pretty is that I want a butterfly lamp so gorgeous I wish I could shrink myself down and hang out in this room with violet she's also going to have a dress-up corner because I'm she loves princesses she just loves them so she's going to have a whole heap of princess dress ups so we've got an Elsa cape here for when she decides that she needs to let it go and make everything frozen and another sparkly one cause well you know who doesn't love sparkles they are just gorgeous we're gonna use the little box on the top to store things up there too once it's nice and snug up against the wall we're also going to put a display over here where we can put a princess headpiece it's even got the right color hair for her on it I just thought that was so perfect so she's going to have her dress-up corner over here near the door let's try and get bullies in there she's got her princess hair the princess had peace and some princess capes and sometimes she might want to be a be a fairy or do some magic so she's going to have a magic wand too so we're going to put a little magic wand down here if I can get it to stay because it keeps poking through there we go a perfect dress-up corner though we're gonna put some things up in the box of course we're going to need some crowns so let's find a variety of colored crown so got a pink one and we've got this fancy gold one and we've got well this one's not a crown but I just think she needs a blue gem heart cuz who doesn't everyone needs a blue Jim heart she looks so snugly in there in the bed oh I'm trying to get that butterfly to hang straight now underneath the butterfly in the little box is a remote control there is my little it'll fit it's gonna stay there snugly enough and she's keeping it safely on her bedside table where her brother's can't steal it she's also got her fairy tale book ready here for Henry or Sophie to come and read her a bedtime story ah so she can drift off into dreamland now I think she needs a map down here so maybe a purple one it just kind of looks boring I want some more color on it so let's Sparkle it up let's add some sparkle to this so I have got these really cool little washi tape these glittery thin washi tape tapes have it tapes they're sticky so I can put them on and we can layer them and we can decorate things and then we get tired of them we just peel them off and we've got our Lego left behind so this is a fun way to decorate things if I can just find the end of the tape that would be a good thing so here it is here we go it's really hard with all this shiny glitter so we're going to make a little stripey rug for her floor just as a last bit of decoration so if we snip it off at the end it's gonna line up nicely and then another layer of pink down the bottom actually if we start with a straight edge this is gonna look much better oh that's lovely and then we're going to add some violent for violet in the middle so it looks kind of blue it's very it's a very dark purple and the sparkles make everything just perfect in fact the sparkles make it look textured so kind of like it's a shaggy rug so that's extra cool okay violet I think I think your bedroom might be almost complete Oh hold on no we can't forget her cherished toy bunny it's gonna be sitting down here in the drawer next to her bed that's just it's just lovely I want to hang out in violets room so much now she can't possibly look as though she's sleeping in this bed with her big open eyes and mini dolls so far don't have any faces that have got printed closed eyes on them so I remove the printing and I painted some closed eyes on specially for violent to go to sleep because she loves snuggling in her new bed Oh doesn't she look adorable it just looks so sweet all children look sweet Maneka sleep the best time of the day there we go oh he will tuck your teddy back in again oh and now she truly is asleep in her brand-new bedroom just uh-huh now next to her we're going to put the boy's bedroom where are you Harry and Alex come on Eddie come oh here they are they are very excite oh come on Harry you need to be nice to Alex are they actually going to be able to share a bedroom I don't know but we're gonna find out in the next video and do you remember the remote control in violets room well that's gonna have something to tie in with the boys room what do you think it might be for make sure you leave me at home in and we'll find it with the next video whether you picked right or not so make sure you subscribe that way you will find out when new videos come up if you would like a t-shirt like violet is wearing make sure you check out my new merch and I'll see you with the boys bedroom build very very soon that's lots of alliteration boys bedroom bills

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