Lego Friends Custom Studio Apartment from Renovated Performance School DIY Craft Kids Toys

Lego Friends Custom Studio Apartment from Renovated Performance School DIY Craft Kids Toys

hello welcome to elevators I have been trying to decide what to do with the LEGO Friends performance school it's such a beautiful building on the outside the facade is gorgeous but on the inside it's really sparsely furnished and there's kind of I don't know you have to really use your imagination to get to play inside so I was kind of disappointed by how little there was actually going on inside this building so I have decided to customize it and turn it into an apartment book and Sophie and Henry are looking for a new place close to the city close to their work where they can bring up their new baby so they are going to renovate one of the floors and then move in to be the first inhabitants of a new apartment block so they are not too keen on these two bottom floors but this top floor is gonna be absolutely perfect it's gonna get so much light and we can make this just right so let's demolish what's already in here we'll take this piano away carefully we don't want to break that one we will jackhammer up the bricks on the floor will can't take those ones out because they're integrated into the wall we'll take this ballet area off oh these are all integrated into the wall too we're going to end up with a big hole in the wall oh no we need to plaster over that well we could just put a single stud in there terrible's fixed we'll get rid of the ballet room floor here we don't need that and this camera hasn't worked in years weathered away and the drum kit – it's just noisy speak it's gone no we just need to jackhammer up the last few bits of flooring here well a la la la this is pardon we're getting rid of everything and now we have got a big empty space to work in when I say big it's actually not that big so we're gonna have to fit everything they're gonna need into this little studio apartment we'll put it down here on the ground and we might take Sophie and Henry out so that they don't get plaster dust up their nose well we are busy renovating so let's start in the kitchen first we're gonna make a teeny tiny kitchen but it's gonna be modern it's gonna be cute and it's gonna be absolutely functional at everything they need so what do they need hmm they're going to need they're going to need things so we'll start over here with a little sink for washing up perfect and then we're going to put in a stove or an oven with a hot plate on the top nice big frying pan for all of their dinners well that's cute and up here we're going to put just a little bit of a shelf or display shelf we're gonna have on the top here lovely I'll choose what's gonna go up there in just a moment because they need a nice big fridge to store all of their cold things they're going to need a lot of extra fridge space when this baby comes along – and that looks pretty good and down the bottom we're gonna put some fruit and veggies we call this the crisper carrots escaping there we are now they're safely down here and up here we're gonna put some milk for the coffee and tea and for their cereal and for baby's bones – when baby is up – milk and maybe a little bit of strawberry jam because that is Sophie's favorite in fact I think she's craving strawberry jam through her pregnancy strawberry jam with carrot sticks delicious and some corn flakes cuz I didn't mention cereal and we need some cereal bowls too so there's a cute little one up there I'm sure have another one somewhere we'll put this spoon over here in the sink to be washed up and now oh yes tea pot Sophie loves tea tea is her favorite so we're gonna put this tea pot up there on display it's ready for when they need it now we're not gonna have enough room for a kitchen table so we're going to make a breakfast bar where they can prepare their meals and they can eat them here and we're going to need a couple of stools as well and they've got a very pretty pattern on the top there I think they came out of one of the elves sets but they're going to fit very nicely into this little eclectic studio apartment for Sophie and Henry that looks very cute now we'll try Henry out on this good they're gonna be comfy while they eat their meals now because they're both adults they can have a bottle of wine up here in the corner of the breakfast bar and a couple of little wine glasses as well very fancy and here's that other bowl for their cereal it's just sitting here on the end of the breakfast bar looks like it might need to be washed up I wonder who's doing the washing up I think it's Henry's so he needs to stop sitting him get on washing up while we build the teeniest tiniest bathroom you've ever seen on the other side so I have a toilet bowl here now with some water in it and we're going to put this actually we need the cistern first so let's build that up the back over here and the flush button there we are now we have got a cute little modern toilet and in this bathroom we still need to fit a shower and a sink so they can wash their hands and we're not going to have a lot of space so we're going to pack these in tight but because it's such a small space we're gonna put an air freshener in here cherry-flavored and we're going to put the shower stall at the front there's the showerhead and we need the hot and the cold taps so red and blue for that and we need the little grills down the bottom for the water to all run out perfect shower and toilet done now there's a bit of space up here next to this shower stall where we can keep all the things we need for the shower some shampoos some conditioner hopefully we'll have some soap there somewhere we'll put these bottles up there so they can be easily reached from the shower toilet roll next to the toilet very important now we're going to create a very small world area and a bit of a tiny door for privacy a little bit of privacy it's just gonna be a tiny shutter door and that's all the space we've got so we got to put a single shutter on here but there's only well the two and a half of them will be living there so they're gonna just have to make the best that they can of this little living space and of course we need a sink to wash our hands in for hygiene very very important and we've got our tap we've got our tiny sink and we're going to tuck that just in here so it all just fits it's very snug but they've got all the amenities they need for day-to-day living perfect that's very very cute oK we've got the bathroom we've got the kitchen now we need somewhere to sleep so we're going to put the bedroom out here in the main area in the middle and we are going to have to keep it quite a conservative size we're going to make it a futon bed a couple of little pillows I'll hold on I can't do that because that's not in the right spot a couple of little pillows at the top we need these single studs to hold them up look see isn't that cute and we might just you know we might just raise that up off the ground just a tiny bit with some more single studs I've got lots and lots of studs which is great because they're left over at the end of sense you always have a few spares okay that looks good we're going to send to this underneath the existing shelf that is actually worked into the brickwork there so that's gonna be good for storing things above the bed and because we are waiting for the baby to come to we're going to pre prepare here with a little crib we're gonna make it as small as we can that's big enough to fit the baby in though and we're gonna tuck it right next to the bed safe and snug next to her parents bed that looks so cute and I think she's gonna need a teddy bear eventually and I think Sophie and Henry would definitely have a pet so here's tinker straight onto the bed typical cat putting coke out here all over the new bedspread okay Sophie what do you think so far I know it's very snug it's very cozy but it's gonna be just right for the three of you I think it's looking really good now Oh on the shelf above the bed we're going to incorporate some of Sophie's hobbies in here and I've decided that she loves sketching with inks and this is one of her ink sketches that she's got up here on display and we might put one of her sketching pins up here in a cup that's lovely that's one of those new pins I love it and she's very much influenced by Japanese things and Japanese art so we're going to put this gorgeous fan up here as well too for decoration I'm sure I can snug them all in here there we go that's so decorative as well as functional now you can see that we have a teeny tiny space left for the living area so how are we gonna do this well first up we'll get Henry out of the way we can put him in the kitchen and hope that he does the washing up while we build a place pedestal for the television we're gonna put a big flatscreen up here and we can tilt it around so he can watch it while he's in the kitchen we can tilt back the other way and they can watch from the bed or from the lounge chair now we're gonna need just a small lounge area for this little living space here's a cute little one I think that'll be just right and we're going to we're gonna need maybe just a single armrest are we gonna put that on the side near the wall yeah I think so so we will put these over here you know smallest space we've got and I'm gonna use the lounge chair itself to actually bridge those two pieces together a little bit and now the two parts of the apartment are sealed together we'll take this baby away because it hasn't been born yet that looks really good we are doing really well now maybe a little the last coffee table so they can put their drinks or their food in fact speaking of food we might bring in some food for the baby a bottle over here for the armchair and a pizza for their dinner because they've been working late tonight so they're going to have pizza they've ordered pizza in and Henry loves to play the guitar especially when he's stressed and tired so you know tuck then in the corner near the lounge chair and I think I think we might have packed this apartment absolutely full well oK we've got a lot of detail in a teeny tiny living space but I am just gonna bring in and iDevice because I just love it it's a new piece and it's so cute I'm gonna put it here on the bed cat can stamp all over it see what apps you can download okay here it is in its entirety like I said so much in a small space but they put everything they need they don't need a lot of room well not yet not till baby needs a big backyard to run around in and then we might move them out into a proper house but for now they are the first people to live in the new apartment building made out of the old performance school what do you think actually looks a little bit weird on the front no but I don't mind I think it looks fantastic on the inside and that's where they're gonna be living so Henry is now practicing some beautiful lullabies for when the baby's born tinker is sniffing at Sophie's bellies suspiciously cats know they know when new babies are going to arrive and it's not long now so I think that cats going off to tell Henry but the baby might be coming soon or maybe tink is just listening to you practice somebody's alibis I hope you enjoyed my custom build of the new apartment I had so much fun putting it together please make sure you subscribe and click that little notification bill if you enjoy these sort of videos do give it a thumbs up let me know what your favorite feature of the apartment was in the comments because I love to read your comments so so much and I'll be back with a new video very very soon bye

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  1. Don't let them drink alcohol Sophie's pregnant! What is wrong with you! Why are you are you acting insane!

  2. Ellie V I πŸ’– all your custom builds from plain and boring to fun and homecoming β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ¦„πŸ¬

  3. nice video but ellie, how come in sophie and Henry's honeymoon vid, when they came back, they lived in the same apartment studio as this one but sophie was pregnant and you just build it?

  4. πŸ€°πŸ»πŸ€°πŸ»πŸ€°πŸ»πŸ€°πŸ»πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ±πŸ±πŸ±πŸ±πŸ±πŸ«πŸ«πŸ«πŸ«πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

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