LEGO Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center Set Build Silly Play

LEGO Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center Set Build Silly Play

hello welcome to le fais toys it's building time that's always building time well not always but it's building time a lot because building is awesome today we are building a LEGO Friends lighthouse rescue center this wildlife there's a lighthouse that's rescuing I'm just making all this stuff up for the pictures and from the title so of course as we build it we're gonna see how this all works I hate it when my sheet of stickers is all folded up because it means they're a bit big creased that first book yeah alright I'll have to flatten them a bit oK we've got five bags of goodies here we have got some cedar Oh stickers and we've got my folded up sheet of stickers we've got an enormous book too and we're ready to build so let's meet the mini dolls there are too many dolls in this set and the first one of course always ready for adventure Oh new emblem on her wetsuit there okay the first one who is ready for adventure is yeah and she has got a brand new wetsuit which is cool I think all the girls are going to have their own little version of this wetsuit for this particular season she also has a life vest because safety is very important in fact safety is paramount I'm not actually certain what paramount means but I know it works perfectly with safety is so safety is paramount and the dolphin is here too so happy to see the LEGO Friends girls and their legged friends girls they're always so happy to see the dolphins there is going to be wildlife well see wildlife galore in these hats I'm so excited by that okay so mia has got some nice pink sunglasses to protect her eyes from the blazing and reflective sun off the water she is joined by Emma which is lovely let's just take the back for printing no printing oh good but they do have pockets on the back of their wetsuits on the bottom bottom cheeks okay that's bizarre obviously the Lego people didn't change the mold for the legs for these particular wetsuits so the girls have got extra storage middle back pockets perfect now the dolphin has greeted Emma so that means that we can move on with the actual building this is exciting let's get started with some of the little extra parts that are including before we start the actual lighthouse we have or ello little storytelling pieces so first up we have got a looks definitely looks boat shaped and because we're on the water that would make perfect sense it's a teeny tiny little boat kind of like a water scooter in fact that is exactly what it says in the description that this is a water scooter it has got a heart shape lifebuoy on the front and here we've got oh there's a band-aid or a sticking-plaster picture on there so that's like their first-aid kit rather than having the first-aid picture on there they've and there's a crowbar on the other side okay so that's an interesting selection of things it looks like they're going to be rescuing animals that are trapped places with a crowbar and then they're going to need to help heal them because it is the rescue center it's a rescue lighthouse this is cute we're making something on the water or a little sandy outcrop there's rocks there there are these new cute marine life pack pieces sheller we've got a little fish got the new coral pieces as well and on this coral piece here we have got another little shell it's I've so excited by the vibrancy of these colors together the teal and the vibrant coral and we've got a shell here look at this we've also got a teal brick brick separator that comes in this set which is cool we're seeing this more and more and the shell has got a heart-shaped gem in it I don't know what this shell has been eating or being irritated by because that's how they create the pearls but wow this this uh that shells actually had some serious irritations and it produced a beautiful heart-shaped gem all right the next little extra piece we have here because we've just created a little underwater scene for the dolphins hang out in or for the girls to go submarining underneath or scuba diving underneath we've got a seahorse in here we've got a moving component here maybe this is for the girls to hide in the go way look how they come and maybe not to even know that's it's fun to try it like that alright baby it's got a little heart shape on the top and there's no mummy turtles in a set but here's a mummy turtle from one of the previous sets look at how different they are in color I don't know that these ones are related I'll bet they're very cute all right say goodbye to the little baby turtle we will look after the baby turtling you need to toddle off because you're not actually in this set okay bye-bye to the big turtle for now the baby turtle it's just gonna hang out here on the front of the little sandy area while we keep building up the back here and seeing what we're actually creating cuz I'm not sure yet it looks like a little jetty or a little pier over the water maybe it's not because we're putting these these nailed on boards on these bricks here and they're making they're making like a really rustic looking roof here like a teeny tiny shack there's a bird – oh my goodness all the wildlife is coming out in this little piece including a seal the first of the seals and the seal is what goes in here and get to pushed out like that which is handy because the seal is about to be trapped in here with this piece of wood but when you push the little lever at the back with a little projector a little push you for anything it actually pushes the seal forward to pop out and escape from its I wonder how it got trapped in there all right let me see what we have got next we're gonna be adding a nice big bendy palm tree on here a tropical tree with three of these leaves they're all gonna be stacked here on the top that looks splendid that looks so good now in this little pack that has our fabrics and capes and things like that this little piece of well map gets hidden around here it is a treasure map you know it's a treasure map and when we actually plaster it with water it should show us some secrets let's see where are the secrets oh the treasure map is revealed x marks the spot just there and and kind of over there on the side and down the bottom – so one of those X's marks the spot of the treasure the more excess that just means more fun let's give this to Mia and well there's going to be some treasure hunting going on with these sets obviously because it's a treasure map okay let's see if I can actually roll this up like into a scroll and then see if I can put it in her hand that's awesome that's really awesome okay we're up to bag number two and we'll just move everybody out of the way making keep pouring over that map it's just actually the bag that Emma comes in and I stole em er out of the bag early so I could show you right at the beginning of the bills but she has got some purple sunglasses that came in this set so sorry in this bag so she is all now perfectly equipped with her accessories so now we can get started on the lighthouse and the lighthouse is sitting out over the water so obviously we need this big piece of water to start building the foundations of the lighthouse on it's looking cool already look at all these gray pieces and then you've got like this big bit of red whacked in the middle of it and there's a bit of coral coral colored piece there behind I love how Lego actually hides colored pieces where you don't see them later so look at that they've just been hidden underneath that pink that pink Coralie pieces completely gone we can't see it it's dusting the red one for now let's see whether that still stays visible as we keep building but that's just so cute now here we have got a couple of little boards here to make making a little seat well we can use it as a seat little storage area here and the moment I've got no idea how things are actually going to look but we've got to put the Foundation's down oh we got a door so doors are good and that's a little front entryway with those other pieces of wood and the door has got a turtle door it's like a little turtle pet door let's see okay oh hold on let's see if can you get in there no it must be locked she'll just have to go around this bit but I haven't built yet there see that's the quick way in turtle door doesn't seem to work no booth said alright let's keep building stop being silly no I will keep being silly and we'll keep on building we can do both let me see we have got a whole heap of curved pieces going up here on either side of the door and so far that little section there is symmetrical hmm and it looks like so this is gonna be the front entryway into the lighthouse I'm assuming that part the fact the doors there there's a little medicine spoon to go here on this hook and over here right inside the door we've got a couple of bottles of something maybe sunscreen because sunscreen is gonna be really important they're gonna be out in the Sun a lot this sticker all gives an idea so we've got some maybe medicines maybe medicines and maybe lotions or sunscreen lotions and stuff and on this wall they've got some doctors coats or vet coats and looks like a defibrillator is it a defibrillator I don't even know what they look like for for animals so this looks like they're gonna be able to rush the animals in through the front door go straight into the vet area okay nice and handy I think that's what's happening anyway it definitely looks like they're setting up with all the medicine and all the medical stuff they're going to need so you like that pink piece it's completely hidden underneath there that's so tricky and cute okay now we've got a little teeny tiny table with some hooks on the side and now we've got a whole heap of these this hospital or vet items that we need so the baby total could be the nurse baby but actually belongs here on the table there's a magnifying glass to just make sure that the markings on the turtle are the way they should be so you can really inspect them carefully and here we've got a little baby bottle for feeding the babies maybe or feeding the animals okay all right this little area because it is tiny that's got it's packed full of stuff that's cool and you can actually pull that table out which is good very handy okay another table match you match you to the first one and this one has got a screen on it with a heart monitor e hot monetary thing and we've got the ice pack over here and the clipboard we've got see this stick is actually bent but I don't know whether it's gonna stay stuck on there so that's the checklist for whichever animal they've brought in and we've also got the stethoscope so that they can they can listen to the animals hearts totally set up here and this one goes over here in the next door room once again you can take that little table off to take it outside for a bit more room for playing and we're up to bag number three and we're really racing through this bottom level there's a ladder coming up from the ocean so that'll be a quick way up and we're putting some more details over here in the ocean some more marine life to brighten the place up a bit and back up in front a lighthouse we need flowers of course we need flowers and a little box for storing things in huh okay look at the size of these windows these are I've never seen windows this big before I think there's a brand new size of Windows that's really awesome oh my goodness I've got so many plans for these massive windows piece of that scratch isn't coming off that plastic it's not just us to me it is a scratch which is such a shame okay we'll keep on building and I'll get over my disappointment eventually inside we get a little kind of CT area here so we've got a nice big nice big pet rescue and vet area going on now we've got some water bubbles or maybe they're eggs well they could even be like coral spawn little coral eggs as well because they kind of look like these bubbly things it's like a little tank area except I don't really know what it's for yet so it looks like a little watery area or it has water in it and they could be breeding breeding things in it and a control panel of some description on a spinny bit I don't know what we're building here so this guy's on the Roundy thing and maybe they could sit down and and you can spin it out so that you can actually you know easily access the little animal care area that's pretty cool though and now that spinny control areas all trapped in with the wall there's a nice big hook on the wall for hanging something which I'm sure we'll find out that is at the moment well in a moment now we have got a big sticker which shows the skeleton of the seal so obviously not for you baby turtle you can hang out there for a bit while we keep on building let's put this nice big examination light here hmm and we'll bring the seal in and that spins out like that that's cool and we can we can put them who can put the ice pack on the seals head there we go now the seals perfectly in recovery okay heading back out the front here we've got a little bit of a jetty extending out over the ocean and this is how you're gonna be able to get up to the lighthouse by the look of it here's our front door entryway from the ocean and there's little chains here to make a nice railing on either side so you don't fall in cuz fooling in all the times not fun it's fun some of that time if you've got a life jacket on oh and a little tiny octopus over here or actually in the last video you guys told me that that was a squid not an octopus what's the difference between a squid and an octopus I actually don't know is I thought it looked pretty octopus see it's got eight legs there how many legs does the squid have to squids have legs I just don't know I thought it was an octopus anyway what do you think you can tell me in the comments and let me know there's a slide let me oh why well why it would be a squid for what could be an octopus I just don't know there's a lot of things I don't know including why that okay now I know why that slide doesn't work cuz I missed out a piece ah see I knew that eventually okay cute little side coming from the second level down into the water slide into the water and we're building another fishing line like just like we've built for the ghost ship build sorry so cute and Mia can be out here fishing for fish to feed the seals because or the dolphin because the dolphin just ran off with that we must have slowed the fish down long enough for the dolphin to get it we've got a couple of little flippers over here and another life vest over here and we have a scuba diving mask so all of that is stored at the front of the lighthouse or up to bag number four and it is looking at super fine this is cool let's uh let's say let's dress em up in the scuba gear oh and her back pockets will come in real handy when she finds some treasure under the water that she can then store it back she's tugging on that fishing line shaky thing and we've got a fish now to put in this crate and whoo dolphin is just everywhere okay let's continue building we're heading up on the second level continuing the curved nature of the lighthouse and we'll see what's gonna go in this little room up here it really is such a small room we're putting what looks like another little wet area with some more of these stickers on this one's got a teeny tiny school of fish on it whoo so are we breeding fish I I just don't I don't quite understand these stickers and there's bubbles there this little fish and there's a little yellow box hmm well hopefully it will all become clear as we keep building it shouldn't just try and figure it out us before it's finished cute little window though okay now we have got a red and a green button a little control panel and this sticker will let us know oh look it's seal TV what's happening on seal TV today well they're all waving at us they look like the happiest seals ever so we're going to install seal tv up here next to our fish tank II area huh and what else is going up here there's a light oh oh no no it's not a light it's more medical gear so it's like a drip for the injured animal and so individuals can be up here and watched the seal TV or maybe the seal hangs out up here and watches his family while he's here in rehabilitation haha look see so the seals up here has some fish and then just goes off in a slide and goes back to him might be how he bumped his head is by going down the slide too crazily but this is looking so cute let's keep going up the lighthouse because the lighthouse is gonna have to get pretty tall logically so we've still got a way to go up up and up so let's find out what we are putting up here next now have no idea what we are creating yet what little scene we're creating what little room we're creating it looks like where we've just built a sand castle sand castle and we've got another little watery area over here we're putting some more of these mystery water stickers on with a teeny tiny school of fish on this one different to the last one which is really nice and small of the little bubbles or the coral eggs I just don't know and we've got a slide into the little tank that's of the baby turtle could hang out of here maybe this is a little baby turtles rehabilitation area that's so cute we're gonna have a hinge e thing going on on here this looks like an C it's the top of the sand castle and we have got a very tasty sandwich for the turtle and a cup for the term why not the turtle for the girls for when they up here providing care for the injured animals and of course they're going to need something to sit on this emblem is interesting it's like a seahorse with with a heart shape on the tail I'm sure we gonna be seeing a lot more of that and I put the wrong hid utensil on on before there's a baby bottle there and the thermometer was supposed to go over here not that it really matters that much but when I build it the first time I just like to put it the way the designers wanted it to be in then then I can change it around as much as I like Emma it's not gonna sit on here with her father's on which is logical so she's up here supervising the hoobat baby turtle which has just been given a ball and I think it's definitely for the seal actually this is an extra seal we have two seals so there are two seals in this set and we're up to bag number five oh well I did tell you that there was a lot of wildlife in this set now we've already built a boat and this looks to me like we are starting to build a boat but it's not a Bart it is something with a nice big googly eye ball it's a whale Oh a little brick-built whale that's durable and this goes on the other side of the hinge right up here that's just so cute so that's part of the sign for the lighthouse and here's the rescue part of the sign that's just adorable it's so cute who wouldn't want to come here and hang out the hook the rescue lighthouse oh and this one matches the little the little water scooter that picture there so we know that the water scooter if it actually gets drifts out to sea belongs to the lighthouse because they have a matching emblem right we are with getting another room up here on top of the lighthouse we've got a ship's wheel the decoration with another one of these little seahorse and Hart emblems lots of new logo a key things going on with this new set and we get another table so we've got three kind of matching tables this one's got a post-it note on it with a pen and a camera so this might be taking notes a little seat cushion this might be people taking notes about the animals or research is this the research centre the research room for taking pictures and documenting what you find and this is a gorgeous print out like a close-up of some of the underwater scenes that they've seen that's really nice what are we going to be putting on this wall because I can see we're gonna have him a matching picture area it's a cork board with I reckon because this looks like the cork board in Emma's bedroom this is Emma's little room her little research or her art room where she prints out pictures of the wildlife that she takes that's really awesome okay we are heading up and putting a roof on this little teeny tiny room and I think we might be getting close to the actual light of the lighthouse so let's see how that all works because there's something kind of very exciting about this set in that it comes with well oh wait till we get to it let's put this sticker on straight so it's a challenge with these big ones on rounded bricks we have got a light brick so just like we had in the ghost ship ride but a light brick also in here so that it's going to light up the top of the lighthouse logically and this here means that you can press it down from yeah from further away once you've inserted in here so with it guys it's gonna gonna be able to turn it around so let's keep building the top of this on see how it all goes together so that's trapping the light brick in there very efficiently and when you turn it around and push down then it turns on that's cool we're gonna have to have we can have to check out how that looks in the dark now we put this top part on here oh and when you push down on that oh that's so much easier all that looks awesome so when you push down you turn it on and you can push down and spin that's nice let's put it all the way up here and stall it on the top you know it was sensible for us to build the lighthouse first because this way they've got a rescue center for the submarine and the boat and everything to come back to all the time and a place to actually treat the animals oh this is looking good oh and also I forgot to say at the beginning but this was this was the set that you guys voted for in the poll so this is the one that we were building first I can't believe I got almost to the end of the bill before I remember to tell you that got a telescope up here right at the tippy top which is a sensible place to put it and on the other side we don't have another telescope we've got we've got a satellite dish for a communications dish of some sort or it's just for communicating with aliens I don't know now we are ready I think we'll turn the light off and we'll spin a lighthouse light around it's looking pretty cool let's move it a little bit further away so we can see doesn't actually doesn't actually like put light out the different sides not in this slide anyway I'm gonna have to play with that a little bit more but that's cool we are finished building the rescue center which is awesome now there are so many ways we're gonna be able to play in this we're gonna play in it as we've got the other set it's the rescue sense going but we've got this bit that actually detaches so you can get in nice and easily and you can play with that separately and when the girls bring the injured animals back to the lighthouse they can park down here and they can come up the ladder and we can swing the little observation well the little treatment Bowl or container out here swing it back around into the treatment room how clever is that I love it all right now you are going to have to choose which set we're going to build next is going to be a busy driving the bike okay you're not in this set but it's okay you can come and visit you have to tell me what set you want me to build next is it gonna be an amusement PS set or is it going to be another rescue set I will build them all but let me know which one you really want to see next I'll put a little pole up and if your choice isn't in the pole make sure you let me know in the comments below which one you want to see really soon now make sure you like the video make sure you give me a thumbs up which the sames like it really isn't that I'm gonna see you with another video very soon so I'll do it bye

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