Lego Friends Little Emma's Toddler Room - Girls Bedroom Renovation Custom DIY Craft

Lego Friends Little Emma's Toddler Room – Girls Bedroom Renovation Custom DIY Craft

so here we are outside Emma's house here comes Emma hi Emma she's giving us a wave and she's heading off inside and what she's up to I have no idea but she's got oh hold on oh we've headed back in time again here's Emma as a toddler it's little oh you are adorable oh but hold on this is Emma's room as a teenager this isn't gonna suit a toddler at all so it is time for us to do some more renovating if I can get that off all right we'll push that down again Oh welcome to leb toys we are going to make over this room into the perfect toddler room for little Emma so she's gonna have to hop out of the way because we've got some major construction to do a deconstruction first so we're gonna take out well just about everything because we don't want a balcony because one not overly safe for a toddler and two it's taking up so much room in her room that there's not enough room to put anything in the room except for a bed and a dressing table previously and we are still going to need a bed but we're gonna need a lot more cool fun things for a toddler than that so we are taking out basically most of the walls and yeah actually yeah we'll take these ones out too and that's pretty much almost a blank canvas to start with Oh hold on we can't use this sticker so let's turn this wall around because this wall will be right up against the bathroom wall in their house so we're not gonna see the sticker on the outside and yeah major construction reconstruction and I'm gonna put this window right down on the floor level because I have a plan for it but I'm just gonna take it out of the way so I can put a bit more wall into the corner here it's gonna be a bit tricky to get in and I think that that's as high as the walls are going to go that's good okay and we'll build up some of the wall on the other side I actually don't have many purple bricks so this is gonna be a bit of a mix match bedroom and I need some inward facing studs because we're gonna hang some things on the wall ladder and none of them come in purple either so we're gonna have these weird white bricks in the wall but that's fine if I want to swap this over for the one that has the sticker on it because that's really pretty and that should be on the outside of the room will continue going along the top here and actually I want another brick up so that the pictures are gonna be hanging a bit higher we'll build them all out a bit further put the window here and it's really grubby and that'll do for now because I wanna get on and start making Emma's bed little Emma she's coming in to keep an eye on what's happening so she needs a bed and I thought little Emma would totally have a princess bed something really really pretty and sweet but in strong colors rather than in pastels because pastels aren't her colors and I have tried so many things I wanted the veil that goes over the bed like a big bed net over the head and I just couldn't get it to work so I've decided on some brick-built curtains with some little Castley turrets on the top princessy totally and we're gonna put a flower on top in purple because that's perfect now let's see if this fits in the space it should actually go on either side of the window that's perfect it actually frames the window and it will also frame her bed so her bed will be nestled in a most the curtains and it will be totally princessy and totally girly it's just going to be gorgeous so for a bed because Emma's a taller toddler and she's actually she sleeps really soundly I decided that she didn't need a bed with a railing on it because she's never fallen out of her bed so she's gonna have a proper kind of bed and it's going to be really comfy so let's make it all Roundy and so pretty and I've chosen a spotty bedspread for her I made it out of stickers and instead of having it just on the top of actually made the stickers go all the way around the side so the bedspread is falling down the side of the bed and I think it looks perfect now we just need a pillow which is kind of pointy but it looks fantastic so that looks comfy now let's install this in let's see if it fit oh yes it does look that's so snug and it's right in amongst the curtains but it's got the window behind so it's still light and airy but still cozy there you go Emma a perfect new toddler bed for you that looks really great all right on the wall a nice big poster that one's really sweet we've got I've got a sticker that said you make me smile and that was just right for Emma and that can be right next to her bed cheering the room up with its smiley message and over here we are going to put some of Emma's toddler pictures so here's a tree which I just dropped which she painted or drew did she drew that she drew that and colored vent maybe she painted I'd and I haven't decided you can tell me in the comments do you think she painted that what do you think she drew it and colored in and here's some more of her little toddler pictures and here's a little chick that she drew so her walls are going to be just covered in her artwork because that's what Emma loves to do let's see if I can snug these in a little bit more because underneath where the pictures are I'm going to put a little teeny side table little glittery based one so that she could put mr. Bobo her special teddy bear on here he's gonna have a special place where she can always find him so he's her special toy now what other activities is little Emma going to want to do well she's going to need some more toys in this room and this little mat is where she has got her tea party set set up and I love these new teacups and saucers sets they're just perfect for a little Tea Party and a white teapot to go with it and I have a matching teacup as well I want more of these I really need to see them released in sets so that I can collect a whole heap of them but at a party all set up on the floor we'll put some little seats down for her special guests which are going to be her toys mr. Bobo and another special guest who will see you later come on mr. Bobo you can sit over or hold on and it keeps falling over let's put this oh goodness me let's put this back over here and we'll put em er up and mr. Bobo can sit over here where there's actually a cup for you and she can have a tea party with mr. Bobo now we're running out of room in this room so I have a plan for that first up I want to make some art supplies because hello lots and lots of craft supplies we need for little Emma that's her thing so I've got a table here and here we have got a whole stack of colored card that she likes to draw I'm gonna straighten it all up put it away in here and on the top is her latest drawing is like a sad picture of mr. Bobo with a little sad face she's just trying out different facial expressions I want to pop that up just a bit now I have currently not got much room to put this in so we're going to extend Emma's room by a big white square and in that case I'm going to need a bit more wool so hold on let's put a bit more wool in first and then I will use her craft table there her drawing table to actually hold these two pieces together I'm gonna need some Ori wood facing studs for some more artwork to hang on the walls and I'm going to use this 4 purple piece to hold that on to that's gonna be extra secure now nice oh my gosh I'm running here the purple pieces here we've got two more artwork by Emma absolutely everywhere all over the walls and on the top another picture of mr. Bobo she just loves drawing mr. Bobo in all of his different forms with his facial expressions we'll put her art table here and now now we've got a bit more room for some more craft activities so we're going to make a whole craft cabinet and to do that we need craft supplies so first up we're going to put some pens and pencils and paintbrushes all here in this caddy and we need some paints obviously so Paint Pots is a red one a yellow one and a green one would have been sensible to actually get the primary colors but yeah I wanted a pink one too and also we need a big pot of glue because there's gonna be lots of sticking going on and some glitter we've got a purple container of glitter and some gold glitter as well huh and what else do you need we need some scissors and there well we need safety scissors so I actually recolored these scissors into toddler colors and blunt and the blades so they're perfectly safe for a toddler let's put them in the caddy for now and I'll decide what I want to do with them later all right lots of craft supplies let's make a cupboard to put them into or actually some shell so some shelving for the craft supplies and we might put we'll put the Caddy down the bottom where Emma can easily reach all of these things are the glitter down the bottom is that a good idea putting glitter in the reach of a toddler all the time and up here we're going to store the glue and all the paint's gonna extend the Shelf a bit here if I put a little clip on there I can actually put the scissors on down here and they can hang underneath the Shelf and another little spot for our glue pot and then we can put all of the other paints up here she's gonna need her mom's help to get the paints down because they are out of reach of a toddler which is probably a really good idea so look at that that is just the best stock craft shelf ever it's so exciting now what else we need we need small balls so let's finish up with our walls around the side running very low on purple pieces we might use a big window over here I'm having to use dark purple pieces now and I'm gonna have to use white too and some more of the little inward facing stub things to hang some more pictures on maybe just one more picture and I'm conserving what purple pieces I have left that's it we're all done okay walls are done another picture of buh buh buh buh and here's many impressions okay nice Peaks face there now let's build another crafting activity table and this one what else do we need she likes to sculpt so this is going to be her play-doh table let's put some colorful legs on it cuz play-doh tables totally have colorful legs they're just these plastic tables and they're nice easy to clean off so we also need some tubs of play-doh there's a big blue tub of play-doh and a little pink one little tubs and I'll if I put a clip here I can do something really clever we've got a flag and a yellow tub of play-doh to go on top of our yellow clear that's really oh is that lid on properly we don't want the lid not to be on properly or the plate will dry up we have got a star cutter to cut the play-doh out into shapes and here's one that she's already been busy molding and playing with and we also need a rolling rolling PLIM a rolling pin rolling pin to roll out the play-doh it put that here on the side this is so beautifully compact her play-doh molding table and did we say that Emma was really responsible I don't know about that because over here is some slime that she made and she's just letting it drip all over the floor check that out what a mess she's made flaky it's not carpeted because slime just gets everywhere it's impossible to get off but here we go play-doh table with slime in the corner and where's our slime mess let's just tuck this down here on the floor we can take that in or out that's the easiest cleanup slime ever though which slam was really that easy to clean up so there we go Emma's room is always completely just need to put all the smooth pieces along the top with a few little lovely bits up there to be able to connect the barbecue roof on it above for the house and her room has actually been extended so I'm gonna have to do something about that but look at that that's just the cutest room for toddler Emma and she can come over here she can she doesn't even notice that slime dribbling everywhere she's too involved with making her play-doh creation and she can sit on her bed and play with Bobo oh you make me smile and and she can have a tea party with mr. Bobo and she only owns one dog if she's not super duper excited by dolls she's got all their craft stuff she loves crafting she loves painting and making but here comes Stephanie cuz you all said that Stephanie should give Emma the Malibu Stacy doll so Emma says thank you and Emma's just stored it away here behind her bed for now but I don't think she's gonna open it cuz I don't think she really wants another doll but having Stephanie over for some tea for a tea party a pretend tea party with all of their friends and after they finished having a tea party they can have a bit of a jump on the new bed just to try out its springiness oh you girls Stephanie's ok good times with good friends now once Stephanie goes home more tea party time and we need to go and check how this is gonna fit on the house so because I actually extended this it sticks out kind of weirdly off the side so I'm going to need to build in underneath and make a little garage maybe or an eating area or or even a little play area for toddler Emma so I'm going to have to extend this house again but that's ok have lots of fun extending the houses now a perfect bedroom for a little Emma filled with toddler crafts activities and I love her tea party set who are we going to make the next toddler room for and who is going to get that Malibu Stacy doll who isn't gonna be perfect for you must let me know in the comments make sure while you're there you subscribe make sure you check out some of my other videos did you see Stephanie's toddler room it was really cute too and I'll see you with a new video very soon bye

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