Lego Friends Little Olivia's Toddler Bedroom - Custom Girls Room Renovation DIY Craft

Lego Friends Little Olivia's Toddler Bedroom – Custom Girls Room Renovation DIY Craft

hello welcome to leb toys for here we go we are loitering outside Olivia's house waiting for Olivia to make an appearance I hear she is but this is what Olivia looks like before the changes here's what she looks like now puberty was well just different on her she's changed quite a bit but she's about to change some more in fact we're not gonna change in the future we're going to go back to the past when Olivia was a toddler come out toddler Olivia he she come she's so cute as a toddler now I actually made Olivia into a toddler quite a while ago and I just didn't love what I had ended up with so this is what she looked like before on the left and I have changed her to embrace her girliness I mean she is the tech whiz the crazy genius but she also is incredibly stereotypically girly and we totally needed to embrace that so she has now got sparkly leggings and a pink skirt and her colors all suit perfectly and her pigtails are oh my god that's cute so I think she's now perfect she's still a little serious but that's just who she is so I'm so much happier with this new incarnation of Olivia as a toddler so let's enter into Olivia's house and let's check out her bedroom through the kitchen up into Olivia's bedroom now this bedroom is themed for teenage Olivia this is not gonna work at all for a toddler so yes we are going to totally renovate this bedroom so let's remove the parents bedroom which I also created off the top here and let's move Olivia's original bedroom out and it's actually it's so small let's move toddler Olivia out of the way because this is about to get very dangerous we are going to remove everything we don't need a dressing table we don't need a big bed we don't need any of those things and that was way too easy so alright let's modify this first up I'm going to remove the door that leads into the bathroom because I want to put things against this wall so we're going to need a nice solid wall and they're just gonna have to kind of climb around to be able to get into the bathroom will move all of these top bits off because I'm going to be doing quite a bit of changing in this room we'll get all these green smooth pieces put them away for later when we finished we can smooth over the top and now we've got our left hand side wall they're going to put these little inward facing studs there because when I hang something off there and we're going to take this off here because we are going to extend the area of this room we are going to make it twice as large again huh so this is the biggest toddler room I have made to date I may have gone a little bit overboard with my ideas for Olivia's room but I just wanted to fit everything in and this it's the last LEGO Friends toddlers room ready to go well I just wanted it to be just if I wanted to put everything in so first up she needs a bed and for her bed we are putting it in the color scheme of crispy white sheets and pastel pink and darker pink because pink is one of her theme colors we're gonna put these hinges on the bottom here so that we can make the type of bed that you can tuck the mini dolls into this is my cutest bed I love these little bed styles so in she goes we can tuck her in that she looks so cozy all tucked in and it's a very plain top there on the bed at the moment we're going to actually decorate it with this sticker so we're going to put this across the two bricks don't panic because I've got more plans but I'm going to just line it up so it's perfectly centered what kind of centered there that's pretty good in fact that's lovely and I'm going to put a smaller one down the bottom here just so it really is we don't want any blank space down here just going to make it so cute and Olivia's room is going to be heart themed cuz if you remember the original LEGO Friends before she had cogs as her trademark symbol she had hearts so we are embracing that – it's totally gonna run with it because hearts are cute and they go so well in a toddler room so pink hearts and we're actually going to cut down the middle of this so I need my cutting surface I'm going to use a cutting blade which is very sharp and I'm an adult so I can use this but if you are a child who's doing this obviously get an adult to do this part for you but it splits them so cleanly so now make sure we put the cover back on the cutting blade when we're finished with it safety first now we can use these two beautiful halves so make the top side of her blanket there we go look perfectly lined up when you do it like this I didn't want to cut them beforehand because I would have not been able to line them up when I put them on but now they does look as though they're whole when they're down together now I want to extend the length of this bed a little bit at the back so I'm going to make kind of a bumper bed head kind of thing there and you'll see why in a moment you can probably guess why I've got a single stud there but we are going to put this bed smack bang in the middle of her bedroom to hold these two base plates together for starters so we're gonna squish this down nice and hard and this is going to hold the two halves of the flooring together nice and snugly so they look a jump on the bed when she's run off and she has come out she's got an apple flunkin this is a spot fish snap off Lumpkins on her bed head so he can be tucked up there while she's tucked into bed and they'll both be very safe while we keep building okay going to build a whole heap of shelving around her bed which will be great for storage so let's put some nice big company things down here and we're going to put we can utilize them as side tables so she can use them to put her cups of coffee on hold on she's a toddler why would she have cups of coffee these little yellow pieces are going to be lights that are built into the storage and over here got a place for a very precious book the one that she's reading and it can be tucked here next to her bed ready to read can extend this side a little bit and now it's not symmetrical which might break some of your brains but you won't notice it soon and in this little cupboard here there's a hamster there's a hamster okay so we're storing a hamster in here this will all become clear as I build some more as to why there's hamster in the cupboard next to her bed and in the other side she has got some Lego sets which she hasn't built yet and she is definitely a Lego lover of course she's Olivia how could she not love Lego so they're safely stored in there and I've got a very special set for Olivia coming sue and you'll just have to wait and see what it is now across the top of our storage unit we're going to have these little inbuilt lights underneath the shelf and this is gonna be the shelf over the top and on the shelf of course of course there are going to be a whole load of books so this is gonna be her bookshelf we're gonna line up all these colorful books because she's a toddler they've got to be super different colorful they will be so interesting because they're colorful that work is that logical and on the sides we're going to round over the top and I want these little forward-facing studs because there are now heart-shaped tiny little Lego tiles they are adorable and perfect and then make the most wonderful decoration so sublime for Olivia's room we're going to install this up here and hold my breath hope it fits it does these little lights gonna be so great for reading at night now there is a space up here for something special this wouldn't be Olivia's room without a robot and she hasn't created zobo yet because she's still too little so this is her very first robot my first robot and this head actually comes off a robot minifigure we're gonna put it on the little skate to make it wheeled and put a flower on the top and this is her very first robot it is her most prized possession she loves it she's obsessed with it she wants to know how it'll work so this is the start of her robot obsession it's very safely stored up here now next to the shelf got all of these spots I want some more hearts so I would like a nice big poster with small hearts on it to tie in with our heart theme looks so pretty and this hamster still hanging out down here I'm gonna show you why how did this hands to get here well actually you're not gonna find out for a little while yet because first up we need to build an enclosure a hamster cage basically still doesn't explain why there's a hamster in her bedside table but we do need a hamster cage so this is where the oh gosh that is grubby let me clean that what happens when they are a little bit a little bit used your fingerprints all over them so his hands just safely in the enclosure here is some yummy hamster food down here in the drawer it's very cute and what else we need oh you know what we're going to put a hamster wheel on the side and this is exactly the same design as their hamster wheel from the friendship house is such a fantastic design we're going to attach it to the side of the hamster cage it's so simple it's so cute they love the wheel so let's put another little hamster in here she has got so many hamsters so there we go a little hamster wheel we're gonna put it hold on we're going to put it on a little brick here and I want it to be up a little higher so I need a nice tall piece there and just this soot nice sweet does sits really nicely we're gonna just take it up one more piece and then I'm gonna attach it to the cage with another piece once we've installed it now we also need water bottle so our feeding water drippy thing that's a technical name now and that has to go in the cage somehow so we need to suspend that we've got that ready and now I would like a hamster run so that they have got this multicolored tube system and my idea was to put it all around Olivia's room but I just didn't have enough two pieces or enough of these little curved pieces so we're going to get as far as we can we're going to try and tie this in here there we go is that going to work I don't know let's go and put it in find out so we're going to attach that to the wall to give it a bit more support but I'm going to need another single stub there I think we'll put our little hamster wheel there and we're gonna put a light on it to hold it all together that's doing well now let's find out I still need that to extend a bit so if I so the water bottles hanging in there nice yeah I'm going to add another one of these which have got the two connectors so yeah okay and we'll put a light piece here put our tube onto here but I want to extend the tube along the wall and down into this little section next to her bed that's my plan so let's put this pink piece to support it and let's make a tube we'll see whether we can get this little hamster run to connect all the way to live is bad and not fall down because I don't know it's gonna have enough support might collapse everywhere to find out we're making it super duper colourful I wish we had some of these pink pieces in the cylinder and this transparent cylinder that would be cool I need to connect that so I'm going to need one of these Technic pieces and let me see if that is long enough and just the right length I think it is it look at that alright look at this we've got a little hamster tube it goes all the way over to next to her bed but put another hamster on the top they just keep escaping and the cat if you remember the cat was in the original Olivia's house hanging out here on the banister so the cat can hang out there again and keep an eye on the hamsters at play now we need some sciency things for Olivia so toddlers sciency things are a bit tricky so here is her science table and toddlers like growing crystals and it's a safe enough activity with some parental help to grow crystals so she has been growing crystal she's got a beautiful collection now it's got a nice big blue one and a red one and I'm sure the little green one here she can put this one down here so she has been doing science experiments with the crystals and of course she's going to need a toddler microscope and we need that to be very colorful but it's still gonna work it's totally got to work because it's no point if it doesn't work so a toddler microscope over here and I have left space over here but I need to find out where's gonna be a good spot I might actually put a little jumper piece down here so that the table can come on and off we can pull it out if we want to and let's get Olivia out of her bed let's see let's see if this microscope is the right height for her little toddler eyes now toddler eyes need protection in fact if you're doing science experiments all eyes need to be protected so we need some goggles safety first ice is so important we only UPS hold on a droplet we haven't to get one set of eyes in our lifetime and we must protect them there we go the science experiment table is so ready and so good but she's not content with just this area being science he lets this little piece where we can put one of the crystals that she's grown her favorite crystal pink of course and it's going to be magnified so she can really have a look at it with the light shining through it from the window so we're gonna put the magnifying glass right here on her bedside table and she can look at this whenever she likes it is currently set up right behind the magnifying glass looking so pretty alright let's extend the rest of this room finish up the walls here and actually on this piece of wall I want a gigantic Sun now I had a thought that I would love to put the planets all around her room but I just couldn't find anything that was perfect to do that so I've got another plan we are going to put a massive Sun here on the wall no there's bubbles in the sticker let me try again if I go down smoothly from the top just a little bit of time and smooth it down hopefully we can avoid those bubbles never had that happen before oh there's still no that's pretty good there's still a little bubble in that we'll just call that a sunspot okay so a nice big Sun over here on the wall well just put the white bits over here so that we know how it's gonna look and I think we're also gonna have a cloud we can have the Sun spin over the cloud can you see a naturescene starting here love these cloud pieces they are so cute alright we are going to have a nice big table with green on us and this idea we're going to make a little model like a diorama like a mini diorama it's so cute so these little houses are going to be incorporated into her model we're gonna make them differing sizes and have some different roof colors here with the red one and let me think what else we're gonna need some trees some mini trees for the model and we'll make one a little bit taller they're gonna be pine trees they definitely look like pine trees Oh with the pine trees we're going to put some mount in the areas in here a nice big mountain the most fantastic idea I'll have to see if I've got pieces to do it so we're gonna build a nice big mountain up the back a river flowing down or a little waterfall coming out into a pond out of the mountain coming out of the Rocky Mountain it's so pretty this would be a lovely place to live gonna put a nice big tree over here but we're going to prop it up a bit with a bit more green and some teeny tiny house up here on the rocky part of the mountain and a whole heap of houses down in the green area they're gonna be around the lake I got bad news for these houses because on the mountain top we are actually going to install a volcano experiment let me see if this works if we put this here and we can use this oh my god as it does so she can be doing the volcano experiment with the baking soda and the vinegar and actually have the volcano erupted down onto the unsuspecting houses below oh my goodness ho let's put another little bit of green down here actually I want this different coloured green I want that one over there for my pine tree and this one's gonna be a little bit of green on the bottom so she has made a diorama with the volcano erupting volcano science experiment thing in the background that is so cool it's really really cool and I'm just trying to angle this around bit so that the volcanoes facing angled into the front of it and do you know what else this needs a dinosaur totally would have a dinosaur in here with all the houses could be in there stomping their houses become totally ridiculous but it's a toddler's room so a dinosaur can totally coexist with people in the houses in a volcano experiment now I would like a very special pillow cushiony thing down here on the slaw because this is Olivia's special LEGO building area and she's about to receive the most epic Lego set ever it is the Lego set of her art house the original LEGO Friends Olivia's house she's so excited to build this she just can't wait but she's going to have to wait because we need to put all of the smooth parts along the top here finish this room off she's just staring she's so excited and then we need to see how this fits into her existing house so we've got this space here and it is hanging substantially over the side so I'm actually going to put some supports in a bit of an area underneath I haven't actually decided exactly what I want to do under here so I'm just gonna put some things in here in the meantime but first we're going to need some support in the middle and I'm going to match up the brick pattern with the one there in the lounge room and I'm going to need one more up there and then I'm just gonna put a whole heap of tan ones over here on the side and we'll make sure that this supports the room beautifully so that it's not all suddenly gonna collapse when we press down while she's playing well she's building Lego and we might oh we could use the side table from the old Olivia's bedroom here and a little carpet just to connect them up looks really pretty we'll put her handbag down here too and that looks like a nice little area heading into the house and over here we're gonna put a connector here and they will make it a barbecue area so let's just put a barbecue in here and a picnic table and we will just leave them like that let me just check there's enough room to move around that there I think there is well leave it like this for now but I'll have some more ideas for this space later and her parents room can be on the top here and she's gonna need a little bit of roof over here so I'm going to have to build that I could do something like this so I'm yeah I'm gonna have to make her a little bit of roof to make this house not look quite so unfinished now I've made her such a massive bedroom but oh my goodness it was fun if she is totally into this set she has got all the pieces out and she did not open all the bags at once she started with back one because she's very methodical and she and the dinosaur a totally wreaking havoc in her diorama the peaceful little towns about to be swamped by dinosaur and about to be enveloped in lava so it's gonna be a big day for them and after the big day is over she can snuggle into bed with snuffles Lumpkins and she can read him his favorite story she looks so cozy and her new butt okay all the LEGO Friends toddlers have now got their own custom toddler bedroom styled perfectly for their interests and it was so much fun but I am NOT finished with these houses yet I still have some more renovation plans in mind some big plans so make sure if you enjoy these videos to hit that subscribe button do hit the like button and let me know in the comments what you think about this build and I'm gonna see you with a new one very soon so see you then bye

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