Lego Kids Backyard finished! Sophie & Henry's Custom Lego House Renovations DIY

Lego Kids Backyard finished! Sophie & Henry's Custom Lego House Renovations DIY

hello welcome to elevate is alright we are back here in Sophie and Henry in the triplets backyard and we are going to finish it today i conked out with exhaustion halfway through it because we've got so much stuff in here we've been a marigold garden fair Henry and we've got a pool with water in it we've got a climbing frame we got trees we've got all sorts of stuff but we need lots more because we got plenty more room Harry didn't install the hose and he is sprinkling everybody where did you get my horse from I'm taking that off you okay I can see that you are going to be up to some mischief this episode you can Park yourself over here it's already got his roller skates on the kids are just thrilled to have a bit of space to stretch out and zoom around in now because we didn't get it finished I actually had time to put some of your suggestions in so first piece of equipment that we are going to put in the backyard today is suggested by Chloe and she said please put a diving board next to the pool and a rollerskating area for the backyard I don't know that we'll get a rollerskating area but we can certainly put a diving diving pool diving board in I really think the pool needs it that means they keep jumping into it anyway so they might as well have a board to actually jump off so we're gonna need steps up to the board we're gonna make it reasonably solid because we're going to also make it movable does that make sense solid but movable yeah they don't contradict each other so here's our diving board and know you got your roller yes II wasn't installed properly fell over that's why you don't play on the equipment until it's ready Harry holy moly we're gonna put it up here in the back corner and I want to angle it in so this is gonna make it just a bit tricky so we're going to put a little jumper stud here and we're gonna need to support the front as well I don't that's kind of sticking in too far it's taking up too much of the pool so let's move it back a bit and angle in a bit more which means I need to take these off lucky we've got our orange to love goodness for removing Lego we'll put it about here so let's see if I can make that happen there we go nice nice now you're good you've taken this skate off but off the triplets are still not got any swimming costumes so we are gonna have to make that that's some stage they're gonna need swimmers because they now earn a pool so exciting all right next piece of equipment they're going to really need something to skate on and to skateboard on so skating ramp is an excellent idea from pan tips on this I hope announcer but I love your comments you know I read all your comments I can't always include them in the videos I can't always answer them all but I do read them just rest assured that I do and I know a lot of people come in to the same things so if you didn't get a shout out it's not that I didn't see what you wrote it's just that we had lots of fabulous fabulous suggestions I love it so we've now got a skateboard ramp and everybody's falling over in the pool which would be bad if their head stayed underwater okay Harry just dripped some water out here we'll clean that up and he can go on here with his roller skates or he can climb up his climbing frame the rock wall and all the climbing wall why do I keep calling it rock wall and he can get his skateboard well their skateboard and he can watch just skateboard off the side of the house there like that that's very clever and he can use that for his skateboard ramp so cool always done a loop-de-loop but I'm sure that's not a proper skateboarding term I'm sure you're not supposed to do that either over the play equipment that's how you ruined play equipment Harry and we've only just installed it and that's why we can't have nice things now treat them nicely okay all right finished chilling off Harry I'm pretty sure he's not gonna listen let's do something else let's now go with Karma's idea now come and always leaves the most interesting comments to read and I love it and today we work we've already done the pool on the playground so yeah maybe make a veggie patch for Henry – well you know what there was already a veggie patch when we did the crazy animal rescue so we could just use that kind of an extended a tiny bit so basically the same thing a little tiny fenced off area there's a little bit of grub in there let's get rid of that could have been mulch for the vegetables but it's not so remove it and we had carrots growing in here they were doing very very well so we might as well put them back in again uh in the corner we're having a pumpkin vine in this pumpkin vine is going to get a little out of control but we make the pumpkins remind get out of control again I put some strawberries in because I love strawberries and they're so beautiful when they're in season okay pumpkins looking good but if you've ever grown a pumpkin vine or the sometimes they just grow themselves out of seeds you put out in the compost heap they tend to go everywhere they just love climbing all over your backyard so this one's escaping from the garden bed so cute actually escaping so much a couple the rest of a fan song let's move some of this around so the vine is escaping and I think I think the veggie garden is gonna need a little bit of cultivating so Henry's gonna have to get onto that but it's nice they're gonna have fresh pumpkins and carrots and strawberries it's gonna be really young all right what are we gonna have next okay next suggestion comes from Isabella and she has asked to make a swing set and a seesaw now lots of people liked this one so yes swing sets lots of you said swing sets too but swing sets take up a lot of space like she wanted to save some space for something else near the end but we'll definitely do a seesaw but I don't think a swing set is going to go in in this episode anyway but a seesaw I can do in fact I can even say Caesar I can say C sells seashells by the sea salt sea okay no Cecil okay I'll just concentrate on building it then fine in fact we're going to actually need to concentrate a little bit harder cuz this is the seat and it needs to go on the end of the seesaw that sells seashells by the seashore see see so she sure and while I was doing talked to his business seesaw which I now cannot say has been installed we're gonna tuck it right over here we're gonna make everything snug so everything fits in and it's just gonna fit in there's gonna be room just to kind of negotiate around it Henry it's gonna first go on the seesaw by the seashore that's no seashore here he's gonna go with the little tiny bunny that has come back for the veggie garden and oh hold on this is not how C cells are designed to be used someone's gonna come a cropper soon but we'll just leave them over there cuz they seem to be okay okay skateboard let's just put it out of the way and next up now this suggestion is actually very sensible because I kind of keep forgetting that the triplets are toddlers and I keep making them stuff that's kind of probably for kids but a sandbox or a sandpit we call it here it's perfect for toddlers they can practice their fine motor and gross motor skills and they can I don't know throw sound of each other that's a terrible idea never ever throw sand at somebody get into their eye you can cause them some serious damage so they're gonna play with it responsibly and we're going to make them a sand pit if they can play in it nicely together and I've also built the my castle with some turrets and a little flower on the top that's fallen from well from okay well from the tree that I'm about to build to give a bit of shades to them while they are playing in the sand pits just gonna be a little tree a weenie tree for a bit of shade a teeny tiny tree what other words can we use for small Apetit a tiny whiny tree I think I'm running out of synonyms for small so a little tree did I even use little before I don't remember simple one okay we've got some nice outlying branches to provide the shade some purple flowers which is curious because flower that fell on us top of the Sandcastle is pink so that's an interesting phenomena that's okay let's go and put our very very small tree but just speak enough to provide in that shade for those children who are playing in the sandpit responsibly and nicely in building cool things out of sand that's cute and because because they are kids there's gonna be some sand that doesn't stay in the sandpit so we're gonna put some little blobs of sand around the edges I might have to move these around depending upon whether we can fit more items around there but there we go a sand pit with a little bit of sand escaping and violet is straight into here she really really really loves building things out of sand just scrunching her toes in the sand we might even get you a handful of sand here we go if I said sand a lot of times it feels like I said sand a lot of times the sand pit is done now the piece de resistance everybody comment this I feel as though everyone commented this you want to trampoline for the kids I want to trampoline for the kids everybody wants trampoline for the kids let's move the trampoline for the kids which is going to be interesting because Legos hard and trampolines are supposed to be bouncy so let's give that a whirl shall we now I really really wanted to make one of the trampolines with big safety nets up the side but the Lego Nets that exists just didn't work and it kind of just made a huge and cumbersome in front of everything else just look like this big weird thing so I gave up the idea of the net and I decided we were just going to have a nice big round trampoline and that nobody was gonna get hurt by falling off it because there was no safety net cuz you know I can't manage before without safety nets not to many died falling off trampolines hi surely not not too many broken legs okay so we've got a circle and we are building up some legs speaking of legs building up some legs for the sides now for the bottom legs on the sides I think I'm getting too excited about the trampoline let me see if I put actually if I just leave it at this side it would kind of be not way too low to jump on but be kind of be like an exercise trampoline we have to make that even smaller so let's put some more legs on make it a little bit taller so it's going to be proportionally a bit better for the kids to jump on nice we've got a trampoline now there is problem because the big all the middle bit is gonna fall through thanks for demonstrating that Harry so I got to be creative and I decided that we were gonna use I'm gonna use some material I've actually got this cool felt which has got little star cutouts in it so kind of will look a little bit like net and I'm just gonna draw a circle around the outside and it could cut this out I'm gonna use it now if I had have had any lycra like the swimsuits or leotards or even maybe a really big balloon that was bouncy that would have been even better because they're stretchy but I didn't have any of that in the house so I just used what I had I think this will look pretty cool and when it wears out well go and get some lycra and I'll use some like her because I think that lycra would be so cool because it will actually be bouncy it would cut this out and then then we'll see how well well because Lego is so well machined and it has such a tight snug fit we're gonna be able to hold this in our circle this is why I love Lego is such a quality building cooper material and I've actually drawn all over this I'm just gonna use some rubbing alcohol to get to get my little miko marks off i'll hold up there's no one over there that I just missed on the leg there we go on the leg now the legs are clean good now I need to dismantle this again but we had the shape it's important that we had the shapes on you what was going on and we need to make our circle and bit by bit here we're just gonna shove the legs that's really the material it's just gonna squash it well it's felt it's going to squash it down and with a thinner material this would actually be even better but felt squashes down really quite nicely and it's gonna make a really nice firm hold and it's looking pretty good already we're gonna have a bouncy trampoline for the triplets well that looks so cool that's so cool we'll put the other legs in and then the net in there is gonna be secure and then they can have a jump all right yes this is working you would have been better with a thinner material but this is pretty cool I love the star cutouts on this felt it's just so cute haha okay who's first on the trampoline it's Harry of course it's Harry okay oh he thinks it's awesome well hold on possibly she could have used that security net just jumping and quality straight off well it's definitely bouncing so we're going to install it here oh we just dropped a big branch on it there we go we're going to install it here in this big space and I think that that has filled the area very nicely that's why we couldn't fit any swings in cuz we wouldn't be able to fit the trampoline as well in and while she's just throwing the sand down violet is straight on the trampoline she is having a great time too she's jumping responsibly and no only one person on the trampoline not see banged heads together and everybody's broken Fayette trampoline parks on a hold on they're not broken what are you doing now this is not that tree was not put that if for that purpose Wow oh no look an Alex is now out of the pool I hope he's not wet you go okay obviously the triplets are going to have a really good time with the trampoline in their backyard all right we have failed this backyard full of the most fantastic thing is that any toddler or kid could possibly want we have put a back wall on the bottom level I think I'm gonna have to progress that back wall all the way up to the top so that it looks well it looks pretty good as it is I love it I love it I love the big trees around the side and the climbing frame and we we just managed to fit a lot of good stuff in here they're never gonna want to come inside let's see how it looks it actually looks still really good from the front we're gonna need to change this sign over can you need to make a new sign for Sophie and Henry's house like the Darlington house oh I'm thrilled with how the backyard has turned out thank you for your suggestions it has just made the world of difference and they're all having such a great time playing in here Henry's even going in this slippery slide what it's pilot doing is that a water balloon better not be and now they are all's well this stack songs down the slide nobody's waiting for anybody else to finish oh my goodness and this seesaw is going with everybody on it and Harry's falling off now at all John wasn't safe like that and look even looking all mighty not responsible adults hang all right they're here at the sandpit they have buried Harry oh he's having a good time in the sandpit but everybody's run off and kind of left Harry in the sand castle oh but they are now over on the climbing frame violet so it's upside-down where are you going Alex jump on her fingers did you just go into violets bedroom oh my god did you just kick him out of the bedroom oh lucky that trampoline was that Oh let's see that again in slow motion oh wow just well there are so many ways that they can hurt themselves but they're just running around having a marvelous time and Harry is still in the sandpit good times okay everybody in the pool I really really have to make use of a swimsuits you can't go swimming in your shoes and your socks and your clothes all the time oh it looks like he's on out himself Harry's out I think they're gonna spend a lot of time in the pool this summer and Henry is so hot from gardening that he just rode the skateboard into the pool and Sophie's finally awakes maybe somebody can be a responsible adult around here I hope maybe oh my godness it's a marvelous backyard now I don't know what's gonna happen next for Sophie and Henry so maybe you could tell me make sure you subscribe to make sure you look at one of the other videos while you wait for new worlds and I'll be back with a new one soon so I hope you have a good day while you wait and watch more videos bye

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