28 thoughts on “Management – Viking Ship | Means TV”

  1. It's amazing how well this captures the bullshit-speak I've heard from countless pathetic teamboosting(!) managers over the years toiled. Well done.

  2. This makes me think about when I worked at dominos and when they made us sing team chants to get pumped for the opening of the new store. Never saw the owner after that day. Mfer just sipped wine at his massive house while we busted our asses understaffed as fuck

  3. Remember, you wanna be a billionaire so you don't have to think about the stupid, dirty, disgusting, stupid common people that you are forced to interact with every day. Life is definitely exactly like it was 50 years ago, so all you gotta do is invent something in your garage and trust the all-powerful hand of the market. And then build an empire and as ethical/exploitative concerns come up, it's really best to leave women out of the rooms where the decision-making happens… they tend to just clog up the works.

  4. I had an epiphany at work today. I’m a software developer (so I’m already pretty lucky, salary and benefits wise) and my company is merging with another company.

    They have been doing the same work we have done for years. Literally built the same shit. Websites, interfaces, control programs… imagine the manpower wasted all over the world for the sake of “competition” because everything gets created again and again and again.

    “Nah, we cant have only one computer program to solve this issue for everyone, that’s communism! We must have thousands of competing companies because that’s more efficient*! We *need another factory data management system!”

    When your boss tells you you’re doing something special or unique, they’re lying to you.

  5. Stupid analogy. I had a crappy job a couple years ago, so I left because my employment is a voluntary agreement. Idiotic things like communism is what truly enslaves people.

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