Marie Kondo - KonMari Style | Communal Office, Art & Craft Supply Organization

Marie Kondo – KonMari Style | Communal Office, Art & Craft Supply Organization

I Marie Kondo to a very communal office space for our family and I want to show you what I did what I actually did is in here this is all just this has been here before but I really do love this space share it too it's some different pictures from different travel and like some things that are near and dear to us and some memories that are are very very very fond to us so anyways that's our little library what I changed is in here so that the change lies behind these cabinets and drawers and well I didn't change much of what we've done we still have the same drawers as we did before the way I organize them is much different so I'm gonna start with something that's not gonna seem like much of a change because it's been this way for so long but you know I went back through it again and kind of reorganized a few things so what's really nice about this space is it's kind of like a craft store for the family so we've got you know finders and our notepads laminator machine sewing stuff miscellaneous spray things sewing machine instruction manuals this is some of the kids you know the little beads and then the bands and I can here for example we have just this is all very miscellaneous like different paints and different mediums things that we may need in here for example and if you look back I'll see if I have a video on this from years ago and we had way more stuff and this is this hasn't changed much so these bins are really old they've had a lot of love a lot of a lot of use but for example you know we've just brand the markers in here's like colored pencils and yeah so that's how this looks and we have one out candles on this one but and then there's some other things in here too other like arts and craftsy things but they all kind of go together and here we've got glue and cutting and stuff like that so that's this bottom section here and this is the part that really counts so now this is the test like I said I've not opened this drawer and it's been getting used for about two weeks now so moment of truth let's see we've kept it together what's hard about this part is it not just me that uses it the kids use it more than anybody okay this is still that looks pretty much I think I had the tape stack maybe that may have been how it looked before so that's pretty good and then in here yeah so look at that the scissors got moved around a little bit but for the most part everything stayed the same so this is what I did with our our stuff so we've always kept tape we call this the tape drawer and you know we've got our pins and our markers here and we have eight on so many and I I love sharpies I love buying sharpies okay I don't use enough of them and we have a lot of pens like my boyfriend will just you know bring these these all just actually right here this these are his work supplies so he'll you know bring these home and they'll just kind of stack up and then he'll take them back to work and they eat a million times put them in a shirt or I'll have a work meeting or whatever in here we've got lots of pencils so this section here let me let me kind of explain it this section here is all pencils these are big markers and highlighters over here art pens and then here we've got all sharpies and the way that I did it was so that they're obviously categorized but in a way that they're gonna eat the use that they need so this is we have here we have scissors here in here we actually have a Clippers that's what's that's what's over here we have our tea I don't care if that's down a glue stick and a stapler so very very simple very basic over here we actually have some foreign random for and change why that's in here it lived here before it may as well continue to live here more sharpies this will be good for the school you know come next year and then this is probably my favorite part out of all of it because this all used to be these containers about what they used to be in but now having them kind of together I really like it so I wish I had the before but these this hasn't changed we've got our studio staple some erase pencil sharpener I've got a rubber bands here which has been very handy and then we have our Clips here and there's a few different kinds of clips in here so but nobody gets that these are like the ones that you know you would put in like a cubical wall Drake actually has a board that I can stick those in so I'll go put those in there for the sake of safety but then you know push the text and the old calculator this which I occasionally use for gifts yeah really simple really organized I'm really happy with it I love the kind of the aerial view of being able to see everything and with the exception of this box being close I should just rip the lid off everything is pretty much just you know where it needs to go so this is again is very much so a family space I should dust it it's very much so family space it's used almost every single day and it's functional so it's even better now and it's below one of my favorite walls in the house so anyways that's it I will talk to you guys soon let me know if you have any tips or anything that you think you would do differently or anything that you've done

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