Minecraft: How To Build A Suburban House Tutorial (#6)

Minecraft: How To Build A Suburban House Tutorial (#6)

hey what is up guys my name is Josiah and welcome back to another edition my suburban house tutorial series now the house we'll be building today is quite unique as it sits upon a large and tall stone foundation giving it plenty of hyper a34 design and a spaces above-ground basement and garage area not only that but the house has a bright and colorful black palette as well as cool features like it's raised fortunate entrance way that makes it an awesome looking design so without any further ado let's get right into building it now first up we allow out the foundation of the house so start by placing in a 21 by 10 long ring of stone blocks that is four blocks tall then on the inside of this area will add a couple more walls so starting from the left side let's add in a wall v block over that extends across the front and back and then also from the right side that side in one of these walls at the seventh block over so now with all the walls in place that's next replace the floor on the inside here with gray concrete then once the floors end we can now cover over this area at the top layer with more stone blocks next one a staircase at the front left side of this foundation so starting a block over from this left corner let's place on a three wide staircase of court stairs that goes up four rows by removing any of the stone in the way and then to finish this up with a new part of the wall at the left side of the staircase the guy do here so gradually slopes up with the stairs next up we'll add the second floor on top of the foundation so starting a block in from this top right corner of the staircase it's placing a 16 by 16 of light blue concrete then we'll make a slight adjustment to the shape of this concrete ring so shutting from this front right corner go over a block to the left and remove the next three blocks after that and with these blocks removed let's then extend blocks out from the sides of this gap to the end of the stone foundation and connect them together along the front edge of it so now that we have the shape of this light blue concrete laid outlets then build this up another three blocks to the walls of this area are four blocks tall and total and then with all these walls in place we can now cover up this area across the top layer with more light blue concrete next up we'll add an overhang for the front porch so all we need to do is cover over the stone section here with my blue concrete from the top layer of these walls now that we have the overhang in place we will next get ready to add in the roof by placing in some sloped walls on top of this area so starting at the left side let's add in a sloped wall that goes up a block each time from the corners until we have two rows at the center that are four blocks tall so once we have this wall in place let's now go over to the front right corner of this area and adding another identical sloped wall from here and then we can add the last soaked wall at the back right corner of this area the same way we added the first two next up we will add in the roof to the house so you can start that by adding stone brick stairs on top of all the sloped walls that we made then once we have the stairs on top of the sloped walls we can now connect these stairs together between each section so start by placing the first row of stone brick stairs on the top edge of the concrete walls and then every row up after that we can do the same until the roof closes at the top next up with the roof in place we will now add a quartz trim to it so at the soaked parts of the roof let's place quartz stairs off the sides of the stone brick stairs with upside on courts stairs under them as well and then we can also place more quartz stairs off the top edge of the white/blue concrete between the sloped sections so the quartz trims connect up with each other now at this front slope section we will add another smaller quartz frame so at this first block that overhangs the porch placing a quartz there and continue that upwards with upside down stairs as well until it connects up with a bigger frame and then also between these large roof frames as placing quartz slabs across where the bottom stairs are and replace the N quartz there's that touch these slabs with quartz blocks lastly for the roof we'll add a couple windows out from the top of it so go up in over three blocks from the spot in left corner of the roof and then remove a three wide by three long section of these stone brick stairs now with this gap in the roof list next place in a three wide wall of light blue concrete that goes up three blocks up this first row of the gap with an extra block at the middle then from the top tsa's new concrete wall placing stone brick stairs and slabs at the top layer that extend back and connect up with the rest of roof like I do here and now once you have that in place we can then add a border of course from the front of this wall like I do here then to finish this up we can simply place on a single white stained glass pane window at the center of this wall so once you have this roof window complete we can now add another same exact window like this at the same spot at the backside of the roof next up we will add in all the doors and windows to the house so start by adding the front door by going over to the top of the staircase and placing a couple oak doors at the center of this wall then let's add in the door to the porch buckle under this overhang area and placing a door at the side of this wall here and then after that let's go around to the back at the house and add a back door here at the fourth lock over from this corner and now also above this door let's add some court stairs and cobblestone walls to the sides of it so now that these main doors in place that's the next set in the garage door so over at this firm right corner go over a block and then remove a five wide in three tall section of this stone foundation then with this stone cleared outlets now film this gap with horizontally placed quartz pillar blocks that go in a block from the walls now with all the doors in place we will next add in the windows so starting with the first floor at the front let's first remove a couple four wide in three tall sections of the stone here that are spaced a block apart then once we have these two caps here let's go inside a block and add some white blue concrete columns on the sides of each gap like I do here and then add white stained glass panes between them now for the rest of the first floor we will add some 2 by 2 windows with trapdoors of the sides and bushes underneath so follow along as to where I place each one of these around the house so now at the bottom floor window is in place we will next add in the second floors windows so let's start by placing a two tall window at the center of this front right wall with trap doors at the sides and court slabs underneath now with this window in place we'll next add a bunch of 2y windows with trap doors at the sides are done for the rest of the second floor so follow along as to where I place each one of these windows next up after we have all the second-floor windows in place we will add in the third-floor windows so at this front section let's place in a single window at the middle of this big frame and then within the other two roof frames who add in some 2 by 2 windows with trap doors up the sides now with all the windows in place you'll neck set on some railings for the porch so its first hide in three stone blocks up from where there is a column below and then we can place an oak fences in between them and then on top of the stone blocks we place it's adding cobblestone walls up to the ceiling now once the porch railing is in let's next go over to the sir case into entranceway and add a railing for those two by simply adding on fences along the edge of this area and now after this railing is in places next go over to the right side of the house and adding a couple stone blocks at the ends of the stone foundation with cobblestone walls on top that connect to the roof then lassie for the house we will add in a small driveway or walkway at the front so let's start this bike sending out three stone blocks into the ground at both the right and left sides and then we can extend a row of stone between them to connect them together and now at this border of stone in place we can then replace all the grass within this area with Greg concrete now as for you wanted the interior of the house I leave that entirely up to you guys but as always I'll quickly show you how I decorate at mine as an example but that is going to be all for the suburban house Ettore oh I hope you guys enjoyed and thank you so much for watching as always I'd love to hear all your feedback and don't forget to drop it like if you enjoyed as I'd be much appreciated and with that said I hope to see you guys in the next video better guys bye bye

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    I built it and decorated it in one day. I had so much fun creating it.
    Thank you for this amazing creation!!! 💙💙💙
    I think all of my maps are going exist because of him. In minecraft I lost interest in building things, dude ya just gave me inspiration!!
    I hope I get to try building all of your creations!
    Keep it up dude, you're amazing!!! 💐💐💐

  2. You are a god
    I watched your modern house tutorial
    and made a house just like you
    Now I am able to build awesome modern houses
    Thank you

  3. I love this guy because I have this world on my ps4 that I play creative in and wanted to make cool modern houses and I looked up Minecraft house tutorials and I looked at the first thing that popped up and clicked on it and it was a step by step tutorial with all the blocks and items needed to make it. And now I have over 30 houses built by Rizzial. And I just love coming back to this world and playing over and over again and making houses that I and others can live in.

  4. I have a complain can u not show but just build how many blocks u need for there house?i messed up like 20 times because of it.if u do than thanks

  5. Can you make a seed of your minecraft map where you als build this house on because tis kinda island look nice

  6. Thanks for this! I’m currently building a city so this will look very nice as a townhouse ❤️

  7. i just HAD to put this in my playlist, "DIY Minecraft" (its private btw) I really love this house! its so beautiful!!! <3

  8. hey rizzial please read this, can you make a survival base pls. Also if you disagree with that idea can you make a survival series with one of your survival houses pleAse

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