Modded Minecraft Play & Review - Nether Ore Time [Tinkers' Construct 03]

Modded Minecraft Play & Review – Nether Ore Time [Tinkers' Construct 03]

well hello everyone um I am back and I did get some diamonds and I found out something that makes me very happy putting diamond on something does indeed give it plus 500 durability and on top of that it makes it able to mine obsidian I wonder if I put another diamond nope I cannot so I also on top of that did get lapis so we are going to fortune this actually know what I don't think we should fortune this specific pick yet because we're going to go to the nether which means that is going to be some uh some new ores there that can be quite profitable for us now hmm I found a basically I found a big ravine when I was going down that lapis tunnel which led me to a lot of the resources I currently have but we're going back in there right now to get some obsidian I'm curious how fast this will mine obsidian also durability 83 they're building 93 what I don't ok just went up by 10 so I'm going to even though I asked about the durability thing on the forums I still haven't got a response and I'm going to assume that the durability of the tool is not actually tracked via that specific durability toolbar like normal tools are that's just kind of my assumption based off of how things up here from playing with it let's see here if I can I'm going to try to risk it where's the easiest place to get obsidian down here probably on this thing this looks like a good place to get up city and doesn't want to take for freaking ever isn't it one piece down okay so we're all ready to go but first before we do I want to check something you can make obsidian tools mining speed 7.0 handle modifier is low so it makes that makes a bad handle but it makes for like a very fast tool because I think that speeds way higher than iron let's take a look at that yeah okay hmm we might have to play with that I mean after we get a little bit farther along here we can actually just kind of play with trying to make like the perfect tool but all things in due time and right now it is do the time for the nether let's go away okay so who metaphor cheese hot inti thank you now she's going to say you can make tools out another rack but it's like worthless so I'm not even going to bother now oh there it is it's beautiful okay now I have to actually get down there also I should be able to find my way back so I'll leave like a trail of torches sounds like a good idea doo doo doo doo doo doo okay so I'm definitely not just going to jump down there that would be silly so why money I can take a chance to talk about now this is still heavily in development the mod author wants to add armor wants to add bows it currently has support for industrial crafts you can actually make your tools chargeable um he wants to add or she you know I go and be honest and actually know whether or not it's a boy or a girl but um they want to add support from metallurgy which would be awesome because I love metallurgy was the first mod we did a mod plane review without a lot of people say metallurgies unbalanced but i I really enjoyed playing with it maybe that's just me so we will see in the near future also there's going to be like a whole molten metal like cranked powered energy system so I'm pretty excited to see what that's going to be but for now I'm just going to play the mod as is because I think it is freaking gorgeous and I know last episode I was complaining a little bit about the documentation and I'm going to be honest I really kind of like the discovery factor of the mod versus something like Industrial Craft – or it's like now go spend five hours reading the wiki the mod authors trying to take more of a thaumcraft approach where it's like just play around with it and you'll figure things out which I really do admire them for doing that and I think it's a really cool thing to try to be doing I can't even mind this can I so I can't mind that can I mine are dykes do I need are tight to mine this thing is that is that how it works now I can't even fudge cakes I like am I supposed to get these what okay I don't even understand so it could be going out on the limb but I'm going to bet I need an obsidian pick to get those oars I mean I might be wrong but obsidian is the only material I can think of that would be considered stronger than how fudge okay it's the only material I can make a pick outside of that I can think of that might be me that might work so we're going to try it and hope for the best also plant some potatoes because I'm out of the steak I got from slaughtering animals okay so put this in here and grab our obsidian and we'll grab our iron and we'll turn nei off we'll need a pic head thinking iron body oh let's go with the city and binding okay and now we'll jump over here and go ahead and craft our gorgeous beauty I'll reinforce three pickaxe and just be on the safe side we'll grab a diamond that doesn't exactly do anything we're not going to worry about the diamond right now since that is kind of like a a precious commodity I don't want to just be throwing that around so let me just kind of clear out my inventory and now we can go back and try this again if I knew I'm going to kill everything you're all dead no jockeys in this house shall be allowed nope that's right this is my house you will respect my authority alright well that was pleasant unbearably Pleasant in fact a zoo blazoned what where's that well just hit I'm so rude so rude okay that's a gasps um abandon ship all ye who enter abandon whole all right let's hang you like up let's go I wanna tangle like it's a two-fold that's right that's right yeah that's right I am victorious over you and that is how this is going to pay okay so now I have my obsidian pickaxe and you can try to get our beautiful glorious glory here okay now the first thing I want to do is safety first so let's do this there we go nothing to worry about now and you know what I wonder if it's cuz I have an iron handle I I just I have this gut feeling that obsidians going to work okay this time I have a pure obsidian axe it's my gut feeling good no here's my gut feeling is not good here's my gut feeling was bad oh well that would have that would have been extremely unpleasant Wow I'm kind of glad I just discovered that that's uh let's make this a little safer to mine in here and we'll have to go back to the drawing board because I just I don't know how I'm supposed to break this stuff like legitly Oh oh crap okay know that you're not welcome stop okay so it's desperation time we're going to try to blast mine it if obsidian didn't work then this is how it's going down we're going to Velasquez and we shall have victory over it and we shall be the king of all things now we just have to hope I don't do something big then um you know what that one's over a big hole so we will try these guys mature come on baby we're do it yes work I blow it up or did I get it like I might have blown it up I blew it up dang it dang it dang dang it mm come on there's me something here I have all my diamonds on me that's a smart choice it's gonna just fall into lava okay let's keep this lava from destroying everything else it explodes and blast final egg he's not mad at me good oh let's see here they get they get anything that time nope no I did not how about this our day let's try this okay let's not have it directly next to it'll place it like under it I like a layer like right here crap crap crap crap there we go that didn't even blow it up no didn't even affect it okay so let's try this a crud nuggets crud nuggets crud nuggets crud nuggets crud nuggets crud nuggets I did well now that went well I mean I really came the best for something to have gone better and that whole fandango instance oh my goodness okay let's go get our to get our coal bolts just be happy about life there it is there's our Cobalt this is our reward for all of our a Natur Medicine single piece of clothes you mangas I'm not too sad about losing diamonds since I have obsidian that's basically the equivalent of a diamond pick let's go up at the are night at the bar let's go up at the cobalt and the smelter and try to get the coal belt in get I guess make a cobalt pickaxe or something I don't know I don't know okay let's so let's go try to try this in the smelter some baked potatoes there's my cobalt ingot okay I get it oh I'm here you know let's get an axe head going what I'm just going to rage quit at this point can I not do anything with cool what is going on why can't I do really anger so much anger okay a quick jump over to the forums um you know I talked about I was going to be molten metal and stuff well basically I have to wait for that to do anything with colbalt but for the sake of this series we're going to say that I did get a cobalt head it's my cobalt picot so that melt that molten metal stuff will be coming out shortly and I'll probably have to revisit this mod but we'll have to see because when I did metallurgy the mod creator had all of these plans for things he wanted to do and he and I said I'll have to read review metallurgy after um the mod creator gets all the new things and he wants and he never added any of the new things so I don't I don't exactly know maybe this will turn out the same way and this oh no I have to go look at metallurgy actually haven't looked at it in a while maybe the mod creator did actually end up going in and doing a bunch of the stuff he said he was going to okay so I got a reinforced two pickaxe and I can't wait to looking at this legitly well probably I will definitely go read this mod with the ads and all that melted metal stuff because I think that's going to be awesome but for now I want to in my pickaxe oh that's right I lost all my diamonds what am I trying to do because I don't have diamonds anymore that would be silly okay so it takes to lap his blocks to put luck on it and then kind of like the redstone you can keep adding a lap is to it too it takes a hundred lappas holy fudge cakes okay so one take a while okay so I have a fortune three maxed out haste pic now I swear creeper if you blow this pick up I'm just going to explode you you're not exploding me I'd explode you so let's go umm let's go see how well this tears up stone pop down here just choose a random random place to stop let's go here see how this guy goes it's very nice pick I don't like this yes it's very nice indeed okay well this was a sad episode I think you guys all for watching and I hope to see you next time doodles

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