22 thoughts on “Models: We're being exploited by the industry”

  1. Pimp and hoe business…that's too bad…you think models have it sooo bad…try working in other industries

  2. These models are Bitter Bettys. Come on, they wouldn't have said a word if they had Gigi or Kendall's modeling career. Why didn't she just start a new modeling agency instead? She's out for revenge, better to get revenge by having a better modeling agency than what she's doing. It's because she'd rather tear down someone elses business rather than build one herself. I've seen fashion models go on national television and talk about how horrible the industry is and this same model is still modeling 10 years later. She doesn't have to stay in the fashion modeling business and yet she does. She's not desperate. They do it for publicity.

  3. Ask the Jew lawyer about why agencies charge 5 times market rent for a model apartment. That guy is a scumbag.

  4. Hmm, it might be a good idea if parents raised their kids so they don't end up in bad careers like modelling where they seem unable to make decent money. Maybe not look at the few rich supermodels and think "hey that's easy anyone can do that!"

    But that would involve educating women and it's easier to scream "make bad people not be bad!"

  5. Campaigns! Get one with a life span! You can by a home Or two! Get a great buyout! Retire – but that doesnt happen anymore! But you need not to sign with an agency! They suck you drrrrrrrrrry. Nickle and dime things you have no clue even was something you didnt use! Give you old model books for full price! Tell you comp cards where 3x what they really cost! Pretending you had your book and cards sent to clients! Bull! Hip to that game!

    Agencies and agents hate the street smart models! Those are THE ones who never stay long enough to be a feature Model ( usually sighting them as unbankable – truth they never try to help you – or not popular as other models – the agents pushing their freinds who kiss THEIR azzes)! And not special enough to make their mark in the industry models! Truth, Its best to be close ( pleasant, on time and unmatched to other models ) to the clients! But Fittings, showroom! Campaigns! Commercials – Pay well and can last all year! For years! Just stay in shape! This Is where the money is! The photos pay nothing! $250 a cover! And tears $75 How many mags do you get in a season? Plus runways?! Most dont depend on Those popular attractions! They make no money! This is why so many models take up with rich men!and take to wanting to be an actor.

  6. The Alliance activist is also exploiting! Listen to focus! Her interest isnt aligned with helping any one but what she knows! No further! And she not smart enough to even care! She is just as bad …even worse! She complicit until it doesn't work for her!

    Then youre on your own!…. Liars and cheats know what works when they need support…but wont support back! She needs her platform to justify being screwed over. SHE REALLY DOESNT CARE UNLESS YOU ARE LIKE HER! From head to toe! Horrible activist!..and wont assist in helping any other! Dont expect her to help! In any way! Trust!

  7. Forget about the "glamour". Modeling at the basic level is just people being hired to sell a product. They should be paid and treated fairly.

  8. Did anyone put a gun to your heads? No…you all CHOSE to get into the business…you've all heard the stories…so your gripe is…???😮

  9. A freelance model should be able to get clarity on what all of those expenses are. They should be able to see the invoices for those expenses AND THE MODELS SHOULD BE WRITING OFF THOSE EXPENSES ON THEIR TAXES. IT'S A BUSINESS EXPENSE. When I see a young woman sitting there looking at an invoice and she's saying she doesn't understand it, then she needs to be asking what those expenses are and understand the money side of the business before she's saying she's being exploited. Get some business training, re-examine the situation, then see if you should come back and complain.

  10. Freelance work for so many underage children. Who represents the child worker?
    Exploitation of anyone is wrong.

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