100 thoughts on “Mom Vs. Professional Stylist: Girls’ Night Out Look”

  1. Can we all appreciate the fact that she looked beautiful on both ourfits. However that dress with that jacket look fire on her.

  2. Whenever I see these "styled by mom" type videos I'm like that's nice but in order for this to work you need to have a mom who is actually stylish and isn't gonna dress you in something you hate but they love on you. (Not trying to accuse the moms and these kind of videos of anything they're usually super chill)

    Am I the only one who feels like if my mom styled me I'd throw myself into a burning pit to get rid of whatever hideous thing she'd make me wear. I'd probably look like a first grader on picture day.

  3. Can we get the guy stylist back? I still think he’s been the best one by far. This one wasn’t bad but the guy was just… better? Idk why he just was

  4. I feel like her mom's outfit would've been alot better with either a different bag or no bag and a black beret
    Just me?

  5. That 1st outfit her mom picked with the plaid dress and sheer shirt were so much better. I don’t know why she changed her mind!?

  6. Would have loved to see both the stylist and mom going through the same racks. It was so boring to see the stylist with one rack of a ready selection. There was nothing to take away from it as a viewer.

  7. "I gave you the snake print because it's not common and it shows individuality" ….girl, snake print is in every trendy store atm 😂

  8. I love how the stylist was like legs girl legs yasss and the camera man completely ignored the cue to show her legs 😂😂😂😂

  9. It would be better if you get to see if there other pick was better as I thought mums other pick would have been nicer and meg would have like that more you should have put a spanner in the works

  10. My mom(may she rest in peace) always had the best outfit ideas for me. Now I "shop" her closet and find the best stuff, like a moon pie sweatshirt lol.

  11. IM UPSETTTT she needs to see the other outfit her mom put together!! I honestly thought she killed it with that outfit & I’m so mad she didn’t chose that one to show at the end

  12. Why do you they pick two outfits and do they only show one of them each?!?! I wanna see both options or just see the option choosen!!!!

  13. I feel like they both should have shopped at the same store to really see who had the better outfit from the given merchandise

  14. I don’t know who edited this video, but it’s not very good. Music’s too quiet and there is nowhere to breathe, just constant talking…

  15. If one outfit has no tags and the other has a bunch of Buffalo Exchange tags, how are we supposed to believe that Megan doesn't know who picked each one?

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