PK-2 Professional Tool Kit (Discontinued)

PK-2 Professional Tool Kit (Discontinued)

Hi I’m Eric from Park Tool, and this is the
PK-2 Professional Tool Set. A great way to for a consumer to have a fabulous home set-up,
or a great way for a pro to outfit a bench. All of these tools, over 65 or our professional level
tools, all in this one set. Starting with products to clean your bike –
first of all you get a BCB-4.2, which is this set of four brushes to clean your bike – a
lot of different configurations. This is a CM 5.2, our chain scrubber – a great way to
keep your chain clean, which of course prevents wear and tear on the rest of your drive train.
This is a dummy hub, and this – using the quick release goes right in your rear drop-outs, and the
chain rides on there so you can clean your bike without the rear wheel in there. You
can also transport your bike with this in there. This is a dummy pedal. So you use this
in place of a pedal if you want to run through your gears, make adjustments, clean the drive
train etc. Moving over to generic tools, this is the
PAW-12 – a big, heavy duty adjustable wrench. This is our HMR-4 – a hammer 4 – a really nice
hammer with two different ends on it – a steel side, and a composite side – a little bit softer.
Four different screw drivers. Two Phillips and two flat blade. This is our shop scissors,
a great scissors for cutting all sorts of things in the shop. Needle nose pliers – side
cutters – this is our CN-10, our shop level cable cutter, cuts cable and housing. Moving
to the front these are tire boots. These are great to take a long on a ride in case you
get a cut in your side wall, and then you can patch your tire from the inside, just
to make sure that the tube isn’t poking through. And this is our GP-2 pre-glued super patch
kit, which is a great emergency patch kit to get you home. This is the ATD-1. This is
an adjustable torque driver, 4 through 6 newton meters, adjustable in half newton meter increments.
All metal internals, shop level tool. It’s gonna last for years, it’s not a throw-away
torque driver, that’s a great tool. This is a 8mm hex wrench with a nice handle on it,
this is mostly used for pedals and cranks. Moving up here, this is the IR-1. This is
the internal cable set, where you use this to pull cables through frames – internally
routed cables, you pull that through frames with this set. Extremely useful – there’s
a lot of guess work if you don’t have a tool like this. This is our AWS-1 – world famous
three-way Y wrench. You get one of these, and you also get an AWS-3 which is – 2,
2.5, and 3mm. The AWS is 4, 5, and 6mm. You also get a complete set of P-Handled wrenches,
which is a flat hex on one end and a ball driver on the other, and a really ergonomically
built handle in the middle. This is an HCW-15. 32 and 36mm – wrench for
threaded headsets. Cone wrenches. These are our shop cone wrenches so you get a set of shop cone wrenches, then you also get some double – ended cone wrenches, in case you have a – two wrench flats of the same size on the same hub so then we give
you some extra sizes. These are small brake and derailleur wrenches.
8, 9, 10, and 11mm. This is an offset brake wrench, so you can use this to center brakes –
there’s a lot of really hard to get to brake wrench flats that this is a great tool for.
These are our TL-6.2. These are steel core tire levers, so the inside is steel so it’s
really strong – the outside is a composite so they glide over painted or anodized rims.
Won’t scratch your rim, and tire will peel right off. You can use those for removal and
installation. Three different sized spoke wrenches – these
are the three most common sizes of spoke nipples so we give you three spoke wrenches. This
is a set of Torx compatible tools, lots of Torx fittings on bikes these days.
This is a spoke, bearing and cotter gauge, which is a great way to measure spoke length,
bearing size, and on the old bikes, on the old three-piece they used to put cotters on
the three-piece cranks, and this will measure those as well. This our DAG-2.2. Derailleur
hanger alignment gauge. This is a fabulous tool. A lot of shifting problems are caused
by a derailleur hanger that is not aligned to the drive train – and this tool not only
gauges the alignment, but you can use it to straighten that derailleur hanger back out.
Moving down here, this is our CT-3.2, which is our shop level screw type chain tool. Adjustable
to just about any width chain. MLP-1.2, which is a master link pliers that will install
and remove master links in chains. These three are crank tools. This is an 8mm on one side.
14mm socket on the other, mostly for three-piece cranks. These two crank pullers are mostly –
for three-piece cranks as well. One for the splined version, and one for the square tapered
drive. This is a tool for removing and installing cassette type bottom brackets. This is a tool
for removing and installing Campagnolo lockrings. And this is the same tool for Shimano size
and style lock rings. This is a very common tool. This is BBT-9, so this is a tool for removing and installing external bearing bottom brackets.
This is our biggest, strongest pedal wrench PW-4. Ergonomically designed, you can get
to just about any position and it is a big, long, beefy wrench. In the front here this
is a – chain checker to see if your chain is stretched. If it is, it’s time for replacement.
This is a chainring nut wrench that goes on the back side of chainring bolt systems – just
to hold it while you ah – install or remove those bolts. And this is our CP-1 cassette
pliers, this takes the place of a chain whip. And this really fast and handy, it fits a
wide variety of sprocket sizes – you just grab on like a pliers and you would use this
in conjunction with a locking remover. Last but not least – at any bench you need a bottle
opener, so the BO-2 bottle opener comes with this set. All of these tools come in this
big tool box, and – there’s room for more tools, there’s room for more specialty tools
if you want to add to this set. But this is a fabulous set of high end tools – very diverse
– a great way to outfit – completely outfit a bench. So there you have it, that’s our PK-2 Professional
Tool Kit. Thank you. For detailed descriptions on any of these tools check out the product
page for the PK-2 Professional Tool Kit at

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  1. Hi,
    I'd like to purchase this toolbox kit, butI can't seem to find it on any Canadian online store.
    Do you have a Canadian store that carries it???

  2. You guys need a playlist for shifter and derailer service and adjustments, you might have them but its a lot of sifting to find them. Also wheel trueing.

  3. That is indeed a great tool set. I should have dropped the coin to buy the whole thing instead of buying it piece by piece for probably a lot more.

  4. I love the bottle opener you included in the kit. it's the only kit you guys make that includes it. nice touch.

  5. I am finding it quite challenging to find particular products. This is understandable considering i'm from Sydney and this is an American business. Do you guys have any recommendations?

  6. I am having a hard time figuering out where to buy as I live in New Zealand and the "Where to buy" on the Park tool website Will not work.

  7. Hola buenas noches soy de Colombia soy un adolescente amante de la cicla y quiero aprender a arreglar bicicletas un curso de mecánica de ciclas avanzada y básica donde lo puedo hacer

  8. I got mine on Thursday, South-African supplier had two left in stock. Awesome tools and really enjoy watching Calvin give tips and explain how to do maintenance on bikes. Thanks Park Tool for a great channel, keep it up.

  9. i with they had tool kids for types of bikes because i work on mostly single speed cruisers so a derailed adjustment tool would not be as helpful for what i am doing

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