[Applause] hey everyone welcome back to my channel in today's video you guys are joining me in our office because we are gonna be doing an organizational makeover on this space it is very messy there's stuff everywhere this room is actually very small and we have a lot of things in here that are just kind of laying on the floor laying around the desks shoved in corners and I feel like we finally have to start organizing it if you guys saw in my last video I started by organizing my desk so it was in really bad shape I went to Target grabbed a few organizers a few bins on wheels and organized my space and now that I see it all organized it makes the rest of the room look really really bad so I think it's time to do the other half of the room now so in today's video we're gonna be doing crucian side of the room his desk and his gaming stuff and just like organizing all the corners maybe hanging stuff on the wall so it finally looks a little more complete in here we are not changing up any desks we are not changing the desk chairs we are just simply organizing and making this room look a hundred times better so I'm gonna head to Target and buy all the same things that I got for my desk just so the whole room matches I'm gonna get these two plastic drawers on wheels I'm gonna get this little desk organizer for the top of the desk to hold smaller things and it will just see what else is there to help us organize the rest of the space so I'm back from Target and I pretty much got myself the same thing that I used for my desk so I got myself two of these so that I could put them maybe one on each desk to organize small things like hard drives and pencils and little notepad stuff like that that just kind of lingers around your desk I also picked up two of these plastic rolling drawers they have wheels on the bottom and three drawers you can pretty much see what's inside which I kind of like so that you can tell what's in what bin you're not like losing things you can just see where everything is so I'm just using these plastic drawers because they're affordable they fit right underneath the desks perfectly and they just kind of blend into the desk it doesn't like stand out too much so these will do for now they also kind of have these little trays on top so you could like put pencils or just things that linger and I also picked up this set of larger drawers so it's just two in this one they're deeper drawers it's kind of a different look to it but I thought it would be better for things that are kind of laying on the floor right now that are bigger and need to be put away so I'm excited to get started it actually doesn't look too bad like visually it just looks messy but really it's just stuff laying around so as long as I just put it away in these drawers everything will have its own place to be maybe move these chairs out of the way in the meantime because they're a little bulky and totally in the way so I'll have more space if I take those out so let's go ahead and get organizing [Applause] so I'm just going through this entire desk and seeing what we have to work with here so I'm realizing there's a ton of multiples and there's a lot of tiny little things so I'm grouping everything that's similar together and then designating a drawer for it so that I can label it after and it has its own place to be and I'm realizing that there are a ton of cords here so I'm just gonna tie each cord in a knot so that it stays together and it doesn't get tangled with the other ones and just group them all together I'm really not sure what all these cords are even for so I'm at least keeping them so that you know one day if we ever need it it's there so yeah this isn't a major reorganizing it's just tidying up and putting away process so as I'm going through everything and trying to find the space I'm getting rid of boxes that were left behind in here getting rid of clutter and stuff that does not belong in the office that just got stuck here a while ago so it's always good when you're reorganizing you get a chance to see what's actually in your space and just get rid of junk so I'm not really sure if there's a better way of storing tripods and lights I haven't really looked into that yet but my own little idea is just to put them in this basket kind of like an umbrella basket I bought this basket at the thrift store you guys might have recognized it from that video but just collapsing all the tripods and lights and putting them in the basket makes it look so much neater you don't see the cords anymore it's not all sprawled out everything is contained within the basket so now that this office space is finally cleaned up it looks so much better everything is now put away there's so much more space in here it just feels like you could breathe again the only thing that's really bothering me are all the cords hanging from the monitors and the computers that's what looks really messy I still need to come up with like a solution behind all that for now I'm going to start hanging things on the wall so I thought it'd be really cool since this is kind of like our YouTube room Christian shoots videos in here it'd be really nice if we finally hang our YouTube plots on this wall so I have three of them right here they're all the same size so it can line them all up on the wall and I think that would look really nice as one of the first things you see coming into this space so now I'm going around to give the final touch labeling every single drawer that way I'm not the only one that knows what's inside of it it's very visual you can read the label and find exactly what you need alright guys I finally finished tidying up and organizing the office let's go ahead and check it out so that's it for today's office cleanup slash organizational makeover I hope you guys enjoyed watching this room is finally a room that you can breathe in now it looks like you can actually get work done in here I'm so glad that I finally have all the surfaces clear everything is put away in its own little place in a basket or a drawer it's all labeled I finally have the You Tube plaques hung up on the wall it just feels more like an office in here it was getting a little bit junky but this probably won't be the last time you guys see this room I really want to do an office makeover in here and make it a really cool space the organization bar was just step one towards the bigger goal if you guys enjoyed watching please give this video a big thumbs up and hit that like button for me and if you guys haven't already make sure you guys are subscribed to my channel click the red subscribe button down below and make sure you guys have any notifications turned on so you guys never miss a video I'm all about the room makeovers organization cleanup video so if you're interested in that make sure you guys are here for it love you guys so much and I'll see you my next one bye it's the next day and Christian loves his brand new clean and organized often take a look at my friend yeah office is so much better there's so much more room and you like your little plaques hung up yeah it's all personalized now right so this is how he's enjoying his time in here there's just so much more space and doesn't feel cluttered I don't know where you put what is your favorite part tell me the plaques on the wall I'm glad I did that then the organization the taking things and the clutter away from areas and organizing it so that it's now organized and not out in the open and scattered everywhere yes like a report yeah it's nothing like too extreme was on an extreme makeover but definitely looks a lot better okay bye


  1. You should do one long desk on the one wall with all of his computers. I know you could make this space so much better!

  2. I was going to say you better have recorded his reaction to the office space that's the cherry on the ice cream sundae.

  3. Itโ€™s definitely difficult trying to figure out how exactly to organize things, you have a concept in mind but carrying it out is much more difficult. Especially trying to find good things to store things in without it being too messy.

    Iโ€™m currently back from a long vacation and Iโ€™m planning on resystemizing my entire bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

    Kitchen Iโ€™m working on making it useful for cooking. (So Iโ€™m trying to get jars for four and such and dishes and have it nice and organized. But itโ€™s not easy when you donโ€™t have any form of pantry to store cans and such, cabinets only work so much )

    Bathroom is just a matter of cleaning and scrubbing and shelving things better.

    The bedroom is the biggest one. I have a huge queen size bed thatโ€™s taking up most of the space, and Iโ€™m looking to create some more space, by getting rid of a huge old dresser in my room, behind the door and redecorating and organizing my small walk in closet. I want to put a pole up for my clothes.problem is with lighting in there and I need somewhere to store my craft things.

    Itโ€™s all very difficult when you donโ€™t have much space to work with or ideas for it. I may use some of those plastic bins you have.they seem really useful. If you have any ideas let me know.

    Otherwise great video! Canโ€™t wait for more! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. ๐Ÿ’œ This is a great video. I create videos very similar to yours if you want to check them out. I just recently uploaded a video. Keep up the great work. ๐Ÿ’œ

  5. It looks great <3 i think this empty corner needs some fake plant, it will looks more "homie" ๐Ÿ™‚ bb :*

  6. A great video i like how you organized everything as soon as me and my fiance move into our new place we are going to make one room into a office for the both of us so he edit videos and not be bothered and I can do some work from home if I need to

  7. They make chord hiders that stick on the wall. Then you place the cord inside and it just looks like a white tube

  8. Haha Christian is laying on the floor as his way of taking it all in, heโ€™s so crazy ๐Ÿ˜†

  9. You can make those white plastic drawers even sleeker! I have a lot of them, and I made my space look fabulous by printing ordinary white computer paper with the contents of each drawer. A nice bold font, graphic and fun. The large drawers to the right of your desk look like the ones that I have that take a standard 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. For my smaller drawers, I just had to do a little measuring, print and trim the paper. I only use a few tiny pieces of clear tape to attach them from the inside so that they lay nice and flat against the plastic. It makes a much cleaner look, instead of having the shadows of the objects inside showing through. Super easy to change the labels.

  10. Looks great! Maybe you could hang a white curtain from under the desk ( or tension rod between bins) to hide some of the cords

  11. Kirsten I am told my friends to go watch and subscribe in your channel for them to have this inspiration to go clean and organize I hope they will be inspired too like me.

  12. Great job.To hide those cords I used a yard of fabric across the back of the desk and to hold it in place I used velcro.

  13. Literally she did in a very good way โค๏ธbut Iโ€™m the laziest person to do this ๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. I think you shoud tie the cords sing a yarn or something. That would make everything a LOT better. Though you did great on organizing your office, I'm sure you'll be more amazed when those cords were organized as well ๐Ÿ˜Š

  15. I've found velcro works great to keep chords together. Tightly rolling or knotting them might affect their longevity.

  16. Another amazing organisation video!!
    I just love all your videos Kristen, definitely one of the best things in my day โค๏ธโค๏ธ

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