Talk DAILY with Native English Speakers – Easily Find a Speaking Partner!

Talk DAILY with Native English Speakers – Easily Find a Speaking Partner!

(gentle music) – Hello everyone and welcome
back to English with Lucy. Today, I’m going to be
giving you some tips that will help you find native
speaks you can practise with. We all know that practising
with native speakers is one of the best ways of becoming fluent in another language, in this case English. They can help you with your pronunciation, they can help you improve your listening, you might learn lots of new slang phrases and casual and informal phrases with them. You might pick up some
idioms, some new verbs, loads of new vocabulary. So many of my students ask me how they can access native speakers because it isn’t that easy. Many want to make friends
with native speakers but don’t how to find them
or how to approach them. In this video, we will
discuss different ways in which you can find native
speakers, talk to them, and persuade them to help you. Let’s get started with the video. Tip one is access natives on the go. This first point covers two great tools. Private tutors and language partners. But what’s the difference? Well, in simple terms, you pay a private tutor for their time. And a language partner forms part of a mutually beneficial arrangement where no money is exchanged. You help them with their desired language, the language they’re learning,
probably your mother tongue, and they in exchange help you with the language that you’ll learning, normally their mother tongue. For example, if I wanted to learn Spanish, I would find a native Spanish person who wants to learn English and I would exchange with them. So, we have private tutors
and language partners. The best way to learn a language is to combine these two tools. Schedule in frequent paid
classes with the private tutors. These are normally easier to find and will help you to follow a more structured learning programme. And complement this with
sessions with a language partner. You learn new skills with the tutor and put them into practise
with the language partner. The sponsor of this video,
italki, is the perfect solution as it offers both of these tools from the convenience of your mobile phone. You will have heard me
mention italki before. It’s a huge online database of both native and community teachers offering very affordable private classes for over 130 languages. Why is it relevant for this video? Well, italki have just
relaunched their mobile phone app so you can find and access these teachers and language partners on
the go from your mobile. All you have to do is download the app using the link in the description
box and create an account. Once you’ve signed in, you can explore everything
the app has to offer. This is specially great as italki also has a language partner programme
where you can type in whichever language you want to practise, choose whether or not you
want a native speaker, and even decide where you
would like them to be from. You can then see all of the
available language partners and also see if they’re
wanting to learn your language. Then you can contact them and see if they’d like to practise. I’m so excited about
this app because it means that you can access
this amazing combination of finding a private tutor
and a language partner from your mobile phone wherever you are. You can access natives on the go. It’s a great way to participate
and customise lessons that cater to your learning
interests and needs. Clink on the link in the description box to download the app and start the process. Number two, another idea for finding language exchange partners is contact a local language school that teaches your language. You’ll be surprised at the
amount of language schools around that teach your language. Obviously there are
English schools everywhere, but if you live in Poland there are probably quite a few schools that teach Polish to foreigners. Same for anywhere in the world. The teachers and organisers there are probably desperate to find people that will practise with their students. Get in contact with them with
a nice introductory email and let them know which
languages you speak and what you are looking to practise. You never know, they may be
able to put you in contact with a native speaker. I experienced this first hand when I studied Spanish in Spain. Lots of native Spanish speakers
would come to the school and put down their name to be paired up with a native English or
native French speaker. If both parties agreed to meet, well, we would go to a bar and practise 1/2 an hour in one language
and 1/2 an hour in another. Normally by the end of the evening it was just a massive muddle of languages but it was really, really good fun. So I highly recommend that
you try out this method, and you might even make some new friends. Tip number three could be
considered a little controversial and I urge you to do
this with a lot of care. The third tip is to comment down below and try and find a
like-minded language partner. You’re not necessarily going
to find a native speaker in the comment section because people are here
normally to learn English, but you might find a nice
group of like-minded people that are all striving
to speak fluent English. I know that a lot of people form Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups. All I ask is that you
are very, very careful, specially if you’re under the age of 18. If you would like to try
and find a language partner, then you can comment
down below with your age, where you’re from, the
languages you speak, and the languages that you
are looking to practise. I don’t want to have to say
this but I will say this. This is not an opportunity to find a girlfriend or boyfriend. Number four is try playing video games. And as a teacher (laughs) I never thought I would recommend video games. But when I was teaching
in a language school there was one guy who spoke the most incredible American English and he’d never been to America. And I said, “Where have
you gotten this accent “and vocabulary from?” Expecting him to say movies or TV shows. And he said gaming. A lot of video games nowadays
have a voice chat option. And if you join a specific server, you can interact with speakers of the language that
you are trying to learn. The best part of this is
no one knows who you are so you don’t have to be
afraid of making mistakes and you don’t have to be afraid
of embarrassing yourself. If gaming is something that you do anyway, why not try incorporating
practising English into your hobby? If you manage to find somebody
that is amazingly helpful, somebody who corrects you, somebody who teaches you new phrases, try and play with them more often. They’re enjoying themselves anyway, you might as well get something
out of the interaction. Tip number five is use the website Meetup. So, the website Meetup is
what it says on the tin. It’s a website where people host meet ups, social gatherings. A hot topic on Meetup
is language exchanges. All you have to do is
search language exchange and your city or town and see if something is
going on in the near future. If there isn’t anything going on, try setting one up yourself. It’s a little bit daunting but
you don’t know until you try. At the very least it’s
an amazing opportunity to meet loads of people from all different parts of the world. I used to go to language
exchanges in London and I absolutely loved them. I always used to scout
a few students as well when I was teaching. Funny story, actually,
about a meet up. (laughs) I went to a language exchange in London and there was a face painter there painting faces with glitter. So all of my friends went away and got their face painted
whilst I was in the toilet. And whilst I was in the toilet
I received a message saying, “Don’t forget to go straight
up and get your face painted.” So I went there and she
said, “What would you like?” And I said, “I don’t know, a watermelon?” And the face painter
looked at me and said, “You want a watermelon?” I said, “Yes, a watermelon.” I thought it would look really cute, I like watermelons, it’s
one of my favourite fruits. So she said, “Okay, I will paint you “a watermelon on your face.” And so she painted this
beautiful glittery watermelon and I went to meet my friends and they all had the flag of
their country on their face because that was the entire
point of the language exchange, you had your native
language’s flag on your face. But I had a watermelon. And everyone was coming
up to me and saying, “So, where are you from?” (laughs) And I was just like, “Honey, do you mind?” (Lucy laughs) That was meant to be a joke
’cause honeydew’s a melon. No, it was embarrassing,
I just had to explain that I didn’t understand the
whole face-painting process. The last tip I have is number six and it is join language
learning groups on Facebook. There are so many groups on Facebook and they can be a little bit overwhelming. My advice is to look for very small groups or start your own. The groups with 50,000 members, you’ll be surprised at how empty they are. A lot of people have joined
because it’s a big group but no one really participates. Look for small language
exchange groups on Facebook and join them. And if there aren’t any
that look legit to you, start your own and see if
like-minded people join. I used to post in a lot of
language learning groups when I started my channel. I used to share my videos there. And I was amazed at how helpful
people were in these groups. They may not all be native speakers, there are a lot of very
accomplished non-native speakers in these groups, and they are so so helpful to anyone who has a question or a doubt. Right, that’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it and I
hope you learned something. Don’t forget to click on the
link in the description box and download the relaunched italki app. Go on there, find yourself a private tutor and find yourself a language partner and combine those two tools. Honestly, it’s a great way
of learning a language. Don’t forget to connect with
me on all of my social media. I’ve got my Facebook, my
Instagram, and my Twitter. And I shall see you
soon for another lesson. Muah! (Lucy blows a raspberry) Just gonna lick this apple. Yeah, much better. (happy upbeat music)

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