Texas: Open For Business

Texas: Open For Business

Texas open for business we've created more than 850,000 jobs more than all the other states combined we've cut taxes for small business balanced our budgets set aside eight and billion dollars for a rainy day limiting government lets our families keep more of what they earn and encourages more Texas jobs it's no wonder Texas is home to more fortune 1000 companies than any other state secure in our future Governor Rick Perry

7 thoughts on “Texas: Open For Business”

  1. If only Rick Perry would repeal the liberal smoking bans a lot of Texas big cities!!!! Business would be poppin!!!! I hope he does, to show he is for private property rights to the fullest!!!!!

  2. I wish I lived in Texas just to vote for the guy who features Bioware or any MMO studio in his campaign ad. Austin is booming with MMO studios and they obviously make a difference on Texas' economic structure.

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