The Best Pizza In Naples Is Now In California

The Best Pizza In Naples Is Now In California

Caroline: LA isn’t famous for its pizza, but it’s about to be. Sydney: This is so good.
Caroline: This is so good. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. L’Antica? L’Antica? L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. Sydney, we are in Hollywood today! And there’s a car. So. We’re in the heart of Hollywood… Because the best pizzeria, one of the best in the world, is opening
up here in Los Angeles. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele! You did it. You did it. I’ve found a couple of spots
that I like in LA for pizza. But as far as
Neapolitan-style, I don’t know. I mean, there are good
spots, but I’m excited to try something, like, from the source, from the motherland. Caroline: Michele Condurro opened L’Antica Pizzeria da
Michele in Naples in 1870. The Condurro Family only offered two pizza options on the
menu: Margherita and marinara. After five generations, this legendary Naples institution has
kept its menu the same. It’s claimed to be one of the best in Naples and was also
featured in “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts. I’m in love. I’m having a
relationship with my pizza. Michele: They used to keep
the pizza in the original way, so the pizza that they made 150 years ago. So the way that they stretch the pizza, the way that they cook
the pizza, it’s the same. So you need to be very, very, very careful of the process so you have to touch the dough a certain way. You have to move the
dough in a certain way. I went there, and I
worked there in Naples. And I said, “OK, I know how to make pizza. It’s not a big secret.” After a few minutes, I realized, “Oh, something is wrong here.
What’s, what’s going on?” It’s different, you know, and after that, I start
little by little to learn how to make the pizza in their way. We are importing all the
ingredients from Italy. So mozzarella came from Italy, and it is the same that
they use in Naples. Even the tomatoes came
from Italy from Naples. Same brand, everything is the
same: the flour, everything. Francesco: Any pizza that Michele makes and all our other pizzaiolo
in our other locations have a template on how
these pizzas are coming. It’s not a piece of apple you find in a supermarket all shiny and beautiful. Maybe you get a squared one.
Maybe you got an elongated one. It’s just how the pizza wants to come out with the way he’s stretching it. If I could describe the smell, if the smell would translate
through the camera. That’s why you need to take a photo for Instagram, Caroline. OK.
Like, what are you doing? Have I taught you nothing? Caroline: You can send it to me. Sydney: There’s more sauce
than I thought there would be. There’s more cheese than
I thought there would be. It’s a lot oilier than
I thought it would be. Did I say that right, “oilier”? Sydney: So are you a
basil-slice person or no basil? Caroline: Yeah, I love basil. I love everything on this. Sydney: I’ve seen online that you eat Neapolitan-style pizza like this ’cause it’s like kinda
wet, so you want to, like, flip that, you want to
flip it inside like that, and you can kinda do that
New York-style thing. Yeah.
Oh. Kinda like helps it stay
together a little bit so you can actually use one hand.
OK. We don’t curse on this show, but I don’t know what else to say other than holy s—, this is so good. This is so good. Sydney: What I love the most
is like the char you get from the actual wood-burning oven. Like, the bottom of that crust you taste, you taste all the pizzas
that have come before it. You know? This pizza is delicate. It’s light. It is truly one of the best I think I’ve ever had. Mhm. You ate that in like 30 seconds. Yeah. I mean, it’s worth doing. Caroline: I don’t know
how they found a way to kinda work with LA’s,
I guess, environment, but this dough is very airy, and it kinda just like,
you don’t have to chew as much. You don’t have
to put as much effort into devouring this thing. Sydney: Well, because they,
they use just a tiny bit of yeast and they let
the dough sit overnight. I think that, like, lack of
handling it is what makes it so delicate and light
and airy and delicious. I think, like, when
you overwork something, that’s when dough becomes really tough. When he picks it up, it’s like a little baby seal. It’s like a
little floppy baby seal. You just, like, “bloop,”
and it’s all “bloop.” The oregano is like
the king of this pizza. I guess its like the main topping that really makes this pizza different. Yeah, this pizza is packed with flavor. I mean, I love cheese, but this really lets the pizza sing. This
lets the ingredients sing. This lets the pizza itself
kind of like be the star, and the sauce is bright
and not too acidic, and there’s just thin slices of actual garlic on this pizza as opposed to, like,
adding it to the sauce. And she loves garlic. I love garlic. I’ve never met anyone who
loves garlic more than Sydney. That’s the nicest thing
you’ve ever said about me. I must say very mean stuff about you. Which one is your favorite? Do you like the cheese, or
do you like the marinara? Like the Margherita, or
you like the marinara? My favorite is going to be the Margherita. I love the cheese in that. I know you love cheese.
I don’t know, but what do you think? Sydney: When you see cheese, you cry. Caroline: What is your favorite? The marinara for sure. Oh.
I love the garlic. I would add like 20 more leaves
of fresh basil, personally, because I, like, eat fresh
basil raw on the reg. But no, the garlic, the
marinara, this one’s my favorite. So that’s perfect, so
we don’t have to share. Francesco: When you go
to the, to the famous Neapolitan pizzeria, you are
in the middle of a market, a street market, in the center of Naples, which is one of the oldest historic capital in the world, which has had dominations from all over, and it just really feels
vibrant and exciting and alive, and what we try to do here in Hollywood was exactly trying to bring back what it feels like in Italian courtyard where you feel
safe, where you feel cozy, where you feel like you
want to play as a kid. You want to be with others.

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  1. That's a good looking pizza. My only complaint is it looks a little too floppy? Perhaps more char, focusing on a nice crunch in the crust. Otherwise this is also close to perfection.

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  3. Little known fact, the best way to put mozzarella on a pizza is in strips the ay this guy does, it makes a huge difference when using high moisture mozz and it's great to see that these guys know what they're doing down to that level of detail.

  4. Did they seriously just start the video by saying LA isn't famous for it's Pizza? What a stupid and insanely inaccurate thing to say, you now have ZERO credibility. This should have been the intro, "Joining other world class Los Angeles pizzerias, L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele finds a home in Hollywood."

  5. Its too bad there is nothing to it. It costs probably 2 times more than most pizza and has half the ingredients. Id rather pay less and get more.

  6. I live in southern cali, and when this guy said how he imports all the pizza ingredients i stopped watching it lol, u know it will have a 3 digit price tag on a pizza I can get from my f** local pizzeria joint for $5 and all his ingredients are from California which is imported to Italy today LMAO

  7. THIS IS COMPLETE NONSENSE, DA MICHELE is only famous for being in a movie, in Napoli it's generally considered amongst the people, the pizzaiolos and the AVPN that 50 Kalo is the best. Da michele is just tourist garbage. Da michele almost got kicked out of the AVPN for failing to maintain neapolitan pizza standards (he kept trying to substitute grapeseed oil for olive oil. A movie? A movie? Are you kidding me? Sorbillo is way better. 50 Kalo is undoubtedly the best. When I was a pizzaiolo student in Napoli, I ate in Sorbillo (cause they had a killer speck pizza and it was on my way to school and my stage). 50 Kalo was a sublime experience that I had to line up an hour before opening and was spoken of in hushed tones of reverence (their black casserta pork lard pizza was sublime, Ciro Salvo is a God of Pizza). My maestro Salvatore Santucci (Ammaccamm) and Giovanni Improta (Pizzeria al 22, try the squash sauce) were maestro pizzaiolos, they could out pizza da michele hungover and having no sleep. No serious pizza expert considers Da Michele amongst the best. Food insider? What a joke.

  8. Everyone on YouTube thinks they are the only pizza expert in the world. Nobody cares about your pizza opinion, loser.

  9. Looks amazing, but that pizza maker has one long ass beard would suck if his facial hair fell into the pizza making process! Dude needs to shave that hairy beast especially if he's making pizza!

  10. the one girl doesnt understand one bite and doesn't understand the rules. but thats ok soccer is popular

  11. The best pizza I ever had! Gave me a giant foodgasm, I am still recovering! I can't wait to go to Napoli again. :'(

  12. What about the italian ingredient? When I was in NYC, a guy who run an italian business (import of cheese, in particular) explained me that in the USA what he called "first choice" do not arrive, because Americans are not THAT trained in recognising an excellent cheese from a "just good" one.

  13. One Bite, Everyone Knows The Rules, Frankie… 6.8… it's a 6.8, Frankie. It's good, it's not great, it's good. Nothing more, nothing less, Frankie… Go Bruins, Go Pats, Go Celtics, Go Sox… Frankie, Frankie, Frankie…

  14. ITS JUST FUCKIN FOOD. Christ almighty! Don’t forget to take a million pics of your food and post it all over Facebook, you drama queen tweens!

  15. I've been to the original in Naples and that's NOT how you eat their pizza. Always use fork and knife… you're in a dining area, not outside on the streets.

  16. Been to the Naples original location 3 times, it's my favorite pizza in the world. With that said, nowadays it's in a sketchy neighborhood that makes me nervous going out every time. But that pizza though, so worth it

  17. If it is a franchise… it is for sure not Napolis best pizza. The pizza in the video looks like shit anyhow.
    Only Americans believe that is pizza and not some kind of bread with tomatoes and cheap cheese

  18. When I went to Italy, I discovered first hand that Naples pizza isn’t better than American pizza. Everyone always talks about how great Italian pizza is and it’s ok, but there is no way in hell it beats American pizza.

  19. I once had a similar pizza years ago. Simple and fresh – the way pizza should be made.

    I currently live near Chicago. They have this thing called deep dish. It is not pizza – I don't know what it is truly.

  20. It’s great classic neapolitan pizza. Far better than overrated places like Mozza. It won’t be like in naples (type of Wood for fire, water used for dough, and in general Air trasportation removing a bit of freshness to ingredients) but it’s damn goos for being overseas (i Also tried the Tokyo location and can confirm)

  21. Ho letto certi commenti da mettersi le mani nei capelli: la new york style considerata più italiana e napoletana di quella che fanno a Napoli 😂 La new york è croccante , grossa e senza cornicione, esattamente l'opposto della napoletana. Non dico che non sia buona, ma spacciarla per "più italiana" è assurdo.

  22. Okay guys. Can someone here, who doesn't care about the hype or name of the pizzaria, tell me if this pizza is better than your downtown favorite pepperoni slice or whatever you like the most. Like, is this really as good as they say? I feel like they exaggerate a lot but maybe the pizza really just does taste very good.

  23. i never ate a better pizza than mine , margarita base , heavy organic ground beef , red onions , anchovies plus chilly boiled in olive oil for saucing one slice out of 2 .

  24. No thanks u can't copy a Naples pizza that pizza they make in California looks like crap no thanks this video is a joke obviously

  25. Poveri noi italiani che dobbiamo guardare americani che mangiano la pizza sapendo che fin ora hanno mangiato merda

  26. I paid 20 bucks for the margarita. Thought it would be 10 bucks given the inflation in Naples italy. Eh good pizza nonetheless

  27. I'm chef pizza in Egypt… put I need learn to be a good chef pizza… Please I need to work in these restaurant….please help me

  28. Now in London UK. But I make my own in my Fontana Forni wood-fired oven. Also, have all my ingredients imported from Italy.

  29. pretty sure they use very fine flour probably 00. This combined with the dough being very wet and the extremely high heat makes the crust light, airy, and easy to chew.

  30. I hate Snob food!.. I’m more comfort than trendy shit…Hot Pocket 🎶😂 once pizza got commercialized, it died…Best pizza best burger, Pizza Burger 🤣 Then you got people that believe pineapple belongs on pizza?..So, no ima stick to comfort…

  31. OK not the same! The experience of eating pizza is also about the atmosphere and LA is nowhere near the level of Naples. In LA you also have to deal with obnoxious poser people like those two chicks.

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