The Bridge Partner | Scary Short Horror Film | Screamfest

The Bridge Partner | Scary Short Horror Film | Screamfest

okay does anyone else not have a partner? Oh, Maddie you’re in luck everyone I’d like to introduce you to our newest
member, Olivia Colhonen joining us from a
European bridge group. come say hello partner. well it certainly is my pleasure ah, the worst bidding I’ve ever seen.
let’s treat each other like ladies shall we? thank you for- sorry I’m not very good
but usually I’m not that awful I wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted
to play with me again. I enjoyed the game even though it lost. we’ll turned things
around at the time. *whispering* I’m going to kill you isn’t she lovely? dawn? *man off screen* Grab me a beer would you sweetheart? you
girls taking this game so seriously. You don’t here bud and me say we’re gonna
kill each other do ya? And with him I got plenty of reason it wasn’t like that, you
didn’t hear. it it was more than the game I heard it I’m on it okay all right look
if she actually does it I’ll take a dim view I’ll take a very dim view. Don I am
not safe. Maggie come on this is all bullshit baby you’re safe, everything’s
fine okay? Yes, come watch this with me come on sweetheart yeah, watch this punt Crocs predatory innocence never be can
be fully suppressed. Most attacks are on prey that are perceived as fearful and weak oh my goodness look at her shoes guess Maggie’s changed she looks really beautiful *overlapping* just her makeup looks gorgeous I’m going to kill *. I’m going to kill *. hello partner so this is why your hair looks so good.
I am looking forward to practice. I’m not sure, umm, I have things to do.
Maybe. oh you must come we make such a good pair but in order to play elegantly
we must look the part don’t you think? may I? I gave up on them years ago there now Let’s see Oh! oh you poor little girl. Oh such dry skin these things they
happen sometimes. I’ll get you a band-aid all this worry Maddie, I am not gonna
switch a partner I mean just last night it was gushing about you and now all
this business? Oh honey what is really going on with you? Well I- I just I mean
if you can just…. Not this time now where’s that welcoming gal that I
know you are? You’re a sweet thing I gotta go baby.
Bye-bye. Okay alright. I gotta make a fruitcake Am I early? We’re still practicing? Yes
partner, of course we are. ah, oh, no That’s a lovely color on you. oh, I didn’t- thank you. What
you, so beautiful. Well I hardly know anything about you. What is it you would like to know?
It sounds so silly it’s just that I- I see you around everywhere, and I-.
Your small towns are delightful that way Arn’t they? Yes, well I’m probably just
imagining things *chuckles* I thought, you whispered this, thing. I’m
sure that I’m not right. It sounded almost like a threat. *both laugh* Oh you are such a
timorous woman Maggie Whelan you’re frightened so very much it is a
wonder you manage to stick your head out of your little pen. You see where I am
from there are a great many sheep, and where there are shape of course there
are dogs. And it is a curious thing Maddie. sometimes a dog will sneak into the sheep
fold and begin to kill. Not for hunger for play. Respond.
But then it goes back in to its master and its dog biscuits. Do you
understand me Maggie? I haven’t traveled very much. I can’t imagine where Jenny
and Linda are it’s so unlike them. You see they say it’s something about the
purebred passivity of the sheep. They trigger something in the dog’s brain.
Something very old, primal they’re blundering around in their pen,
believing in panic, too stupid to defend themselves. To act, to fight for their life
its all just too much for the dog it simply obeys instinct. Do you began to
see Maddie? I don’t, no I don’t you are my sheep and I am like the dog *barking* of course a dog cannot wait to kill, but
I can wait. I like to wait

100 thoughts on “The Bridge Partner | Scary Short Horror Film | Screamfest”

  1. Ah yes but among the sheep and dogs there is always a wolf in sheep's clothing who stalk their prey until the right moment to strike

  2. Olivia is so charismatic. Maddie is cute. A dog thought he met a sheep, but actually it was a wolf.

  3. This is actually one of my favourite short films and I think it is more scary than any jump scary or gory movie I’ve seen. It plays on the fear of isolation and ostracisation that I think most people share, it’s far more psychological that adrenaline pumping. She questions her sanity and if these things are actually happening and then that is backed up by her friends and family reinforcing the metaphor of a sheep in a pen, trapped and helpless. With the dog (new woman) being welcomed into the herd (bridge club) only for her to mean the death of one of the sheep. Bravo, very good

  4. I dont see the review before wacth these kinda short storys since I personally think whether it will be injustice for short movies. who all agree with me?

  5. I was waiting for the shy woman to serve the partner a slice of the cake only to find it poisoned

  6. The victim was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And theat wolf will tear that waiting dog apart.

  7. I've watched this many times and is my favorite. However, Maddie is no sheep never was but plays one very well. She reveals her true self at the end!

  8. This is a beautifully sophisticated film based around insecurity & anxiety, and is acting out the old saying of the unknown that "there is nothing to fear but fear itself ".
    Look how firmly & quickly Mattie takes control of the situation once she knows where she stands.
    A great actress , with barely a change of expression she tells us there is no longer anything for her to fear , the 'dog' has revealed herself , shown her hand and grossly under estimated Mattie, her bridge partner, who is of course no Sheep.

  9. If she said “here’s your sheep”, and stabbed her in the neck at the end that would have been my ending!

  10. Well, just swell that horror music every time she sees the bridge partner. Definitely scary. Don't leave it silent and have the faint click of high heels every time it gets scary. Just put in horror music and we'll be scared. It's so frustrating because the constant soundtrack was distracting.

  11. ok did i miss something? cuz she could’ve just called the police and say “a woman is threatening to kill me” like it’s that simple.

  12. "Sometimes a dog will sneak into the sheep fold and begin to kill, not for hunger; for play, respond. But then it goes back to its master and its dog biscuits."
    Perfect metaphor of so many bad people's behaviors!

  13. This was a very well done horror short. The dog lady is of course a split personality disorder case. She starts to bark when her subject becomes unwilling to finish her game. The barking scene did not scare me at all but it summed up everything else, as the most important scene. Very good! Thank you!!

  14. I always read the comment section before I watch the video so I know what jump scares to look out for. Like the barking women! Thank you people for keeping me from having a heart attack lol.

  15. Several things here: 1) Great acting by both leads here! 2) Thanks for not relying on shock, blood and guts. I very much like a good suspense story with no gore. 3) Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean "they" aren't out to get you. 4) Olivia is one of the creepiest characters I have seen in a long time. 5) Maddie (Mattie?) isn't the easy prey Olivia thinks she is. Olivia isn't nearly as smart as she thinks she is either. 6) I like the twist at 12:30. Olivia is about to get a sad surprise if she doesn't change her evil plans. 7) Did Olivia already kill the other two ladies they were supposed to practice with? 8) Olivia's barking got me too, even though I read some comments before I watched so I should have been prepared. 9) And again, Maddie will get the upper hand here. A dog is no match for the wolf Olivia has awakened.

  16. I don't think Maddie is a "wolf in sheep's clothing" as many comments below state. I think the persistent threat from Olivia has brought out the "inner wolf" in that one sheep Olivia doesn't know WILL defend itself. Alternatively, I think Olivia has mistaken the "sheep dog" for a "sheep," and will pay for her arrogance.

  17. So glad that I came down here and read about the barking before hand. That would have scared the shit out of me.

  18. every one Assuming the sheep killed the dog but the whole idea was they both were dogs but the shy lady was a pitbull but didn't show it. The more attractive lady was a chiwawa hunting mice it's whole life. The end smirk was what I was hoping for

  19. What someone failed to explain to the "dog" in this film is that there is always super predators waiting to kill the "dog". Those super predators tend to appear as the sheep in this film; appear as "easy prey" and the dog doesn't discover it until they are the play kill.

  20. Omg the lady who walked into the room hasn't aged a day. She literally looks the same since I was kindergarten and I'm 24 now!! Its either that or she just looks like a famous celebrity but I know that face from anywhere

  21. So the lady barked and scared me and my dog and I screamed wtf. I hope Maddy stabbed that bitch to pieces for threatening her

  22. I'm sure this short cost as much as some feature films..the guys that did it are seasoned pros, just curious as to why they did an Expensive short..

  23. U say I’m sheep
    U r dog
    And u like waiting
    To kill
    While u r waiting
    I’m waiting for u
    Remember that !!!😠🤨
    See listening to sugary candy coated speech
    U can say the most evil things
    And almost get away with it
    But the one spoken to
    The one listening to what was said
    Defines what was said
    Hashes it over
    Over and over
    Until they reach the conclusion
    It was what they said and no other definition could explain it
    The whole thing is a mind game for them on u
    Do not play their game!!!!!!!!!!!
    Excellent execution
    Of a short film on utter deceit
    And the victimization of a innocent

  24. Moral of the story: don't be an a**hole to old ladies. No, seriously, or you'll end up with your head split by half.

  25. Hmmmm… been sitting here with a full bladder for a while coz I'm too lazy to move. Going by the jumpscare comments, maybe I'd better pause, empty THEN watch🤔

  26. No stupid sound effects. No excessive jumpscares. No bad visual poetry. Not shoving politics down our throats. Just pure horror.

    Simply a masterpiece.

  27. Very nice! The building up of the timid lady's confidence was very neatly done. Excellent acting and teamwork.

  28. If a manicurist did that to my cuticle, I'd give her a quick kick in the crotch! She's like a psycho demon possessed Hyacinth Bucket

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