This businessman built a lavish shelter in the strangest place during the Cold War

This businessman built a lavish shelter in the strangest place during the Cold War

what would you do if the world was about to end most of us would probably just cross our fingers and hope for the best but there are a few individuals out there who have gone to extreme measures to prepare when one entrepreneur thought the apocalypse was imminent he decided to not only survive but to thrive in style from the outside it might seem like nothing much but once the doors opened it'll take your breath away Johnny hey had it all he was the co-founder of popular chi brand celestial Seasonings and own lucrative real estate all over the country still there was one lingering fear that kept him up at night nuclear annihilation after a period of de-escalation tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union shot back up in the early 1980s both sides were stockpiling weapons and mobilizing troops all over the globe however hey was sure the Soviets were poised to strike first and that the entire world would soon turn a bright shade of red America couldn't protect him from this threat but hey could protect himself he was a born self-starter a former Marine he built celestial from the ground up by picking herbs in the Rocky Mountains and stuffing them into hand-sewn bags in 1983 he turned his attention to the tranquil Ozark Mountains in Arkansas he purchased 240 acres of empty land for a mere 140 $6,000 so how would this keep him safe well hey wasn't so much interested in the woods as he was in the gigantic limestone cave that ran beneath them he believed it had the potential to house the ultimate fallout shelter construction began immediately however relations between the United States and the USSR soon improved and it became increasingly unlikely that any nuclear war would take place what could a Jew with his hat bill bunker hey a shrewd businessman as he was knew how to adapt under changing circumstances maybe his underground abode could be used not just for survival but for recreation he drew up a new plan after a few more years of intense construction and furnishing the Beckham creek cave Lodge was born what was once a bomb shelter was now a subterranean high-end hotel hey naturally felt quite pleased with its transformation I didn't want to come through the war like Tina Turner in Mad Max he said so I created Tinseltown to stay in one of the caves four bedrooms guests will have to shell out as much as $1,600 per night although the rate is as steep as the mountain surrounding the hotel the price is worth it each morning you can take a hot shower that'll wash away the problems and worries that you brought from above-ground that's right you can even stay clean when you're living in a cave you can relax and watch a movie on the 75 inch LED television mounted on the limestone walls the lodges thermal heating will keep you nice and cozy even in the dead of winter later on you could head over to the state-of-the-art kitchen to enjoy a classy dinner and good company unlike most bomb shelters the Beckham Cave Creek Lodge has way more than just canned goods of course guests aren't confined to the indorse you can hike around the Ozarks and if you're lucky catch a glimpse of the region's majestic wildlife there's plenty of nature still present inside the hotel too the lodge preserves some of the original key features like these stalactites hanging from the ceiling as well as this waterfall and the beckham's guests never have to be afraid should the danger of nuclear attack ever resurface the hotel can seal all the openings in the cave with concrete blocks like any eccentric millionaire worth his salt hey ah still installed a helipad that could really come in handy for all those instances when the average Joe travels by helicopter if you dream of making this luxurious cave your own you're in luck the property recently went on sale for the sum of 2.75 million dollars one lucky person can make the Beckham creek cave Lodge their own private retreat just imagine sitting by the fire on the front deck with nobody around for miles and miles you could sip a mug of herbal tea and be grateful that John haze paranoia created such a special place the Beckham creek cave Lodge is without a doubt one of the most pleasant places to wait out a nuclear apocalypse share this article with your friends so you can plan a trip out to the Ozarks

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  1. I’m not really worried about Nuclear annihilation but the house is really awesome! If I had the 2.7 million I’d buy that house In a heartbeat 💗

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