Truckers Turn On Trump

Truckers Turn On Trump

>>Nothing gets done in America without the
hard working men and women of the trucking industry, do we agree with that?>>That’s Donald Trump back in October of
2017 pretending as if he genuinely cares about the well being of truckers in America. Well, if he genuinely cared about them he
wouldn’t be pushing forward with the type of economic policy decisions he’s been making,
because they are hurting truckers and they are really feeling the pain. In fact, Business Insider spoke to some of
these truckers and the quotes are pretty incredible. Now keep in mind that the majority of truckers
are conservative, I’ll give you those numbers in just a minute. But everyone Business Insider spoke to voted
for Trump. Morris Kaufman, a lifelong conservative is
one of the people who voted for Trump. He’s a trucker and he says quote, Trump is
absolutely a moron. His idiotic ideas will tank the economy even
further.>>Love it.>>He also said quote, you cannot bully your
way to a good economy. And what he’s referring to there is the trade
war. The trade war has really hurt truckers, it’s
hurt manufacturing in America. And what does Trump have to say when that
type of criticism comes up? He says, my life would be a lot easier if
I didn’t take on China. But I like doing because I have to do it. What is that even mean?>>It means that face.>>It’s amazing.>>He’s such a baby.>>Let me give you some more. Trump’s trade wars are expected to reduce
the average US household’s income by $580 by 2020 and that’s according to the Congressional
Budget Office. They did analysis on this and just released
a report. And now JL Sims is another trucker who happens
to vote for Trump and he says, quote, the truth about the rates being so low is Trump’s
trade policies manufacturers are scared. Last months manufacturing jobs numbers finally
began to reflect the reduced production. Everyone looks at unemployment rates and things,
mistakenly, that the economy is in great shape. Manufacturing tells the real story. This is a conservative guys, is a conservative. It’s not me saying that, the unemployment
numbers are BS and it’s not a good metric to look at when you wanna talk about a robust
economy. This is a conservative who’s in this field
and sees firsthand how disastrous Trump’s economic policies have been.>>So let’s put more numbers to it, cuz Business
Insider looked at transport research groups and what they’ve reported. Year over year, trucking loads have gone down
37% in July. And rates for those same loads have gone down
by 18%. So the quantity has gone down and so has the
price. So this has been devastating for truckers. I’m actually really surprise at this number,
nearly three-quarters of truck drivers are Republicans. So they lean very, very Republican. Part of the reason I’m surprised is as a soft
spot in my heart for truckers, because we started on Sirius Satellite Radio, and we
used to have a lot of truckers listening to us. We used to have a satellite, I don’t know
if we still have it on show But a trucker hat that said, keep on trucking.>>I remember that.>>Right, and so a lot of truck drivers love
the Young Turks, but apparently most of them, because we believe in facts are Republicans. But even all those guys who like Jesus, this
is devastating but if you think look okay, fine, he’s hurt this one particular industry,
right? No, it’s that and leading economic indicator. So if the truckers are having trouble, because
there’s less products to move, that means the manufacturers are producing less products. And that’s when you hit the iceberg and the
recession hits. Look, some folks are saying, it’d be good
if the recession came. It reminds me when people say, it will be
good if Trump won, because then it will lead to better times later. No, no, no, don’t root for bad things to happen,
okay? Cuz you never know how bad things can get,
as we saw with Donald Trump. You never know how bad that recession can
get, I don’t want it to happen. But whether we want it or not, doesn’t change
the facts. And they’re tracking 37% less goods year over
year. Things are about to, we’re about to hit the
iceberg. Trump sitting on top of the Titanic going,
what iceberg? I have the best ships, they’re the unsinkable
ships.>>So I wanna give you a little more information,
because it isn’t just the trade war that’s negatively impacting these truckers, it’s
also Trump’s tax policy. Let’s go to graphic eight, Trump’s tax reworking
in 2017 led to many truck drivers having to pay hundreds in taxes this year, thanks to
a change in per-diem laws. But for some trucks it was actually worse
than that. Dennis Bridges, an accountant who specializes
in doing taxes for truckers, told Mother Jones in April that 75% of his clients on unusually
large tax payment, and about 20% had to fork over more than $5,000>>Well, apparently there are three professions
that vote, most Republican are surgeons, cuz they make a lot of money, farmers and truckers. Well, when you hit one of your top constituencies
with a giant tax, because you wanted to give more away to big corporations, not gonna play
well.>>It’s not gonna play well, but I also want
to kind of wrap this story with giving you guys some caution, right? Don’t get too confident, don’t think that
getting a Democrat elected is in the bag. You don’t need to worry about anything, because
there are people who will be hurt economically and they’ll still support Trump. Take a look.>>Industry data shows the rates trucking
companies charge are down nearly as much as 17%. The reason in part, the President’s trade
war, with fewer goods like steel and electronics coming into us ports, fewer trucks are needed
to move them. Zimmerman says his company’s revenues are
down 8% from last year. Do you in any way feel that he’s the man responsible
for the trade war and the setback you’ve been dealt?>>It has an effect on our business. Yes, but I don’t blame him for it.>>That’s it, it has an effect on our business
but I don’t blame the guy making the economic decisions for what’s happening in my industry,
it’s absurd.>>Okay, all right. But at the same time I don’t want want you
to get discouraged the overall numbers politically are fantastic for Democrats and terrible for
Donald Trump. He is got a five point drop in his approval
ratings overall, he’s down to 40% approval. Look, any other president at 40% people will
be talking about, now almost a year out from the election, he’s in a world of trouble. And laws of physics still apply, the only
thing that’s hanging in there is half the Americans still approve of how Trump is handling
the economy. If any kind of recession hits and he loses
that base, good night Irene. It’s over before it even started. I know you’re thinking don’t say that, don’t
say that, because you’re so shell shocked from 2016. But I’m telling you, you’re over shell shocked. Look at these numbers, they’re a disaster. On foreign affairs he polls at 40%, on immigration
he polls at 37%, they hate this immigration policies. On handling race relations he polls at 32%. Even on my whites, he polls at only 40% on
race relations and dropping. He’s a disaster across the board. If things continue like this and if the economy
takes a downturn as the trucking story indicates, he’s gonna get lacked. He’s gonna get clobbered, it’s gonna be so
embarrassing. I think Scaramucci might be onto something
about him just bailing and going cuz he doesn’t wanna get embarrassed. It’s gonna be a historic landslide. If things go that way, I know, look, and now
finally I’ll do the note of caution cuz I can see Anna getting nervous.>>Yeah, that optimism is ridiculous, the
odds are->>No, no, the optimism is 100% real. But the problem is his opponents are the Democrats
and the Democrats can lose any race.>>Right.>>Yeah.>>So we have got to make sure that they pick
someone who’s actually gonna fight for their American worker. If you get a progressive who’s gonna fight
aggressively for the average American, we’re gonna win easy. You get like a Biden, going, well, I don’t
know, Trump might be on to something, I don’t know. I wanna work with the Republicans, then you
might hand the election to this idiot who otherwise has no chance.

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