Watch How Chris Brown Wants To 'GET OUT' From The INDUSTRY! (2018 - 2019)

Watch How Chris Brown Wants To 'GET OUT' From The INDUSTRY! (2018 – 2019)

Chris Brown Chris Brown has come forward he's been on Twitter he's really tired and he's trying to get out to business and the thing with Chris Brown when Chris leaves his entourage Chris wakes up he has a totally different atmosphere he understands when they put him back with his entourage he goes back to those Chris because he on MLK hypnosis subliminal all of that I mean Chris is a walking time bomb if Chris Brown who wants out before they kill him because that's what's coming up that there's no way out but blood in blood out he's been telling him all the truth he's one of the first that still be deep in to say he's Tyler's a devil running his life I've never heard nobody do that and still be in loominatee and I ain't talked about he's the front guy he's of employee of the Illuminati which means the enlightened ones okay now he's probably been warned that's why they did their little thing in Philippines he'd been warned to shut up but this is for Chris Brown anybody that knows them can forward this last piece the heavy I want to do it I wasn't gonna do a whole show on Chris because I don't think they're gonna listen to it so I just give this little piece before I close out Chris Brown what you have to do man like I must told Tyrese you have to bear it all and you're not gonna be able to use Beatty CNN and MSN because all of this is controlled by the elite you will have to go in your own get a nice clean camera whatever you want to see in it however long you want to take that to your discretion and just spill the beans tell them the rituals the sacrificing how men sleep with men and don't leave our names you can't say well we have to do no no no no when you bury it all Chris you bear it all you give name you drop names you tell who you done fucked and sucked as well as who fuck this sucks you and vice-versa you have to give names cuz you're burning it all ain't about what you will we don't sleep with men no no no people need to know and a lot of these people like Oprah Oprah Ben clone that's not the Oprah that was on PBS struggling with the bad teeth that Oprah that you see today it's been cloned okay Beyonce jay-z dumb motherfucker it's been cloned Eminem I wouldn't be surprised dr. Dre was clone those sons of bitches or robots man look but asshole I might have to do a show on that because I'm pretty much alone lost you right now but anyway back to Chris Brown you been on the verge saying a lot of things and you really really see what's going on when you get away from your entourage you see it as eye opener you see how birdman trying to kill Lil Wayne right they're gonna do that to you and I you can't hide from deaf deaf it's inedible but the thing is with me if I died tonight or tomorrow I'm good I know who I serve I know I never sold my soul I know I never sacrificed a child I never drink blood I never let a man do anything to me I never did anything to a man I never molested a child in my life I never beheaded no one because as a sacrifice I never gave up my mama my daddy my brother my sister my niece not nephew but you understand that because you know a lot of people who done that and your mama sold you out man you first came in you was too young to sign a contract your mama signed that contract and she was willing to sell you out so that you could be a celebrity star because Chris Brown's would have been the next Michael Jackson but the reason it stopped because Christo has seen things and rebelling so they took that Rihanna shit and just blew it up Rihanna was all fabricated okay Brianna as my girl roll would say Rihanna was Chris handler and what that mean is she was to go to person to make Chris a crane Chris didn't put a hand on that man that big-headed forehead bitch had a full head every since she was sucking dick birthday Barbados she's always been a freak so fuck that so the whole idea was to teach him a lesson and while Chris was being abused and drug through the mud they figure who else can we bring up right now to get the minds off Chris to make another R&B celebrity this is when Trey Songz come up so they said well let's make Clive Davis appointed this and said let's make Trey Songz a household name while Chris is being drugged and getting his shit together and that's how Trey came up cuz tracklist was not coming up at all until Chris took that leap of faith it was to reason why they want to bring Chris down it was a double it was a perfect opportunity once the trade to come up and secondly for Rihanna to handle him and that's what happened and when Chris finally came back around they made him a household name again and then Chris had a little relapse and he saw what was going on so now they're threatening him again it's a it's pretty sad that the parents sell their children out because really they livin in life through their kids they say I want my child to be able had a nice life no bitch you want to live that life same thing with greater Coleman his parents sold him out when Gary found out what was going on Gary sued his parents because they took all this money he said what if you're gonna sell my soul I want my money that's what the whole fiasco was about and any other late Lupe Fiasco with I went to fuck his name is that nigger devil man I peeped him on the sway show he was on the sway show and his nigga was talking about some real shit and before he ended his statement he put his hands in a pyramid like a motherfucker to let the elite know I I said that shit but y'all gave me a pass he didn't mean none of it now you got this steroid nigga dr. Dre and who the fuck most def old switch-hitter ass timeout we battle anybody anything y'all are they the least told him to do that the boule put them up to do that because the people on the internet becoming too small they need to give y'all distracted and some of you old niggas out there too my moon it's gonna help hip-hop nigga 38 39 years old time is gonna help him fine Iggy you should be over hip-hop you should be owning something you should be doing something with your life sitting back to my some caress want all of them nigga sold out and only reason they had this the heck most stuff to do this to get y'all distracted because they getting ready to do some crazy shit in New York did they not put that damn face of death up did they not put the face of death up in New York so y'all think this shit is funny you think it's just a hoorah why would they put the face of death up on the fucking Empire State Building because something is gonna explore they're gonna do something in New York I can't pinpoint what it is but something major has to happen this year now I'm not telling you everything is gonna happen I didn't say that I'm telling you something major catastrophic 'l has it it's all over do it has to happen this year and they have all eyes on New York but don't get twisted because a lot of times when they have your attention on one place they do it someplace totally different nothing goes according to plan you know that right nothing Chris Brown if you're willing to do this what you have to do brother is uh make the DVDs yourself and do not give them to no well-known Network and disperse them yourself don't tell nobody no friend don't tell family what you're doing because they all got demons on them they love the money and their lifestyle that you're providing for them so basically you do it by yourself you do you know how I got to have a long it takes you to get it out when you cut it you got enough money to go get you some burners to make copies and I ain't talking about you know putting them on your desk I taste too long go get you a CD a DVD burner that makes copies and you can put a hundred in there and it spits out a hundred within two or three hours you know what I'm talking about you in the business you know how to row right so you make your DVD tell the who's who the sacrifices the drinking of blood the sacrificing the children the molestation the transgender you tell all of that and what you do you go out and hand them out you Chris Brown you drive through the city hand them out you don't tell nobody what you're doing you hand them motherfuckers out and you go to the next city and hand them out okay and then you make your cross you go 12 you do lease don't try to go out it's don't go out to the country you don't need to do that you can do it right here in the USA go cross three three county lines at least because like the reason I say that let's say using Colorado you hit Coral Springs you hit Denver Cal seurat you give us a total of three three lines go through Colorado is huge but you can absolutely go to Coral Springs Denver and Aspen and it would be it that duck that right there is enough to get you worldwide attention cuz everybody gonna post it so the question comes up gosh how do I get out how do I get my sentence to be hard to get the Heavenly Father to love me to accept me you got to turn it all in you got to be willing to walk away from the riches the bitches the Rings the shoes to clothes your dignity cuz they're gonna call your molester they're gonna see you as a faggot in the barracks from the birth they're gonna say that you slept with pigeons and dogs they're gonna say that you hit your mama man they gonna say everything because they control the media but you set the stage in your DVDs and you hand them out listen you press them well y'all why three because they do everything in threes you have to do things in threes you passed three state lines and you have about 500 to a thousand DVDs make every stop count until they all go don't give too many in one County keep it moving if you got to go through three different states and one night you can do that man because you just want to you know go to fast food people know who your hey man go check listen to this new music and there's a message on there brother this is what you have to do if you want a clean slate with the multi do you have a half a chance at getting yourself back now you ain't gonna get it back on this side but when you pass away the Lord will have favor for you that's my solution and I know that's the only way that you can get right with the Most High because no celebrity ever challenge that they all die with the secrets and I tell you right now Bobbi Kristina Whitney Houston tossing and turning man down the planet of misery they are not no damn heaven they're on the planet of misery everybody think well Whitney money they messed up but the Lord gonna look at the Christina no she's supported her bloodline unless Christina tried to do something other than just live like her mama and living a life of luxury she gets the same treatment man now they tryin to pin that murder on her boyfriend that dude that have nothing to do with that y'all know they got him on medicine right crazy medicine and they reprogram him yeah did y'all know that they threatened the family to shut the hell up Lord mercy Chris Brown all I can tell you my brother that last part was for you if you're interested in changing your life

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  2. How are you shaming them but at the same time that you are claiming to be a Christian you are talking just as bad as these people talk in their music. The things you are saying or not of God and calling that woman a big forehead b** and a hoe is not of God. You need to be careful cuz you might be going to the same place that you think they're going.

  3. my mom and dad always told me money dont buy you happiness now I kno what they were saying and I see they was not lieing these people can destroy a celebritys life at anytime of day if they don't do the do
    shyt is sad i rather be a poor man walking barefoot in the freezing cold than to be a rich man on a leash Owens by these monsters

    for all you young kids reading this dont fall in satens trap and read the bible before you choose to give up your soul GoD Bless us all.

  4. Ithink CHris Brown is a clone already, whoever that is at the 9:03 mark looks very different at the 9:44 mark. Even in his thin shape and gaunt cheeks you can tell those cheekbones are toooooooo large to be the same person

  5. Wat YOU smoking? If you was Chris YOU wouldn’t even do that!!! This is your solution? Dry snitch on oneself?

  6. Well..he still alive..all this could just be a big publicity stunt..if he is a tranny..he can kill off this character..and reamerge as a new person..good for bank account

  7. geronimo's coming back, Jesus is going to have a posse he's on the Denver International Airport along with that asshole Arab the only humans on the whole damn thing is Geronimo and an Arab world and we're going to battle and the losers already chosen and what they forgot to put on there is all the Chinese the cloning that's going on they've got a whole Forest that they manufactured right next to Hong Kong did you know that it's artificial hundred square miles of artificial Forest so go take over the Pacific Northwest let it rest for 10 years and then it recuperate from the fire that they're going to burn off and kill all of us and then they're going to have a big National Park of United States of America I don't see any schools going to be billed I don't see any fucking future I don't even see any reason to get married or have kids or do any of that thing because you're just trying is bitch right now Alliyah go look I pet goat I did Here Kopitelli man.. the main number one dragon of China's first dynasty and he's coming back for payback go look at ipetgoat he's the one with a party favor my people party with that asshole but we know who he is and the rest of the world fell for it his lies his sex his lust his greed he tried to destroy my people and we're going to get payback we get our land back is promised the cherry on Earth we're going to burn you to a crisp start over again with no false gods

  8. we all want to become independent from everything being independent from YouTube Ain't the answer you guys are just beginners I've been at this for almost sixty-one years I don't know what one more videos going to show the world pretty much everybody that's on board is on board right now the rest will be left behind some don't want to go if you read the real Bible you'd understand that I couldn't possibly understand everything, Indigo flower she's got the timelines of the Bible she's also got a lot of other gods that poke their nose into the Bible that people are falling for and would be expected considering everybody wants their hands in the till that Yahweh and Jehovah the Carotid Allah I never knew any of those names to scare away the monsters that I've had in my life that are coming at us full blast if you're talking about that world leader that spoke on April 1st 2000 17 on Easter day I saw Satan appear Baphomet in Africa at the World Conference a pastor's there was reptilians and Zulus and the man himself was a reptilian you're a beginner get with Jesus forget this nonsense forget YouTube it is how you make your living I've lost $160,000 before YouTube was even invented Digicel saved it's about to go wild I'm Blackfoot Indian I haven't seen a religion that you people any people on this Earth came up with that has a t truth in it but a bunch of agendas NS American Indians are excluded from your worlds shit we are chosen by God and we kept his Covenant for 1,200 years the only people on Earth who did so that Holy Land over there might be the biggest hoax there ever was

  9. Yash is a liar. Just like all men. Chiefly myself. We all have fallen short of the glory of God. Yash just basically said the only way that He can come out on top and be good with our Father is if he does his ideal works based salvation. That's what he said. Salvation is a work of God that only God can do. Repentance is a work of God that only God can do. And Jesus Christ is the only way to God. I understand that there is a lot of messed up things in the world but Jesus Christ died for it all. He died for everyone. And because of this God's people have the honor and freedom to not do what they they like, but to do what they ought. Jesus said if you love me obey my commandments. Matthew 25, Isaiah 58, John 17. It's all there in God's perfect word, the King James Bible. God Bless all.

  10. Wow. I had to look again . I had to say that baby is messed up ! 😭🤧 Brother man you are right about the Most High !🤷🏾‍♀️👍🏾

  11. Been watching quite a few vids on your channel; have you done a video on tela tequila ? Cuz that poor girl has completely lost her shit

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