Why This Coffee Costs $75 A Cup

Why This Coffee Costs $75 A Cup

Caroline: These two cups
of coffee look identical, but this one is $3, and this one is $75. $75 for one cup of coffee. Hm. Wow.
Joe: Mhm. Interesting. Klatch Coffee carries the
Elida Geisha Green Tip Natural. This coffee is sold for $803 per pound. That’s about $75 for an 8-ounce cup. The more expensive coffees are obviously, it’s supply and demand. Generally, they’re small supply and a lot of people wanting to have some of the best coffees. So normally, around the world, each country will have an
auction for the best coffees. Caroline: The coffee got the highest bid at the Best of Panama
coffee auction in 2018. Before we can taste it for ourselves, we visited Klatch’s roastery
in Southern California to learn about their roasting process. The team samples new coffees every day. We’ll try a hundred coffees to find one that we want to buy. So we’re looking for
something that’s really good, that highlights the flavors
that we want from that origin, from that region. For Brazil, we want kind
of a nice chocolatyness. From a Colombia, we might want more of
a citrus, a sweetness. Sometimes for some coffees from Ethiopia, we want these fruit notes
that are coming through. They’re just wonderful, and berries, and
strawberries, and stone fruit, and peach coming through in coffee. You can taste it. It’s just amazing. Was there ever a time that there was, like,
a coffee on the table, and everyone was kind
of like, “This is it. This is, like, a game changer.” Mike: Oh, yeah. It happened in Panama when I was a judge on the Elida, on the
one that went for $800. Oh, wow.
And everybody’s like, “Oh, my gosh, amazing coffee.” It starts with sourcing beans, but once they arrive, we have these green,
unroasted coffee beans. And that’s the seed or the bean at the center
of the coffee cherry. And we bring those in, we weigh
’em out, and we roast ’em. So during the roasting process,
we add ’em to the roaster. We manipulate both the heat,
the flame, and the air flow. So it’s kind of a combination
of conduction and convection to manipulate the roast to where it’s just right, and when it’s just right, we drop it into the cooling tray where a vacuum of air sucks on it, cools it down quickly. From there it goes up the destoner, and it removes if there’s
any foreign objects in there, which there shouldn’t be, but just to make sure everything’s good. Then, of course, we package
it, and we weigh it, so it happens both by hand or with the machines that
actually weigh it for us. Seal it up, and we ship it all over. Caroline: And now, the fun part. So Joe and I are at Klatch Coffee, and we have two different
types of coffee with us. We both have a regular cup of coffee, and we have the world’s
most expensive coffee. I feel like with this one I’m already kind of like smelling and getting a little bit of the aroma, and it smells, like, citrusy, but it also smells kind of sweet. We learned how to smell coffee earlier. We are coffee experts now. Definitely more of, like, a coffee that I would have every day. Yeah. Flavor’s not too strong. It tastes like regular
coffee, a little earthier. Caroline: Some flavors you can expect from the Elida Geisha range from berry, citrus,
mango, papaya, and peach. Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s excellent. That is like leaps and bounds ahead of what we just had before here or just any cup of coffee
I’ve had, you know. Wow.
Joe: Mhm. Interesting. It is a little more citrusy than this cup. I would love to have this more. It’s just a little out of
my price range by about $71. But it’s excellent, I love it. I would love for more people to try it. My wife drinks coffee. I know she would love this too. For day-to-day, I probably would still have,
like, my regular coffees only because, like, I can’t
buy this coffee all the time. But I think this would
be such an awesome gift to give to someone who’s,
like, a coffee fanatic. I think people really get
this for that experience. Not much to, like, you know,
chug it down every day. Not everything that we
carry is just the highest, most expensive coffee. What I really try to do as a buyer is to find value for my customers. You know, I want to find a great coffee because not everybody can
afford to have, you know, top-shelf every single day. But they all deserve something good, and that’s what I try to find. But it’s nice to treat
yourself once in awhile to a rare, exotic, and wonderful treat. ‘Cause even the best, highest, most expensive coffee
in the world, you know, granted per cup, we
might be selling for $75. But it’s a once-in-a-lifetime
kind of treat, and that’s what we try to bring.

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  1. Early u guys are amazing come to Trinidad and review our street food on what we call the cross it has gyros burgers soups u would love it though u won't see this if u ever come I recommend anayahs on the cross 🇹🇹💝😍

  2. My favorite types of coffee are Mocha and French vanilla. Coffee is so good even though I shouldn’t drink it bc im only 10 😂

  3. It's the same as GUCCI using Walmart coffee and slapping there logo on it and selling it for 247 dollars

  4. Ok :;:;:
    If you want to spend $75. on a coffee bean that came out of a camels ass than spend that money
    You’re spending $$$ On shit 💩beans “ literally”💩$$💷💸

  5. I'M SUBBING TO EVERYONE WHO SUBS TO MY CHANNEL!! Write when your done so I'll subscribe to you! <33

  6. Why don’t they roast the beans in Panama thus it would be cheaper to produce and support the local economy? I’m just wondering. Coffee is such an interesting example to demonstrate globalization.

  7. "hm so how much are we gonna charge for this coffee?"
    "hey, let's just charge the same amount that some rich roasting company paid for it at some fancy auction, that way it should be accessible to everyone!"

  8. Afterall,
    Just because it's expensive doesn't mean you will like it. Its all about a personal preference.chivet coffee cost $600/kg. But many people dont like it because it look disgusting for some people. Just browse by yourself to see how it mde.

    Not that i talk its taste bad.

  9. Jesus H. Christ!! Talk about mark-up!!! I´ve been to Panama and you can get Elida Geisha at $3 a cup, and the Lb. is around $10. You are getting robbed!!!

  10. Businessmen fooling consumers, and consumers fooling themselves. Drinking beverages at ridiculous prices to keep up appearances for social media likes.

  11. Does this remind anyone of that skit from Sesame Street when the shyster tries to con Grover into buying a bottle of air?

  12. That calculation is way off. At $803/pound and about 8 Grams of ground coffee for a cup, this would add up to about $12.

  13. I remember drinking at Klatch before it was blew up around the world. Fun fact: it sold their coffee in bags at their cafes as Klatch Coffee, but for some reason originally it was called The Coffee Klatch by people and even the employees. I really loved the Eskimoka. I loved that place because it was in a wooden sort of shack? You can find it in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. I love coffee klatch. Also, the Coffee maker makes the coffee, not always the coffee itself. They also made homemade whipped cream, which is such a good choice.

  14. the girl did not like it look at her face and eyes she made ,thinking are you kidding this taste like shit

  15. As I always say, the best way to get rich is to charge rich morons an overpriced product at the price of a status symbol. I don’t know why the richest people are sometimes the dumbest

  16. Stories say every bean is massaged since birth with aroma-therapy fecalia scent. It has an exquisite aroma of Taurus- excrementus. It has a magnificent appeal to “gens stupides” and more entrepreneur-veux être- connoisseurs. The barista who serves this amazing treat is refer to as a “analphabète.” So, please I encourage those cafe enema enthusiasts to Sit down with you Apple devices, and type frantically about some social media marketing. Meanwhile enjoying delightfully an amazing cup of this Panamenian Caca di Culo néctar.

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