Will Smith franchises NEED Will Smith to survive

Will Smith franchises NEED Will Smith to survive

okay so if you follow the news at all today you've seen that men and black International didn't really crash and burn it was number one but it was a real low earning box-office weekend everyone is saving up their money to go see Toy Story 4 this weekend but this interesting article popped up on screen rant titled Independence Day and men and black made the same mistake with Will Smith and ultimately what it boils down to is that these franchises that both got these know what asked for it sequels forgot that they were kind of built on the back of Will Smith and that probably actually had something to do with it now associate meta black International has clearly made the same mistake as 2016's Independence Day resurgence which is making a sequel without Will Smith like Independence Day the fourth film and the men and black franchise suffers from major issues not the least of which is the lack of Smith's defining charisma and magnetic talent now I will agree that well let me let me just say this first I enjoyed both men a black international and I enjoyed Independence Day resurgence the insurgents or resurgence I enjoyed strictly for what it was strictly for what was presented in front of me because I like watching Roland Emmerich destroy things I have for many years for many decades and I will continue that until he is no longer around or making these kind of films that is my thing it's kind of a guilty pleasure I like Roland Emmerich but yes I agree men and black and Independence Day resurgence both somewhat failed from not having Will Smith involved now resurgence famously bombed a couple of years ago pulling in barely half of what the original movie did 20 years earlier critics responded in kind widely penny and Smith wasn't the only confusing casting choice Myka Monroe played Patricia Whitmore instead of Mae Whitman who starred in the first film public backlash against a casting decision included harsh words from several industry professionals as well as abiding think pieces calling out the inherent misogyny at work because the daughter the presidential daughter from the first film was now kind of a smokin hot chick and not Mae Whitman who is very talented and I loved her and not only Arrested Development but Scott Pilgrim as well as the Duff a highly underrated comedy so yeah there was that not only that though the script is pretty terrible and it was clearly designed for Asian audiences it was clearly designed to be as easily transferable to an Asian audience as anything they possibly could I mean it was it was if you think about it it was one of the more egregious attempts at playing it dumb in order to reach the maximum wide audience and it just failed it really really really did fail now men of like international has suffered hasn't suffered from the same fate but it's still a lackluster addition to a previously proven franchise the idea of introducing a female agent was as some kind of certificate of progressiveness feels condescending especially considering that Linda Fiorentino refreshingly three-dimensional arc in the first film even Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson's obvious chemistry in thor ragnarok isn't compelling despite both of them turning in solid performances then they go on to say that Will Smith could not have you know particularly save the film but it would have added to it and the truth of the matter is one of the biggest factors that I think led to Amend a black international not being able to live up to its predecessors quite frankly is the lack of almost any and all reference to Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones I mean it's there's one real reference in the movie and it is very tiny it's not unmissable because they show it to you point-blank and you know exactly what it's referring to but no one says their name it was a cutaway shot and that is literally literally it and even though the movie was fun I felt it was absolutely fine it was it was a it was you know very very much start-to-finish just an entertainment movie but yes it suffered from not having Will Smith involved and it's interesting because when you go back and look at what happened there's a lot of interesting factors at play when it comes to both films that both films forgetting that their will smith vehicles or at least both franchises forgetting that their will smith vehicles in regards to independence day back when roland emmerich first started pitching it Will Smith could have been in it in fact the whole story around his character in his son's character was a big arc in the sequel and that would have gone and done very well with I believe the father-son crowd a lot of people who grew up with Will Smith have kids fathers have sons take their kid would've made a lot of sense and as a result of that he chose to not go make that movie but instead went on to star in Suicide Squad which we all know how that movie turned out I mean even though it was critically panned it still went on to make a lot of money and so much so that even when they talked about recasting Will Smith with Idris Elba for the sequel there was enough of a push back at least internally a Warner brother and probably Will Smith himself that they decided to give it yourself a whole new character and not make him Deadshot 2.0 so I mean there's still again there's a Will Smith franchise in there there's a Will Smith franchise that is 100% in Suicide Squad that never happened in regards to Independence Day they let the whole thing now but when you look at men and black international this actually goes back as far as 2015 when one of the producers on the film had talked about Will Smith coming into this movie and then doing another one he had just come off of four sci-fi film it's basically back-to-back or I think like a couple sci-fi films back-to-back and you know men in black 3 after earth and he didn't want that to be his go-to he didn't want to be typecast in that particular environment and I get that I do understand that but at the same time Will Smith has not found the critical praise that he's been looking for in the indeed I don't want to say indie market but the drama market because if you realize or if you go back and you look at Will Smith and you look at the type of movies that he makes he does a big-budget film and then he'll do like a more independent not independent but more like you know lower budget drama real heavy on the acting right look at the pursuit of happiness I think he was up for Best Actor in that movie he won a lot of awards or at least was nominated for a lot of awards and that movie was like Will Smith can act oh my god let's put him in more these type of films and they just kept crapping out crapping out crapping out crapping out crapping out to the point of where he kind of has to go back to doing these big-budget films because that's what the audience wants of Will Smith and I know that sucks I know that sucks for him I know he doesn't want to be that way but that's what the audience want and I think the fact that there wasn't even a passing reference to Jay or did Linda Fiorentino is character and men and black there was an issue I don't look at the inclusion of Tessa Thompson as being the main character as being woke nasur progressiveness I think it was a character there was one line about men in black as a negative and it was played up like a joke it was it was all Tessa Thompson and her words before the film that might have actually laid those negative ideas um it's possible I have no idea again I found the film to be quite enjoyable Tessa Thompson's combin standing so I did enjoy it but yeah these films needed Will Smith to be in them in some capacity or another an off-screen death like Independence Day resurgence or just not a mention at all as it meant of like international don't actually benefit the franchise this is where bad boys 3 or bad boys for life which I do believe is filming right now is 100% going to save the Will Smith franchise from the 90s this this this movie I'm hoping is good I'm hoping is good because we've waited a long time to get it by the time it comes out it will have been nearly 17 years since the last movie which even that was eight years past the first film we've waited a long time for the bad boys series and I'm hoping that it absolutely delivers because the movie does need to play up one factor that it is a Will Smith movie yeah you can look at Martin Lawrence to go hey I remember Martin Lawrence he's a great guy I loved where's Martin Lawrence been since black night answer to that is nowhere but he's back now with Will Smith this is a Will Smith movie it needs to be treated like a Will Smith movie and I think if they do that the box office will return it and kind print not provided that they release it at the right time I forget it to release date right now but I'm hoping that it's good I'm hoping that audiences turn up so yeah Independence Day and men and black failed because they left out Will Smith that is pretty I think evident and it's not to say that the stories could not have been improved on both sides but that ultimately wouldn't have mattered with the Suicide Squad – they got three months to write the script and then they went off and shot the movie over 700 million dollars worldwide consider a success so go figure on that one but I leave it to you your thoughts or your opinions I want to know let me know down in the comment section have yourself a great day guys and peace out

22 thoughts on “Will Smith franchises NEED Will Smith to survive”

  1. Thing is, Will Smith walked away and they assumed success without his presence. The results speak for themselves. What they need to do is figure out what it takes to keep his interest in rejoining the projects.

  2. Aladdin is stealth killing it this summer, and of course Will is Aladdin. It's the first real hit after Endgame. Everything else is, good, okay or the rest. John Wick III is the biggest bit aside from the "expected" hits this summer.

  3. What mib international should have done is mention j and k by saying something like while your at the international branch of mib j and k can handle things here in New York or show there pictures and Tessa say something like who are they and Emma goes that's j and k they will be handling things here while your at the international branch but what they did was do a sequel that felt more like a reboot then a sequel

  4. Resurgence was a made for TV movie that somehow made it to the box office. I don’t think Will Smith could have saved it, and I think he was smart for avoiding it.

  5. The next MIB movie may disregard MIB international and have cameos by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as the original J and K.

  6. Either way I still hope International gets a sequel it was really good. Maybe since Tessas character is going back stateside they can make Smith her partner?

  7. But the new Men in Black wasn’t about Will Smith’s or TLJ’s characters anymore. I don’t see why people can’t get that through their head.

  8. So no one hardly went because of no Will. Sounds silly to me.
    He can't act.
    It is a sequel.
    I bet hardly no one went because of Tessa. (Incert foot in mouth).

    Marvel needs to buy it back since it is Marvel Comic based.

  9. i don't think the NEED will smith, just competent writing and no political agenda.
    I dont care how good/bad the movie is, i dont care who is in the movie. I was out after the cringy "Men? In black" clip.
    Really shows their intentions behind the film, i wont give them my money.

  10. The ID4 sequel should have been released in 2000, tops. MIB International had next to no appeal to me as it veered on the same path as Ghostbusters 2016 and other such great success stories.

    Just like you can't make an apple pie without apples or pie crust, you can't expect big numbers by changing characters.

    The feelings I had by watching the first MIB International trailer was: oh no, this is the GB16 Hemsworth! Oh no, it's still Sony!

  11. Fox waited WAY too long to make an Independence Day sequel. That should have been made over 15 years ago.

  12. I don’t really think Will Smith is mainly the reason the ID 2 and MIB sequels weren’t that great. It’s mainly the plot and direction, he was in MIB 2 and 3, they were disappointing sequels despite Will Smith.

  13. Somewhat failed without Will Smith? It failed all the way without him. Jeff Goldblum couldn't even save it and he was in the original Independence Day with Will. Jeff Goldblum without will is like Spock doing a movie without Kirk. It just will not work.

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