Winning without a SINGLE KILL?! New DIRTY Strategy!

Winning without a SINGLE KILL?! New DIRTY Strategy!

Hello everyone, how is it going? It’s Vandiril here, and in today’s video I have something really cool to show you guys so thanks a lot to TheCheeZZ who sent me their replay of this game in this game you’re about to see how to win the game without getting a SINGLE kill and this strategy is actually so genius, but also so evil, so let’s get straight into it so, as you can already see, the map it happened in is the ascension map. so let’s see what the teams are gonna do so on the blue team, we have the five tanks and on the red team we have kind of a normal team comp, so let’s see what they’re doing the blue team basically goes for the ascended xerath right away, so what they’re doing is that they’re killing it, but they’re giving it to the red team for free you may think that’s pretty stupid and that it has no reasoning, but you’re gonna see it in few minutes that it’s actually a really smart thing to do so right now, what’s gonna happen is for few minutes we will pretty much have a normal ascension game, all that blue team tries to do is that they try to prevent red team from capturing any points but obviously they aren’t strong enough, so they need to give up some of the points Blue team doesn’t even try to kill red team at all, they just try to stop the capturing as much as they can so for now, they’re basically feeding the enemies and they’re trying to prevent them from getting any points but they don’t try to take points themselves. so pretty much they’re just disrupting the red team right now. so at this moment you may think, “what the hell are they doing?” and “how is it gonna work?” but it’s actually one of the smartest things, one of the smartest strategies I have ever seen in my life in League of Legends. so so what blue team is doing, is basically every time they die, they buy some extra tank items, and they go back here to the map and they just disrupt the red team from capturing any points. That’s what they’re doing for the entire game. so, as you can see right now, all of the blue team guys have Bami’s Cinder that’s the only way they are gonna disrupt the red team from capturing basically, when red team goes for the capture, one of the blue team guys is gonna come up to them, with Bami’s Cinder and burn them a little bit. That is so they don’t deal too much damage so they don’t kill them. And why don’t they want to kill them? Because,… you cannot buy any items, unless you die one of you is already ascended on the red team, so you cannot die to ascended Xerath, and what’s more is that blue team is actually getting extra tank items and look at them they only have the starting items, you can see like Phage on Kayn for example, or or Amplifying Tome, Doran’s Ring and Boots on Teemo so that’s all they have and right now, they don’t have enough power to be able to take down the blue team. so basically what blue team is doing, is they’re gonna disrupt them for the remaining of the game. Let’s have a closer look at it Let me turn the HUD off so basically, red team tries to go for the capture, one of the blue team guys just walks up to them, stops the stops the capturing with Bami’s Cinder, and that’s pretty much happening all around the map, on the three shrines at once. So blue team is basically guarding the entire map, all of the three shrines, so there is no way for the red team to get any points at this moment. And, since blue team got a lot of tank items, the red team cannot really kill the blue team either. So there is not way for them to get extra points, because they cannot die, they cannot kill the enemies, and basically blue team just went full troll mode, and actually what can red team do at this point? So, as you can see we are twelve minutes into the game, and in the next forty-five minutes of the game, there will be only six kills! But let’s fast-forward it a little bit to 27th minute. We are 30 minutes before the game ended, and there will be two more kills in the game. So at this point, red team is still winning, because blue team doesn’t care about capturing the points anyway, they’re basically playing the waiting game. So, there is no way for red team to actually win this game, unless blue team somehow gives up, but they’re obviously not gonna give up when they invented this strategy. So, what’s happening is they just keep running, all around the map, they keep stopping the captures, … Red team is only at 64 points right now, and there is pretty much no way they can ever win this game, unless blue team allows them to. So let’s speed this up a little bit again, as you can see, the scoreboard basically remains the same. Minutes pass by, there is no way for the *chuckles* there is no way for the red team to get more points So what’s happening is that pretty much blue team is just toying with the red team. just like Riot Games is toying with us so it’s like “you want Ultra Rapid Fire?” “you want maybe One For All” “but, hey, we haven’t had a Poro King or Ascension in a long time!” “So hey why don’t you just play Poro King or Ascension,” “you haven’t seen them in a long time,” “so go enjoy this game mode.” That’s basically what blue team is doing to the red team And, well what can they do? There is nothing they can do and I’ve actually check the match history of those guys on the blue team, and they’ve done it twice. They’ve done it in two games, and they actually won both of these games. But, how are they going to win? Well, at some point the red team is gonna give up what can they do? So let me fast-forward to 55 minutes into the game, we’re almost close to the end of the game, red team is at 96 points, because they actually managed to capture some more, but blue team is at 33 they don’t care about points, they just stop the red team over and over and over for almost an hour. And the other game that they won was actually 48 minutes long, and they also won because of the surrender. This strat is actually one of the smartest thing I’ve ever seen. It must feel really bad if you are on the red team, but you have to give it to blue team that they are actually geniuses for figuring this out. I’ve never thought you can do it like that, but actually so smart you don’t allow them to base, they cannot get items but you are so strong that they cannot kill you, everything is just perfect here. And we’re getting pretty much closer to the end of the game, now we are at… 56 minutes into the game, and the game is gonna end in like, 20 seconds. So well, what could the red team do? They obviously surrendered, and you gotta really feel for them, they almost felt like they were actually like hostages somewhere, they were basically captured by the blue team guys, like it must have been so miserable for them, and I really feel for these guys. So, thanks a lot once more to TheCheezz, for sending me this replay, funnily enough, he actually got cheesed this game, so not the most fortunate name you can have in this game. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed, I have never seen anything like that and I think it’s actually super interesting to see something like that. So maybe at some time we can see something like that on Summoner’s Rift, in other versions, I don’t know. Keegan for example did a video with 0 damage Tryndamere, that you might have seen, where he basically deals 0 damage and still won the game. But that’s still something else, but, maybe you can actually figure out a way to do something similar in Summoner’s Rift. So good luck with that, thanks a lot for watching guys, hope you enjoyed, take care, and have great day! 🙂

100 thoughts on “Winning without a SINGLE KILL?! New DIRTY Strategy!”

  1. Someone on red team can die to bamis cinder if they keep close to someone on the blue team. Not everyone en red team will have higher health regen than the bamis cinder damage.

  2. i dont get it. Why doesnt one of red team simply stand in the capture area, will not fight back, and only keep spaming capture of point. He is so weak he would die just by that item, and than he can buy other items, and thus keep killing them.

  3. Glad this is no longer a thing. With the last Ascension game mode they added being able to recall and purchase.

  4. Its just time stalling.Just the patience war.And most game players don't have patience anyway.Just like me.

  5. but in this strategy u can kill the blue te4am with their on tactics. Just wait until they get bored… idk go afk or something and let them surrender.. watch tv or play another game while holding THEM hostage. BAM, won the game

  6. I could kinda respect this strat IF they went for crystals themselves and won that way, instead of just forcing surrender.

  7. so basically, the other team surrended .
    so to resume this, you have so much time to lose on a game that your strat is to be so boring that ennemy team surrend after 1h of nothing.
    i dont get it. this is not a winning strat.

  8. i regret clikcing this video next time put in the title that its not on the rift please so i dont click anymore of these videos Thanks

  9. you know what i like? when people put the fucking games name in the title so i dont waste my time clicking on shit i dont care about

  10. If I was the red team id just follow one of them around and get burned by cinder to death, then come back and start fuckin shit up

  11. this is literally what i do in 1v1 arams. I refuse to kill the enemy so they can't buy stuff and i simply overload them by killing minons

  12. 56 minutes in the game and red team still plays with starting items while blue team has fullguide… interesting

  13. Chase down the tanks, this’ll be hard because they got movement speed but if you can stick close for long enough you might get burnt to death

  14. hmm, I wonder… if you picked someone that had a lot of health costs, like mundo, could you die to the blue team?

  15. Players: This game mode has serious flaws, let's have some fun and troll a little bit.

    Riot: This flaw in gamemode design can't be our fault, let's ban these players because we're incompetent and overlooked something gamebreaking.

  16. Strategy is like from Doctor Strange's! You know at the end of the movie, strange just keep die-ing and die-ing until the monster thing decided to give up. He was his prisoner forever unless he gave up

  17. Przyznaj się jestes polakiem xd kiedyś na odcinku widziałem jak ktoś do ciebie pisał po polsku i wgl słychać to po głosie

  18. Riot: you cant get banned for play for example " Annie jungle" but only if u team doesnt have problem whit you decision

    5 friends whit a strategy*

    Riot ban*

    Im a fucking joke to you?

  19. Tbh, the easiest solution would have been to chase Skarner.
    Let cinderhulk kill you, by sticking to him.
    Then buy items.

  20. But the ascended chogath has heal reduction, so if he chases someone with Sunfire around long enough he'll eventually die.

  21. Why did they surrender?? The blue team couldn't win either, since they couldn't kill the red team, and the red team could always just sit at the shrines like the blue team is doing. It's ultimately a game of patience, but the red team isn't at a disadvantage ultimately.

  22. This Strategy: exists
    Tahm Kench ultimate: I'm about to end this man's whole carrier.
    I don't really know why I didn't post this 1 year ago, [ I knew it ] but ok.

  23. The strat only works if they give up. Eventually they will get enough points, and you’ll be forced to kill them and win yourself, which just makes a normal game where they have a massive lead.

  24. Just play Tahm Kench and Ryze and ult your team into fountain
    I'm the smartest man alive just for realizing and understanding this in 10 minutes

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